New Tesla Model 2: Specs, Release Date, & Impression!

After releasing the Model X, 3, Y, and S, Tesla announces its plan to launch a new compact car, known as the USD 25,000 model (aka Tesla Model 2 or Model Q).

It is confirmed that the M2 or MQ will be compact with a 53 kWh LFP battery. From reliable news portals, I found that they may have a 250 – 300 range at max with different outlooks and changes.

To get the details of the Tesla M2 or MQ features, release date, and new traits, continue to read this guide! 

Possible Features Of The Tesla Model 2 or Model Q!

In this section, I’ll discuss the new features you can expect to find in Model 2. Let’s explore them in detail.


1. Look and Design

The new Model 2 or Q is going to be a compact car, so there will be some changes to both the inside and outside of the vehicle. It’s likely that the car will have a curved shape on the outside and less room inside. To explain it in more detail:

Interior Design – Comfort and Compact

Drawing from the analysis, it seems like the new M2 or MQ may offer smaller seating that is ideal for 4 – 5 passengers. Apart from it, you can expect a small touchscreen, steering wheel, cabin climate control, etc. that other series offer.

However, the new Model Q or 2 may have less construction in the interior since it would be a compact version of the previous and new Tesla Model Y 2024 or Model 3. That means it will be narrower inside and may not contain heated rear seats (though it isn’t confirmed yet).

In general, you can expect it to be better than the rival EVs in the future market like Renault 4 or the VW ID.2.

Exterior Design – Unique and Curvy

The future M2 car is rumored to look exactly like the Model Y but in a smaller version. One source from the Chinese portals on January 4, 2023, leaks an image of the next USD 25,000 model that seems to look crossover style with more curves on the sides.

As this hasn’t been confirmed yet, I can’t exactly say what it looks like. The M2 may contain lowered edges with a small wheelbase so that it can live by its variant compact.

2. Size and Weight

Tesla recently share its Master Plan Part 3 in 42 pages where it shows the mysterious teaser of the new compact car (aka Model Q or 2) with no extra details. 

Some news portals claim the latest M2 or MQ is going to be sleeker and less bulky than any car of Tesla. This thing is quite unique in comparison to others as the EVs naturally are weighty and bigger in size.

Thanks to this step, you can expect the next USD 25,000 Tesla model to have less drag and improve aerodynamics.

3. Charging Options

Based on my research, the upcoming MQ or M2 models will come with three main types of charging options: Supercharger, Destination Charging, and home charger. 

These are basic charging options that are also available for other Tesla models. For Tesla charging at home, you can expect to use a mobile charger, wall connector, or NEMA 14-50. These charging options will be available for Model 2 or Q too. 

Tesla has made it easy for its buyers to charge their vehicles at home, regardless of the model they choose.

4. Build Materials 

It looks like Tesla is planning to make a new car called the Model Q or Model 2 using fancy stuff like carbon fiber and advanced composites. 

Before, they used materials like carbon fiber, alloy, hybrid aluminum, and steel to make their cars. But for the new models, they might try out different materials to make them last longer (not confirmed yet).

5. Performance 

Even if it’s not confirmed by Tesla, you can expect 250 – 300 miles of range in the new MQ or M2. Though, I can’t assure that it will have this specific range.

About the Tesla Model 2 battery, it is confirmed that the M2 or MQ will have LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cathode battery. This is also used in the next mid-sized Models Y and 3.

Based on the current details, it’s also clear that the MQ or M2 will have 53 kWh of the battery pack. This will help your car to get charged for around 4 to 8 hours.

Plus, you can expect the car to be quick with good top speed but might not be as fast as the Model 3, Y, X, or S.

6. Manufacturing Plan

Tesla hinted that their Model Q or 2 car’s manufacture number by announcing the vehicle sales target. It shows that Tesla plans to sell 42 million of the USD 25,000 Tesla (MQ or M2).

And this indicates the latest MQ or M2 would be available in 36 states or more like the USA, China, Germany, French, and so on. However, it might launch in America and then in other countries gradually.

7. Price Range

The Tesla Model 2 price may start at $25,000 or more based on the current inflation case. The price may raise if you include the Federal EV tax credit (approximately $7,500) and other possible costs.

Also, it can cause the Model Q or 2 to increase which comes closer to $30,000 or more. All models of Tesla might cost more than $50,000 – $90,000 in total. In fact, it makes the MQ or M2 more budget-friendly than other rival EVs.

Tesla Model 2 Release Date

For its release, we think it would debut in late 2023 or 2024. But in the market, the Model Q or 2 may release in some countries in 2025.

Key Traits In The Upcoming Tesla Model Q or 2!

  • 250 – 300 miles of range.
  • 53 kWh LFP battery pack.
  • Better infotainment system targeting younger buyers.
  • May provide Apple Music, game options, and other movie-watching platforms. 
  • Greater entertainment options.
  • Crossover style and curves on the sides of the Model 2.
  • Compact, small, and light in weight.
  • Basic charging options like other models.
  • May use carbon fiber and advanced composites to build the exterior of MQ or M2.

Wrap Up

With its unique design, size, aesthetic, material usage, battery, and impressive range, it’s clear that the new MQ or M2 will be a game-changer in the market.

By far, Tesla has proven its worth in the car industry by giving exceptional vehicles. The anticipation for the upcoming Tesla Model 2 is also high. I am also rooting for Tesla’s new models.

If you find this guide informative, then rush to the next guide to find the Tesla Model H news which hasn’t been released yet!

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