Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Bumper

Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Bumper -Things to Know!

As the Tesla bumper replacement cost is not the cheapest, a lot of folks look for alternatives to the OEM (Original Equipped Manufacturer) parts.

There comes the Tesla Model 3 aftermarket bumper which costs up to $1,300 – $4,070 (front + rear) for the upgrade. If installing it by yourself, it will only charge $525 – $3,220.

It may sound like a risky decision. But don’t worry! I’m here to explain everything about adding an aftermarket bumper procedure and share the good & bad sides of this decision for you to take a wise step.

Keep on reading till the end!

Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Bumper

To Install Tesla Model 3 Aftermarket Bumper

To add the aftermarket bumper to Tesla Model 3, you’ll need to use tools like a ratchet wrench (10mm), flat, and star screwdriver. Then, do the following instructions:

Install Aftermarket Front Bumper

  • Go in the front-right side wheel arch and you’ll discover 3 hidden clips.
  • Remove the hidden clips using a screwdriver.
  • Uncover the inner side by sliding the carpet-like stuff. You’ll find 3 bolts above and one bolt below the bumper arch.
  • Remove them using a 10mm ratchet wrench and be sure to keep them in a secure place. From the above bumper arch, you’ll find a black plastic bracket and keep it in a safe spot.
  • Do the same thing on the front-left side wheel arch.
  • Open the front hood and take out the cargo storage. For that, you must remove the screws on the left and right sides.
  • You’ll find 6 bolts on the upper bumper side after removing the cargo storage. Remove them using the 10mm ratchet wrench.
  • Go below the Tesla M3 and you’ll find the 10 hidden clips.
  • Pull them out using the screwdriver.
  • Lie a carpet or cloth to put the bumper on the floor. Pull the bumper using a little pressure to hold the bumper. If possible, ask a friend or family member to help you out.
  • During that, pull out the wiring harness from the Tesla.  
  • Then, install the front aftermarket bumper in the same spot.
  • Insert the wiring harness and then use pressure to put it on the Tesla M3.
  • Reinstall all the clips, bolts, and screws in the right areas.

Install Aftermarket Rear Bumper

  • Take the 10 mm ratchet wrench to remove the 2 bolts on the rear-right side wheel arch.
  • Uncover the carpet-like stuff to expose the inner side and remove all the screws using a screwdriver.
  • Open the rear hood. On the top corner of the left and right sides, you’ll find the single clip. Remove them using the screwdriver.
  • Take out the left and right tailgates by twisting the small round nut using your hand.
  • Do the same thing on the rear-left side wheel arch using the same tool.
  • Remove the 2 clips on the midsection.
  • Pull out the rear bumper using a little pressure on the tabs.
  • Disconnect the wiring harness and place a cloth on the floor. Put the bumper on the cloth.
  • Install a new one on the right spot and push to align the tabs to fit correctly. Be sure to plug in the wiring harness to the bumper beforehand.
  • Reinstall all the parts by doing the opposite steps.

The Aftermarket Tesla Model 3 Bumper Upgrade Cost!

Based on the Tesla bumper materials and quality, the aftermarket or non-OEM bumper can cost differently for Model 3. To understand the price range for upgrade including labor and painting costs, check the given details:

Service Upgrade Cost
Front bumper (non-OEM) cost$250 to $2160
Rear bumper (non-OEM) cost$275 to $1060 
Labor cost$175 to $250 
Painting cost$600
Total$1,300 to $4,070

Is Aftermarket Bumper on Tesla Model 3 Actually Worth It?

The aftermarket bumper (front + rear) on Model 3 contains some pros and cons that one can’t deny. Even if it offers more plus points than bad sides, still you should consider both and then take an action.

Benefits Of Having Aftermarket Bumpers:

  • The front and rear aftermarket bumpers will cost less than the OEM parts.
  • Repair and replacement require fewer charges too. In fact, you can do it yourself!
  • Provide the same efficiency, resistance, and protection as OEM parts.
  • Easy to repaint or add finishes with no issue.
  • You can easily install any sort of design on Model 3, unlike the OEM part that contains the same design with no customizable option.

Drawbacks Of Having Aftermarket Bumpers:

  • The surface will face scratches, scuffs, and other sorts of damage that might ruin the visual points.
  • All the aftermarket bumper on Tesla Model 3 will leave a wide space on the up and bottom sides. This can cause the bumper on the front and rear sides to look not aligned.
  • Due to the high length of the aftermarket bumper, it can affect the air intake parts and Autopilot sensors if not installed rightly.
Removing and inspecting the Tesla Model 3 Bumper

Wrap Up

After learning about Tesla Model 3 aftermarket bumper, I hope you have enough authority to decide whether to go with it or install the OEM type. 

You can select the OEM parts that ensure no damage but it will charge more. Eventually, it will also last you better. But then again, the aftermarket bumper will cost less and offer some good features along with a few negative sides. It really comes down to what exactly you’re looking out for. Longevity or affordability.

I hope you pick the right thing for your Model 3!

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