Mastering Tesla Mirror Adjustment

Mastering Tesla Mirror Adjustment: Tips and Tricks for Optimal Visibility

To drive on the road, it’s vital to use side mirrors as well as other rearview and vanity mirrors. However, adjusting these mirrors can be confusing for some of you.

To adjust the side mirrors, you’ll need to navigate to Controls > Mirror and use the scroll button. Then again, click on Controls > Fold/Unfold Mirrors to fold the side mirrors. Apart from these, you’ll need to use your hand to adjust the rearview and vanity mirrors.

Don’t worry if it seems hard to understand! Here, I’ll break down the procedure of the Tesla mirror adjustment so you can do it easily with no one’s help. Let’s Begin!

Mastering Tesla
Mirror Adjustment

Adjusting The Tesla Side, Rearview, and Vanity Mirror!

Typically, Tesla cars offer 2 side mirrors, one rearview mirror, and one vanity mirror. To adjust them, the direction is different. If you don’t know, let me explain how to adjust mirrors in Tesla below.

How to Adjust Side Mirrors Tesla?

On the exterior of Tesla cars, you’ll see the side mirrors on each corner (left and right). Based on the series type, adjust the side mirrors like this:

How to Adjust Mirrors on Tesla Model 3 and Y

Start by, using the touchscreen and go to the Controls > Mirrors option. Then, the screen will show a prompt telling you to use the left scroll button to decide whether to adjust the left or right mirror. 

With the same left scroll button, you’ll need to adjust the mirror to its desired position. Here’s how to adjust mirrors in Tesla Model Y and 3:

  • Up or Down Position: Roll the left scroll button up or down. That’s how to adjust side mirrors in Tesla Model 3 and Y to the upward or downward position.
  • In or Out Position: Click the left scroll button to the left or right. That’s how to adjust mirrors on Tesla Model Y and 3 to inward or outward position.

Apart from this adjustment, there are some things that help you fix the position of side mirrors in dim light. Like –

  • If your car is shifted into Reverse gear, both side mirrors will tilt down. However, if you shift the gear to other drive modes, the mirrors come back to their usual up position. To turn the settings on or off, go to Controls > Mirrors > Mirror Auto Tilt.
  • In low light conditions or to lessen glare when driving at nighttime, the side mirrors or rearview mirrors can dim automatically. To turn this setting on or off, go to Controls > Mirrors > Mirror Auto Dim.

Note: The Save button will retreat the mirror adjustment (it doesn’t work at the present time) in the future Tesla software update.

Adjusting The Tesla Side, Rearview, and Vanity Mirror

How To Adjust Mirrors on Tesla Model S and X

Firstly, click on Quick Controls > Mirrors using the touchscreen and then use the left scroll button of the steering wheel to adjust the left or right mirror. With the left scroll button, you can easily adjust the left or right mirror position. Here’s the procedure:

  • Up or Down Position: Use the left scroll button of the steering yoke up or down to move the mirror upward or downward.
  • In or Out Position: Click the same scroll button of the steering wheel left or right to move the mirror inward or outward.

Aside from the basic adjustment, you can turn off/on Mirror Auto Tilt or Mirror Auto Dim. Here’s how to do it:

  • When you move your car in Reverse, the Mirror Auto Tilt automatically tilt the mirrors down. To turn it off or on, hit Quick Controls > Mirrors > Mirror Auto Tilt. Do the mirror adjustments when the car is shifted into Reverse.
  • If your car is out of Reverse gear, the mirrors will tilt back to the regular upward position.
  • In certain cases, the rearview mirror and exterior mirrors can automatically dim. To turn it off or on, click Quick Controls > Mirrors > Mirror Auto Dim.

How To Adjust Folding Mirrors?

In a tight parking lot or other spots, it gets essential to fold the side mirrors. To manually fold and unfold the side mirror, use the touchscreen, and click on Controls > Fold or Unfold Mirrors option.

After you manually fold the mirrors, they will stay folded until the car’s driving speed go above 50 km/h or 31 MPH. 

If you want to set the mirrors to fold automatically when you go out and lock the car, then click on Controls > Mirrors > Mirror Auto Fold option.

To set this up, just drive to a saved location or drive less than 50 km/h and then fold the side mirrors. Next, you’ll see Save Location below the Fold Mirrors control page. Then, click again if you don’t want to automatically fold at this location.

It’ll also help automatically unfold the exterior mirrors when you unlock the car. Be sure to check the troubleshooting guide if your Tesla Mirror Auto Fold not working.

Note: Be sure to defog Tesla windshield and rear windows in icy weather or else this can prevent the side mirrors from folding or unfolding.

How To Adjust Rear View Mirror Tesla?

You can manually adjust the rearview mirror. For that, use your hand to move the view of the rearview mirror to the left or right side.

This will help you see the back view better. FYI, it will automatically dim in darker areas based on the time (at the night) when you shift into Drive or Neutral gear.

How To Adjust Vanity Mirror In Tesla?

To find the vanity mirror, just fold the sun visor to the downward position and you’ll find the mirror cover. After that, use the tab to drop the mirror cover. Once you’ve done using this mirror, do the opposite to close the mirror cover.

Wrap Up

Tesla mirror adjustment is vital when you are in a gapless spot. In the worst scenario, it can cause the mirror to face severe damage.

The procedure of adjusting the exterior mirrors is pretty easy as they can be set to up, down, in, and out positions. Plus, you can fold or unfold them as needed.

Hope you find this guide helpful, and I’ll see you in a new and interesting guide soon!

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