Tesla Model 3 Frunk Won't Open

My Tesla Model 3 Frunk Won’t Open [Solved]

To secure bags or files, I usually use the front trunk interior space that holds these perfectly. But recently, it didn’t pop on and release even if I reset or reboot the system.

Tesla Model 3 frunk won’t open if the spring in the latch mechanism gets stuck, rust grows in the latch, or the actuator goes bad. Here’s how you can fix them:

  • Use WD40 lube on the latch part after opening it with a pry bar.
  • Shake and put pressure on the hood.
  • Change the primary actuator.

Keep on reading to know the instructions for each solution based on the issue!

Tesla Model 3 Frunk Won't Open

Open Tesla Model 3 Frunk with These 3 Fixes!

Before you contact Tesla, it’s better to try DIY techniques to fix bugs without spending. I’ll show you different types of issues and then give the solutions. 

Just follow the given Tesla Model 3 frunk troubleshooting:

Issue #1: Front Trunk Show Gap but Won’t Open

This is a common error that occurs when the front trunk latch is stuck. In that case, the trunk won’t open but leave a slight gap.

How To Troubleshoot?

  • Get a pry bar that is made out of rubber or plastic.
  • Use the pry bar under the gap of the front trunk and use pressure upward.
  • Again, use the same tool to remove the lower latch cover. There you’ll see springs and other metal components.
  • Once the bonnet opens up, grab a WD40 penetrating oil and spray on the metal parts.
  • Let it sit there for around 30 seconds.
  • Close the trunk and test it out using the touchscreen command.

Issue #2: Front Bonnet Not Opening but Command Working

If you have tried to use the Key Fob or Tesla app that shows the command working but the frunk not opening, then the issue is stuck spring. A little jiggle can fix this error.

How To Troubleshoot?

  • Get out of the Tesla car.
  • Put pressure on the hood upward while pressing the OPEN button on the touchscreen. In this procedure, get your friend’s help to do it properly.
  • Next, give slight pressure downward on the frunk (in the latch area).
  • Before you release the pressure, tell your friend to press the same button on the touchscreen to open the hood.

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Issue #3: Frunk Won’t Open & Show Open & Show Any Reaction

The main reason why frunk not opening, or releasing is due to the bad actuator. It causes the front bonnet to not work to open the latch even if you press OPEN on the screen or use the app.

How To Troubleshoot?

  • Use a pry bar to open the frunk.
  • Again, use the same tool to open the lower latch cover. Be sure to disconnect the 3-wire connector from the switch.
  • Grab a 10 mm socket wrench to remove the bolt that holds the air intake cover in the trunk. Also, remove the battery cover to get a room.
  • Locate the primary actuator on the passenger side with the release cable. You’ll a sticker of Tesla above with Front End Module EOL A.
  • Unplug the cable that goes to the 12A battery.
  • Take a 10 mm socket and remove 2 bolts.
  • Detach the primary actuator compartment by using a sharp metal pry tool to remove the zip tie of the wiring harness that holding it.
  • Insert the new actuator in the compartment. Add 2 screws on the sides and tighten them using a screwdriver.
  • Insert the release cable that goes to the actuator to the latch mechanism. Plug one end into the latching mechanism area and one into the actuator.
  • Place the actuator compartment back in its place and insert 2 bolts. Tighten them out using a 10 mm socket wrench.
  • Attach the plug that goes to the 12A battery properly.
  • Plug back the wiring harness into the zip tie that the primary actuator has on the right side.
  • Put on the air intake cover back on the spot and insert bolts. Tighten them using the 10 mm socket wrench.
  • Insert the battery cover in the right way.
  • Plug the 3-wire connector into the switch and attach the lower latch cover with slight force.
  • Close the frunk and reboot the Tesla by holding 2 scroll buttons for 10 seconds.
  • Test it out.
Tesla Model 3 Frunk

How To Open Model 3 Frunk? (The Alternative Methods)

If the touchscreen doesn’t work or the battery goes down, there are some alternative techniques that work to open the frunk. Here are 4 of them:

Method #1: Use the Tesla Model 3 Frunk Manual Release

By using the hidden button under the hood on the driver’s side. It looks like a small round button that can be pressed. Let me show you how do you open a Tesla 3 frunk with a dead battery:

  • Get a portable jump starter or other external low-voltage power supply.
  • Locate the Tesla Model 3 frunk emergency release cover.
  • Press the cover firmly (on the upper right perimeter) so that it pivots inward. Next, gently pull the raised section like you usually do. Check if the terminal attached to the tow eye cover is positive (+) or negative (–).
  • Detach the 2 wires out of the tow eye cover. Start by removing the negative one and then the positive wire.
  • Attach the low-voltage power supply’s red wire to the positive (+) post. Insert the low-voltage power supply’s black wire into the negative (–) post.
  • Turn on the power supply that helps release the front hood latches.
  • Open the front hood.
  • After that, unplug the low-voltage power supply’s black one from the negative post and then detach the red one from the positive post.
  • Insert the tow eye cover on the positive or negative post. Make sure it is aligned properly into the right position. Close the interior emergency cover by pivoting and pressing firmly.

Method #2: Use the Tesla App 

  • Open the Tesla app on your phone.
  • In the Toggles, you’ll find Frunk Open/Close button (the middle one with a front hood open logo).
  • Click on it. A bar that says ‘Are You Sure’ will pop on and you have to confirm it by pressing the Yes option.
  • Wait for the car to open the trunk.

Method #3: Use the Tesla Key Fob

  • Bring your Key Fob and locate the upper button close to the Tesla logo.
  • Click on it 2 times to open the front trunk.
  • Wait for the car to open the hood.

Method #4: Use the Tesla Touchscreen

  • Go to the touchscreen and find the car stats option (it will show the car all the time).
  • In the screen, you’ll see the Open icon for the front and back trunk separately.
  • Click on OPEN on the front side to release the frunk.
  • Wait until the bar switch to OPENED.
  • Get out of the car and pull the frunk.

Wrap Up

This is how you can resolve Tesla Model 3 frunk that won’t open. Go ahead and try the 3 solutions who knows maybe it fixes your problem. And if these don’t resolve the bug, then get help from Tesla Customer Care or appoint an expert to repair the problematic part. Good Luck!

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