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New “Ludicrous” Tesla Model 3 Performance Details Revealed

According to a report from Motor Trend, a long-awaited performance version of the Tesla Model 3 sedan could soon be upon us, with two videos revealing the electric vehicle (EV) is likely getting ready to launch.

What The Videos Show

According to Motor Trend’s report, videos of the new Tesla Model 3 Performance edition sedan, allegedly going by the title “Ludicrous,” come courtesy of X user Desmond Wisley. The videos Wisley posted to his X account during the last week of February show what Motor Trend’s report alleges are new Tesla Model 3s with performance upgrades. One of the upgrades is “Ludicrous” badging on the EV’s rear trunk.

The first video in the X thread shows a brand new red Model 3 with a filming crew in Valencia, Spain. The red Model 3 in the video sports a new front splitter design, black trim on the windows and door handles, red brake calipers, newer seats, paint-matched mirrors, a rear spoiler, and a more aerodynamic wheel design. Another video in the X thread shows a black Tesla Model 3 with trim upgrades similar to the red one in the other video.

The report from Motor Trend alleges that these performance-tuned “Ludicrous” Model 3s will be a step up from the last Performance update Tesla gave the sedan in 2023. With a 0 to 60 miles per hour sprint time of 3.0 seconds, all-wheel drive, a maximum driving range of 315 miles, and a price range of $54,880 to $64,190, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is an excellent option for buyers looking for a performance EV sedan.

How The “Ludicrous” Trim Reportedly Difference From The Performance Trim

According to a report from InsideEVs, the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous allegedly received an upgrade to its rear motor unit. It can now generate up to 406 horsepower, while their report cites that the EV’s front motor unit still generates 211 horsepower, like the prior Performance 3 Model. The “Ludicrous” trim will likely have a total output of around 600 horses with those motor units. Their report also cites that the “Ludicrous” will be able to reach its peak power at a significantly higher speed (68 miles per hour) than the current Model 3 Performance (47 miles per hour), which increases the Model 3’s track toy appeal and performance. According to their report, the EV’s weight will remain as is, matching the current Performance Model 3’s total weight of 4,089 pounds.

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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