Tesla Mobile Service – All You Need To Know!

The world is in the palm of your hands now- why shouldn’t be Tesla Service? And this is why Tesla came up with Tesla Mobile Service. With this one, you can get your car fixed or repaired without even going to the service centers.

The door-step service by Tesla is loved by the users because they can enjoy this without doing the effort of traveling to the centers. Who doesn’t love the food delivered at the door of their home?

Tesla Mobile Service

What is Tesla Mobile Service?

The idea of making the service mobile or portable is what Tesla sought after for their customers. And so, Tesla planned to make their service handy. Instead of going to the service center, you can have their services at home.

The brand has worked on a small fleet of vehicles. And there, they have created the vehicles into rolling workshops. In short, the vehicles are workshops now. And these workshops are driven by a few certified technicians.

And when you need Tesla services, these technicians will drive their workshop to your mentioned place. They will come to you and will perform the fixes you need. The fixes usually include simple and routine maintenances for the customers. However, as we have mentioned above, the technicians are professionals.

As a result, they are also capable of fixing the complex airbag recalls too! So well, you don’t need to worry about the issue as long as you have the Tesla service at your door! They can fix simple to complex troubles and make your Tesla ready to be driven on the road once again.

When you worry a lot if the technicians are certified enough to deal with the complicated tasks- have faith! According to the brand, about 31% of Tesla’s Takata airbag recalls are done by Tesla Mobile Service.

Another best part is the process of Takata airbag recalls is usually done within 30 minutes! The average replacement time already tells you how professional the technicians are!

Why Tesla Brought Mobile Service?

Well, we all know that life is easier with electric cars. Whenever it comes to maintenance, EV requires a lot less attention than the other cars or vehicles available. As they don’t require a lot of maintenance, you don’t need to go to the service centers more often.

The same thing works for Tesla too. As Tesla launches EVs for you, the vehicles by the brand require less attention than the engine-powered vehicles. And so, you do not need to go to the Tesla service centers more often. But that doesn’t mean you won’t ever need the service center!

This doesn’t also mean that you will never need to repair your vehicle the professionals! And the basic services are almost always required. The troubles like air filters and tires, the brakes, and other minor issues- are very common. And these are the reasons why you might need to visit the Tesla service center.

But why will you run to the service centers if the services can come to you? Yes, Tesla focused on this concept and came up with a fabulous idea. They have thought for their customers and they planned on making their services easier.

And this is how Tesla came up with its mobile service. What does mobile refer to? Well, mobile means ‘moveable’ or ‘portable.’

That’s what they did- they made their service portable so that you don’t need to run to their service centers again and again. Does Tesla service come to you now? Yes, all you need is to book an appointment!

Tesla Rangers

In the Mobile Service by tesla, there are technicians of professional-grade who drive to your place with vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with the tools and parts that will require in any sort of popular maintenance of the Tesla vehicles.

These technicians are known as Tesla Rangers. Through the announcement of Tesla, it is considered that the customers of their Mobile Service have doubled in 2019. And this is why they are interested to work on this specific service more.

The reason behind the service and the rangers being so interactive helped the customers a great deal. More than that, the Covid-19 situation made it tougher for the customers to go out and get the services they need.

And this is when the Tesla Rangers come in! They took their part and cooperatively provided all the services that a Tesla driver needs.

Tesla No-Touch Service

Another branch of Tesla Mobile Service which recently has been declared is the Tesla No-Touch Service. This specifically came during the Covid-19 and picked up a name that mentioned how safety is maintained during the Corona breakdown.

In the NTS or No-Touch Service, the services you need will be dealt with and this won’t require you to be present! Yes, as people were concerned about their safety during the virus breakdown, it was necessary to ensure that there is as less direct communication as possible is made.

And with the no-touch service, the Tesla Rangers can visit your place and simply solve the issue without you being there and telling them about the facts. In this case, if you want this service, the first thing you need is to make the Tesla available right before the arrival of the Rangers.

You can simply keep it in the parking spot, open garage, or driveway. Though there is no direct communication between the customer and the rangers, still the rangers will let you know when they arrive via text.

With their notification, you will be able to unlock your Tesla remotely. But can you unlock it remotely? Yes, this is when the mobile access by Tesla comes in! So, what is Tesla Mobile Access? With the Tesla app, you easily can get into your Tesla vehicle; get the accessibility and energy products from wherever you want!

At times, in the cases of Tesla Mobile Services, payments might not be necessary. However, there are also times when Tesla will charge you for the repair issues.

The best thing is you don’t need to pay directly via cash. Instead, of making it mobile, all you need is to pay them through phone or their App. And there comes the most interesting part- as the Rangers have touched the car, how are you sure that it is germs-free?

Well, they are properly skilled and groomed to ensure your safety. And so, they will wipe down the surfaces they have touched during the repair.

After this, they will lock up your vehicle to keep it safe and when they are done, they will let you know about it via text! Yes, they are very careful about the Company Rules- so should you be!

Tesla Mobile Service Contact Method

For getting the service, before everything, you need to get your hands on the Tesla App. Via this app; you have to schedule your appointment.

Through this app, you will also be able to cancel or modify the appointment. There, you can add the details of your convenient place and easily bring the service to your doorstep.

Tesla Mobile Service Cost

So, the question is how much does Tesla mobile service cost you? As we have mentioned above, some of the services don’t cost. On average, mobile service by Tesla costs more or less the same as the service centers.

They won’t cost you extra. For tire rotation, they will cost you $35 to $100 while for the brake system flush, you need to pay $100 to $110. In other cases like air conditioning service, you need to pay $50.

For full-service maintenance that will include a proper inspection along with the services we have mentioned here will cost you about $475 or more.

Tesla Mobile Service Coverage Area

You might be worried about the Tesla mobile service distance. Most people ask ‘is Tesla mobile service available in my area?’ Well, the area is a factor as Tesla only provides their service in some specific areas.

The working area of Tesla now is throughout North America. But the brand is continuously expanding its coverage worldwide. Check Tesla to know more about if they afford services in your location or not!

Before Scheduling an Appointment

There are specific things that you must know before you schedule the appointment. Take a look-

  • Firstly, when you schedule the appointment, you need to note down the concerns that require fixing. If you see any other issue after scheduling the appointment, modify it and add it. You cannot add additional concerns before 24 hours of the appointment will not be granted. For this, you will require another appointment.
  • When you see any pending software update, go for it. But if you have just booked an appointment make sure that you do not update your software before you are done with getting the service. Tesla sends this software update to their Rangers prior 24 hours before providing the service. And this one is just for the technicians, not for you.
  • Make sure you have parked the vehicle in a way that the technicians can work comfortably.
  • You must keep your pets away and safe while the technicians are working
  • Restroom access for the technicians is required while working
  • You cannot keep any video or audio recording of the service.

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Wrap Up

Any people will know about how amazing the mobile service by Tesla is will surely try this one. This doesn’t only make your life easier but also saves a lot of time! Having your car repaired in the yard of your home seems good. And you can also enjoy the no-touch service if you want to skip communication with the technicians! Tesla takes care of your every need!