Tesla Model H – A Myth? Find Out The Truth!

Tesla Model H – A Myth? Find Out The Truth!

Watching y’all talking about the Tesla Model H had me curious as well. Goes without saying that the next thing I did was to look into the matter myself. And, I have something to share finally.

Some folks are expecting (more like imagining) a car that runs using hydrogen power and give it a name called Hesla or Model H.

There’s no legit information about the Model H (not from the Tesla team or Elon Musk). Plus, I’ve seen a lot of folks use this phrase as a Meme while a few are getting serious about it.

Here’s what I found about this car. Of course, I will explain whether you can expect it in the future or not. Are You Ready?

Tesla Model H – A Myth? Find Out The Truth!

What Is Tesla Model H ( A Real Car or Just An April Fool Joke)?

Tesla Model H (MH or Hesla) is a myth that spread in the tweeter after the April fool joke of Elon Musk in 2015. As for the new Tesla Model Y 2024, Elon Musk confirms it and gives a glimpse of the car in Master Plan Part 3 pdf (that you can also see online).

However, there’s no actual evidence of the MH as it’s become a rumored car. People spread this on the online platform and make everyone curious about it.

And so, a lot of folks expect Tesla to produce a car that will run on hydrogen power instead of lithium. And this mission has been known as Model H (Hydrogen).

Moreover, this has been a hyped rumor for Tesla owners as Toyota has been investing and making an alternative car that runs on hydrogen power.

Some folks think it is a myth and use this on online chat for a fun post. While others take it seriously and still hoping for its debut from the Tesla.

Is There A Tesla Model H?

The simple answer is no and there won’t be an H model coming from Tesla for now. In fact, Elon expresses this idea as ‘Stupid’ in earlier interviews. 

In the same way, Elon call the fuel cells of hydrogen power ‘Fool Sells’ in 2021 tweeter. Also, he criticizes the usage of this in cars and rockets. 

And it seems no chance of making a car using hydrogen power after his continuous disapproval. However, some folks still believe that Tesla MH will come in the next couple of years.

Maybe in the future, if the Tesla team plans for moving to hydrogen power like the Tesla Model 2. This will be beneficial for owners to ensure no harm to the ecosystem occurs when recycling lithium.

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Overall Thoughts

From 2015 to this day, folks are waiting for the Tesla Model H which has no chance of releasing. Elon doesn’t like the usage of hydrogen instead of battery power. 

And it strongly indicates that there will be no MH or Hesla even if people are expecting it. However, no one can 100% predict the future and Elon Musk’s mind if he wishes to release it later.

Hope you find this guide informative and detailed to get the right data. See You In The Future With A New and Interesting Topic!

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