Breaking Down Tesla Model 3 Matrix Headlights

Breaking Down Tesla Model 3 Matrix Headlights!

Listening to all the compliments of Matrix headlights I’ve been thinking about whether they are worth the name and fame. And I finally understand their worth.

TBH, they got special traits and are quite simple in design to solve the issue of glare, blind and excessive lighting t night time.

The Tesla Model 3 Matrix headlights work via a camera sensor and adjust the lighting by themselves if driving in a dark path. They are great for drivers to get the finest safe driving experience.

To know more about the good parts of them, keep on reading till the end!

Breaking Down Tesla Model 3 Matrix Headlights

Are Tesla Model 3 Matrix Headlights Worth It?

Being a projector-type light, the Matrix headlights of the Tesla Model 3 do worth it. These kinds of headlights are just awesome in performances.

They cover the upper portion of the road so that you can see only the bottom side that won’t glare or blink at the drivers who are outside. Plus, I find the brightness level standard not too much or less in both high & low beam levels.

The Matrix headlights also have a feature to decrease the brightness level so that the beam only focuses on the left and right side by leaving the center. Overall, they are a perfect addition to Tesla Model 3 to use for night driving outside.

How To Adjust the Matrix Headlights on A Tesla Model 3?

It’s super easy to adjust the angle of the Matrix headlights (separate settings are given for left and right lights). Let me explain this in detail:

Step 1: Enable the Adjust Headlights Setting

To do that, go to the vehicle’s touchscreen (clean it if the screen seems unable to see at night). Click on Controls to discover all the options.

After that, hit the Service > Adjust Headlights. Then, you’ll see a message “Headlight leveling in process” with a loading sign. Wait for a couple of seconds so that you get into the inner options.

Step 2: Adjust Left Headlight Beam Level

In the Model 3 touchscreen, you’ll now see the Left option. Click on it and then cover the right headlight with a clean towel so that you can only focus on the left headlight.

Then, get inside the vehicle and control the beam level by using the left-hand scroll button of the steering wheel.

Step 3: Adjust Right Headlight Beam Level

Now, pull the towel from the right headlight and put it on the left headlight. Get inside the car and do not close the door (stay outside). 

Click on the Right option on the vehicle’s touchscreen. Use the right scroll button of the steering wheel to set the correct beam level.

Does Tesla Model 3 Have Matrix Lights?

Just like the Model Y LR, Tesla provides a special kind of projector light called Matrix headlights on the Model 3.

Even if a few users sometimes find old LED reflector lights in M3 (not all states legally allow them), in most cases Matrix headlights are on.

Is It Possible for Model 3 Matrix Headlights Retrofit?

Tesla provides a service for the retrofit coding stuff that is needed to add the Matrix headlights in the old Tesla Model 3. However, it might cost up to $1,000 to do the coding stuff when retrofitting the Matrix headlights.

Then, you’ll need to add the extensive harness (through modification) which helps to add the lights on the left and right sides. To do so, Tesla will need another $1,700 to $4,000 to add wiring stuff based on difficulty level.

Other than this way, one can verily add all the wiring harnesses, and make the retrofit using the OEM software to reconfigure the necessary bits.

Tesla Model 3 New Headlights Vs Old LEDs

In the debate of the new Matrix headlights and old LED reflector lights, both do great in individual performance, but one seems better than another. To find the winner, see below:

  • Matrix lights are not legal in some countries excluding the US, UK, and Canada. Then again, the standard LED lights are legal to use in almost all states with no law-related issues.
  • In terms of brightness, the old LED reflector lights provide a great amount of lumen. They sometimes can blind other drivers and cause glare issues. In contrast, Matrix lights help in visibility at night with a standard brightness level in both high and low beams.
  • If talking about quality, Matrix headlights would stand better than the old LED lights.
  • Looks do matter in headlights which makes the Matrix awesome with the black finish and round bulb on the edge. On the other hand, the old LED lights have a silvery finish with small beams that don’t go with the luxury trend.
  • Matrix headlights depend on the cameras to dim the upper parks to add FOV and avoid blinding the upcoming trucks. Then again, the old LED lights don’t have this sort of feature and perform badly at night.
  • Adjusting Matrix headlight to increase visibility is pretty easy compared to the old LED lights.
  • Matrix headlights are projector beams that show light in a specific position. However, the old LED lights have reflector beams that show light in a wider position (with no control).

Bottom Line: I find Matrix the real winner against the old LED lights due to the performance, visual aspects, and benefits. But that doesn’t mean the old LED headlights lack since they got a rustic vibe with great brightness.

Wrap Up

That’s all you should know about the Tesla Model 3 Matrix headlights! They are great for night driving and would perform well to support the driver by adding visibility and reducing the chances of glare.

Hope this piece of information which I’ve given above helps and explains everything that you wanted to know. Catch You Later in the Next Guide Soon!

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