Tesla Key Card: Essentials Guide You Need!

Tesla Key Card: Essentials Guide You Need!

Tesla being the leading company delivers the best alternative to the traditional keys, which is known as the Tesla key card.

Well, it is a simple card that contains a small computer chip that transfers the RFID signals to the car. Thanks to this, you can unlock, lock, and start the Tesla in a second without using a phone or key fob.

In this guide, I’ll explain all about the key card including its definition, features, look, work, and other details to give a complete view of this topic. Let’s go!

What Is Tesla Key Card?

Tesla key card is a plastic, bendable, and sleek card that work from a short range to unlock, lock, and start the car. In fact, it works via RFID aka Radio Frequency Identification technology signals that communicate in little zone to access.

Tesla Key Card: Essentials Guide You Need!

Plus, this is an alternative gadget to phone and key fob so that folks can easily use and access the car. FYI, it contains a small computer chip inside with a bendable wire which grants the signals when you scan in the B-pillar’s card reader.

Now that you know the definition of the key card, let me share its basic features below:

  • Compact: As it is a small gadget, you can store it in a wallet or purse.
  • Functional: Just scan it on the B-pillar card reader to open, lock, and start the car. Plus, it let you add or delete new cards.
  • Waterproof: The wire and small chip are covered perfectly in the key card which won’t get damaged or stored working if drop inside water.

What Does a Tesla Key Card Look Like?

For me, it looks like a cool dark credit card. The key card is mostly black and has a graphical design on the back. Well, the word “Tesla” is written in white or silver color on the front of the card. 

What Does a Tesla Key Card Look Like

On the rear side, you’ll see a pictorial that shows the scanning area on B-pillar. The graphics are mostly gray in shade with red circles, like in the image above.

What Does a Tesla Key Card Do?

The key card of Tesla is a great gadget that works when you are in an urgent situation to get inside the car. It only requires you to scan in the card reader and hit the brake to start the car. Here’s what it can do:

  • Lock/Unlock the Car: Scan the key card in the exterior card reader for 1 – 2 seconds.
  • Start the Car: Get inside the car and scan the card in the interior card reader. Then, press the brake pedal to power the car. After that, select the drive mode.

Tesla Key Card Guide

There are a few more functions that you can enjoy out of a Tesla key card. Let me share some below: 

  • Delete the Key Card: Go to Controls > Locks > Key and find the key that you want to remove. Then, click on the delete icon and scan the card in the interior reader section.
  • Activate the Key Card: In the Lock > Key section, hit the Add (+) button. Then, scan the new card in the interior card reader. Next, you’ll need to scan the existing card in the same reader.
  • Pair Phone as A Key: Go to Controls > Safety > Allow Mobile Access on the car’s screen. After that, click on security > Set Up Phone Key in the app. Next, follow the prompts in the app and screen to set it up.

For a detailed explanation of its application, be sure to check this guide to know the usage of the key card.

Do You Get a Key Card with Tesla?

Yep! When you buy a Tesla car, you’ll get 2 key cards in a pocket-friendly size. It’s because Tesla gives an additional backup key so that you can use it if losing the main key card. With that, Tesla also offers a nice black bi-fold wallet to carry the 2 key cards. 

In the same way, if you buy 2 cars, they will give in a total of 4 cards (two + two key cards separately for each car).

How to Order a Key Card from Tesla If Not Received?

If you haven’t received one, open the Tesla app and click on Upgrades > Keys > Key Card, and then tap on Add.

Next, choose the number of key cards and hit on Add to Cart option. After that, pay for the key cards, and then they’ll come to your door to give you the key cards.

How Much Do Tesla Keys Cost?

Based on the shop pricing from the official website, Tesla charges $35 – 175 for keys. However, if talking about the replacement cost of a key card or key fob, it can charge more or less based on Tesla Service Center’s hourly rate and location. 

For example, Tesla Service Center can charge you $300 – $540 for key fob replacement if the work seems tough.

Can You Drive Tesla Without Key Card?

As long as you own a phone or key fob, it’s possible to drive the car without a key card. For that, you’ll need to decide which one to use.

If you have a phone, then open the Tesla app and click on Controls > Unlock. After that, hit on Controls > Start and then choose a drive mode to start driving.

However, if you have a key fob, then hit the Lock/Unlock button. And then, scan the key fob in the interior card reader and then press the brake pedal. Next, select the drive mode and continue your journey.

However, if you don’t have a phone and key fob, it will be hard to drive the Tesla since it requires a key option. In that case, just call Roadside Assistance and solve the issue free under warranty service.

Where To Put Tesla Key Card?

As the key card is tiny and sleek, you can easily store it inside the car. Apart from these places, you can leave it inside the car under the carpet or inside the glovebox to hide it well.

Plus, it would be perfect if you carry it inside the phone case, purse, or specially designed pocket. Just be sure to put it in a secure spot so that no one can steal the card.

Wrapping Up

The Tesla key card is a great tool that all drivers need to instantly unlock or lock the car. It’s a gadget that comes in all Tesla cars. 

Sometimes this can stop working if not placing it properly on the center console or driver’s side door panel (exterior card reader). In that case, learn the causes and fixes of the Tesla key card here.

Hope you find this detailed guide helpful to learn everything about the key card. I’ll catch you in the next content with a fun and interesting topic!

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