Tesla Model 3 12V Outlet Location

Tesla Model 3 12V Outlet Location [How to Find and Use it]

The 12V power outlet is a switched power source that Tesla offer for 3rd party equipped plugs to charge the phone, laptop, and so on devices. A lot of folks struggle to locate it inside.

The Tesla Model 3 12V outlet location is inside the center or tunnel console spot under the storage compartment. To find the location, you might need to check inside the front area which contains a black cap.

If you are struggling to find the spot and need a hand to understand the exact spot, then keep on reading!

Tesla Model 3 12V Outlet Location

How To Find Tesla Model 3 12V Outlet Location?

The location of power outlet is on the center console’s storage compartment. See below to know where is the 12V outlet in Tesla Model 3 and how to find it:

  • Get inside the car.
  • Open the storage or rear compartment of the center or tunnel console.
  • Inside the storage compartment, take out the small tray.
  • As you are in the driver’s seat, look at the front of the storage compartment after reaching inside to find a round cap that is hiding the 12V power outlet.
  • Open the lid and reach the outlet!
Finding the 12V Outlet in Your Tesla Model 3

Why Is There A 12 Volt Outlet in Tesla Model 3?

All drivers need some charging space for charging devices during the ride when the journey is long. To full this purpose, the 12V outlet plays a great role in Tesla M3. 

Not only does it lets adding power sources but also lessens the risk of car damage due to improper installation. 

If you ask me, I will need the 12V power outlet to charge a laptop, camera, phone, microphone pack, speaker, electronic clock, and so on devices.

Adding Another 12V Outlet in Tesla Model 3!

As you know whether does Model 3 have 12 volt outlet or not, a lot of times folks need an additional one to charge other devices. If you are one of those, here’s how you can add a 12V outlet:

Step 1: Preparation

  • Spot a good location where you want to add the 12V outlet. It’s best to choose an area like a phone dock compartment.
  • Power off the Tesla (click on the Tesla icon > Safety & Security > Power Off).
  • Make a diagram on a notepad with a 27mm diameter circle and see where to put it since there are 2 USB ports in the phone dock compartment.

Step 2: Make A Circle on The Fixed Spot

  • Grab a driller and drill on the right spot location to make a pilot hole.
  • Use the hole saw with a cutter that is 27mm to make the perfect circle. 
  • Be sure to align the middle bolt (1/4-inch) on the pilot hole and then run the hole saw.

Step 3: Sharpen Out Then Borders of The Hole

  • Take a small knife to level up the edges of the circle.
  • Use the file to even out the edges and do it 5 to 10 times.

Step 4: Insert The 12V Power Outlet

  • Remove the side panel of the phone dock compartment to reveal all the wiring stuff. If possible, use a pry bar.
  • Insert red (+12V power) and black (chassis ground) wiring through the hole and adjust it a little.
  • Then, solenoid them on the 12V power outlet.
  • Properly adjust the fitting of the power outlet into the round hole.

Step 5: Remove the Trim Panel, Screws, & Upper Gaskets

  • Use a pry bar to detach the trim from the center console on the passenger side.
  • Detach 7 screws using a screw gun.
  • Remove the upper gasket using your hand. Be sure to unlock all the tabs to easily detach it.
  • In the same process, remove the driver-side trim, 7 screws, and upper gasket.

Step 6: Do the Wiring Stuff

  • Take out the coffee holder compartment using the pry bar.
  • You’ll now see a gray 3-pin connector that fits to the 12V power outlet. The connector has 2 wires (the blue one is +12V power and the black one is chassis ground).
  • Split the wires cover halfway (not on the tip) only using a knife.
  • Bring the black and red wires (for the new 12V outlet) and cut a little cover to discover the inner metal part.
  • Put it near the center console compartment and be sure the wires are hidden.
  • Wrap the blue wire with the red wire (exposed part only) and the black wire with black wire using your hand or a pair of pliers.
  • Solenoid the exposed wires.
  • Insert heat-shrink tubes and heat them to cover the open parts.
  • Attach the black wire on the C pin (bottom one) and the blue wire on the A panel (top-right one) on the 3-pin connector.
  • Tape the wires to find them easily.
  • Insert the gray 3-pin connector on the 12V power outlet.

Step 7: Reinstall All the Parts

  • Put on the gaskets on both sides and lock the tabs.
  • Insert all the screws on both sides using a screw gun.
  • Attach the trim panels on both sides.
  • Add the side panel of the phone dock compartment and other stuff.
  • Clean the spot to finish the procedure!

Reminder: By making changes to the Tesla M3, you might void the warranty on the 12V outlet and its effect. So, keep that in mind!

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Ending Note

Knowing the Tesla Model 3 12V outlet location is vital since one has to use this in order to charge freely. 

But then, sometimes drivers need another 12v outlet due to big traffic of devices. If you want to add another one, this is possible through the above instruction.

Still, I’ll suggest not adding another one unless you use a lot of devices to charge when driving the car. Catch You in The Next Guide Soon!

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