Tesla Matrix Headlights Vs Old LED Headlights

Tesla Matrix Headlights Vs Old LED Headlights!

Matrix headlights from Tesla are often seen as a good piece. But, if comparing it to the previous style of LED reflector headlights, folks get into conflict and can’t find a specific answer. 

So, who’ll win in between Tesla Matrix headlights vs old LED headlights? Matrix lights are great to provide stable lighting while diming the upper portion which helps drivers to run on dark roads well. Then, old LED lights offer solid brightness but can blind drivers and cause glare issues.

To know the real winner between the Matrix and old LED headlights, keep on reading this till you can come to a conclusion!

Tesla Matrix Headlights Vs Old LED Headlights

Tesla Matrix Headlights Vs Old LED Headlights!

To know the real player between the Tesla Matrix and LED headlights, you have to know their differences to compare side by side. Here’s a comparison of them in debate style:

Type & Design

Both headlights are different in design as well as in type. Starting from the Matrix, they are projector types that flow light at a specific level (light goes in the downward direction). In design, they are a little darker and blacker than the standard type.

On the contrary, old LED headlights are reflector type that seems to draw all the lights toward the front and reflect other drivers’ light as well. The design of these headlights is mostly silvery and lighter.

Winner: Both.

Safety Benefits

In long stretches of dark, rural, and poor road types, both of them does best to show the ideal light but one seems to do better than another.

Matrix headlights can be pivoting L to R or up to down. Plus, they dim the upper portion while showing the bottom part in high-beam light. No matter how bad the road condition is, they can show good lighting without reflecting on other car’s windshields. Which is a huge help!

In contrast, the old LED reflector headlights with a high and low beam that doesn’t dim the portion which needs to be dimmed cause reflection on other car’s windshields. That can cause road accidents.

Winner: Matrix.

Lighting Performance

The lighting of both headlights shows diverse performance in brightness, low & high beams, and so on. Matrix headlights solve the issue of glare or sudden brightness attacks that can blind other drivers.

Plus, they offer a standard lighting surface which is good enough for usual folks to see the front road at night time. Although the lighting power in the low and high beams isn’t as strong as the old types, they manage to increase visibility for night driving.

On the other hand, the LED reflector headlights still cause the issue with glare or blind other drivers during nighttime use. The brightness level of them is powerful but the thing can feel overwhelming for the eyes to see.

Winner: Matrix.


According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), LED reflector headlights are legal in all countries including the US, UK, and other European states.

However, the Matrix headlights are only legal in the US which is approved by the NHTSA. And they are still in the process of making the final approval to put in the FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) which is expected to complete in 2023.

But for now, they aren’t legal in most countries!

Winner: Reflector LED.

Cost Range

If comparing the pricing of both, it’s clear that the Matrix headlights will win due to the impressive quality.

In general, they will cost up to $2,000 – $3,000 or more. Are Matrix LED headlights worth it? Yeah, thanks to the other benefits and quality that they provide.

Then again, the old (LED reflector) headlights will come at $690 – $800 in most cases. However, they lack in quality against the rival party.

Winner: Matrix.

Overall Thoughts

That’s all about the Tesla Matrix headlights vs old LED lights argument! It’s clear that the Matrix will perform better for night use, but the legality is a huge issue (which will be completed lawfully in 2023). 

Then again, the old reflector LED headlights are known as the standard type that offers great lumens (brightness) and helps to see on long roads. But it causes the issue of glare and blind other drivers.

Hope this comparison guide helps you to decide the right one wen planning to change the headlights. Catch You in The Next Guide!

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