Tesla Key Card Replacement Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

Tesla Key Card Replacement Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have lost your Tesla key card or it goes dead and needs a replacement card, the first thing you’ll need to know is its price.

The Tesla key card replacement cost is around $23 – $300 counting the tax, labor, and part cost. It can charge under $20 if the Service Center finds the work easy and charge no tax. Or it can charge more than $265 if they find it complex to program the card.

No worries as I’ll explain this matter in detail so that you can understand why it costs differently with other handy details. Let’s get started!

Tesla Key Card Replacement Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

A Rough Idea of Tesla Key Card Replacement Cost!

Since you can get the replacement card from the TSC (Tesla Service Center), they can cost less or more based on service and location.

However, the labor and area factor does change the whole cost of the replacement key card. To understand it, you’ll need to know the hourly rate of each TSC. 

By and large, the Service Center hourly rate for labor is around $155 – $200. It can vary based on the location.

A Rough Idea of Tesla Key Card Replacement Cost
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Again, the service from the TSC will charge $15 – $65 for the 1x replacement key card. Plus, you’ll need to count the labor and tax (9.49% of the total part cost) which varies based on location and work type.

  • If the working of the key card replacement is simple and takes less effort to program, TSC will cost less than $23 – $28 in total with or without tax.
  • If it requires effort and works to program the key card for an hour or less, it can cost more than $200 – $300 with or without tax (9.49% on total parts). 

Now, look at the given table to understand exactly how much one key card will cost in Service Center at max:

Total Parts$15 – $66
Total Labor (Per Hour $155 – $200)$8 – $200
Subtotal (USD)$23 – $266
Tax (9.49% of total parts)$1.4 – $6.26
Total Replacement Cost (1x Key Card) $24.4 – $272.26

Note: In some areas, Tesla Service Center doesn’t charge tax on the total parts.

How To Replace Tesla Key Card?

To replace the Tesla key card, you’ll need to have at least one existing card. Once you have that, go to Controls > Locks > Keys and locate the lost card from the list.

And then, simply click on the delete icon. Next, scan the existing card in your card. That’s how to remove a lost Tesla key card!

After that, get a new replacement card from the Tesla Service Center and then add it to the car. To do that, check the process of activating the card here.

How To Obtain A Tesla Replacement Key Card?

You can easily order or obtain the replacement Tesla key card from the TSC. Here’s how to do it yourself:

  1. Firstly, use your phone and open the Tesla app.
  2. Then, scroll down and click on Service > Schedule Service.
  3. After that, a prompt will show about Select Service. You’ll need to pick Upgrades & Accessories for key card replacement.
  4. Next, click on the Done option. After that, just follow the prompt by hitting the Next option.
  5. Then, you’ll need to Schedule the TSC meeting based on your free time. Just select a good date and hit the Next bar.
  6. After that, you’ll get a green Service Scheduled mark which indicates success. Now, wait for the day of the meeting and go to TSC to get the replacement key card. Done!

How Much Is A New Tesla Key Card?

The cost of a new Tesla key card is not more than $35 based on the pricing given on the Tesla official website. At the price, you’ll get 2 key cards along with a bi-fold wallet to carry these.

How Much Is A New Tesla Key Card

However, it was $15 – $25 in previous years. Most probably due to inflation and quality improvement, the cost of the new key cards is getting higher.

How Many Tesla Key Cards Can You Have?

Well, you can add at least 3 original key cards with additional cards in the car. According to the user manual (the latest updated one), you can have 19 key cards on your car. However, it depends on how many phone keys and key fobs you are using right now.

As there are 19 spots for all keys, you can exclude the usage of phone keys and key fobs and then find the number of key cards to add to the car. That means you can add up to 1 – 19 key cards if not using phone keys and key fobs.

Wrap Up

Yeah, the Tesla key card replacement cost might seem high for some folks. To sum it up, the price varies on labor and location of TSC.

If it seems costly for you, then start to save bucks each day to get the replacement key card one day, and till then use the Tesla app or key fob. But be sure to remove the lost key card from the key list or else it can cause trouble in the period.

Hope this guide helps you to learn about the approximate cost of the key card replacement with other details. See you in the next guide soon, Tata!

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