Tesla Level 2 Charging – Time, Cost, and Speed

As a Tesla owner, you have the option to choose between three different chargers.

For convenience, there’s a level assigned to each of them. But, among these three, Tesla Level 2 charging station is the most important. How so?

Tesla Level 2 chargers are the charging stations you install at home. This station enables you to charge Teslas five to seven times faster than the level 1 charger. And that means you can add more miles to the range relatively quickly.

So, how do you know which Telsa charge is a level 2? And how fast is it actually?

Well, to learn about these, you would want to go through all the things described below.

Tesla Level 2 Charging – Time, Cost, and Speed

Is the Tesla Charger a Level 2?

Let’s reinstate one thing. So, what is a Level 2 charging station Tesla?

A level 2 charging station is a charging outlet that utilizes 240 volts electrical circuit. In other words, it demands circuits that are for stovetops and electric dryers.

The power delivery of these charging stations is anywhere from 3.7 to 17.2 kW. And aside from home Tesla charging setups, you will find these in most public charging stations.

That includes gas stations, hotels, and other publicly accessible places.

Is Tesla type 1 or type 2 charger? How can you tell the difference?

It is easy. Level 1 chargers connect to the wall outlet. That is, you can use an adapter to charge your Tesla directly from the wall with an adapter.

On the other hand, Level 2 chargers are basically charging stations.

They are not just power cord that connects to a wall outlet. Instead, they come with multiple components.

So, if you see a Tesla charging station with hardware components instead of just a wire, it is likely a Level 2 charger.

Can Tesla Use a Level 2 Charger?

All Tesla models are compatible with the Level 2 charger. That is, it is standard for all the Tesla models.

However, the charging speed will not be the same for all. Wondering why?

Well, the charging speed depends on how fast the charger is. And Tesla Level 2 chargers are much faster than Level 1 charging.

But that is not the only thing. It also depends on the battery capacity of your Tesla.

For example, if you have a Model S Long range, which has a 100 kWh battery, it will take a little more time than the Model 3 standard version.

The latter comes with a 55 kWh battery, about half the Model S Long Range capacity.

Is Level 2 Considered Fast Charging?

Tesla Level 2 charging is much faster than Level 1 charging. In fact, even though the Superchargers are extremely fast, a Tesla owner with a Level 2 charger will not feel the need to use that too frequently.

To be exact, the Level 2 chargers offer anywhere between 3.7 to 17.2 kW of power. With that charging power, you can expect to get 9 to 52 miles of range on your EV with each hour of charge.

So, depending on your model, the Level 2 charging can fully fill up the battery in between 5 to 12 hours.

In comparison, the Level 1 charging offers 1.4 kW of power. With that, you can get at most 2 miles of range per hour of charging.

And it will take 20 to 40 hours to fully charge the battery of your Tesla. See the difference?

Tesla Level 1 vs 2 vs 3 Charger
Image Credit: getneocharge.com

How Fast Does a Level 2 Charger Charge a Tesla Compared to Level 3?

Needless to say, Tesla Level 3 charging is the fastest charger out there. It can add 170 minutes from 0 within just 30 minutes.

And Level 3 can top-up your Tesla battery from 0 to 80% within 40 minutes.

Tesla’s Level 2 charger is not as fast as the Level 3 charger. After all, it can only offer 3.3 to 17.2 kW of power.

In contrast, you can get up to 413 kW of charging power with the Level 3 charger.

Still, the charging speed that Level 2 chargers offer is good enough. It will enable you to add tens of miles or range in an hour.

And it is much more convenient, as you can install Level 2 chargers at your home.

Remember, no matter what charger you use, you should always consider Tesla recommended charge limit. It will enable you to extend the battery’s lifespan and avoid expensive repairs.

How Much Does a Tesla Level 2 Charger Cost?

The cost per mile with a Level 2 charger will depend on your Tesla model. Getting a full charge can take anywhere from $15 to $25.

The same thing applies to the installation cost. That is, it varies.

However, it can generally cost you anywhere from $750 to $1500 for a straightforward Level 2 charger installation.

And if you want to make your Tesla charging station a bit more convenient, consider getting the best extension cord for tesla charging.

Final Words

So, Tesla Level 2 charging is basically the most convenient way to get your Tesla charged at home. It enables you to add 9 to 52 miles of range per hour of charging.

And it is definitely much faster than the Level 1 charging.

However, it is not as fast as the Level 3 charging. But again, Supercharging will require you to drive to the charging station, which is not as convenient as charging the Tesla at home.

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