Tesla Model S Charge Port Won’t Open! [Solved]

Press the charger button but still, the charge port doesn’t pop open. The reason why it’s happening is either a software update, a broken lid, or contains rusty hinge point. Another possible cause is snow inside the charge port which causes it to get stuck. 

If your Tesla Model S charge port won’t open or get stuck, here’s how to fix the bug quickly:

  • Update the latest software.
  • Use WD40 lube at the hinge point.
  • Defrost the car.
  • Manually release charge port.
  • Change the charge port lid.

In this guide, I’ll show you the right way of doing the above 5 techniques that might need a few gears but won’t cost much to replace.

Help! Tesla Model S Charge Port Won't Open

Why Tesla Model S Charge Port Won’t Open?

  1. The software update is on the way causing the charge port to not act properly. You’ll able to fix it if you update the latest version on your Tesla app as well as in your car.
  2. The opening spring or hinge is weakened (or caught rust) that causing it to get stuck. If that happens to you, open the charge port using the alternative method and then lubricate the targeted parts.
  3. If the charge port is not opened during the freezing temperature, the culprit might be the snow that gets through the gaps. In that case, it’s best to defrost the Tesla to melt down snow easily.
  4. Last but not least, the charge port lid is broken that causing it to not open.
Tesla Model S Charge Port

5 Ways to Tesla Model S Charge Port Stuck (Not Opening) Bug!

After knowing the reasons for this error, it’s time to present the chosen solutions. Let me show you them below:

Solution #1: Download the Latest Update

  • Go to your touchscreen.
  • Click on Controls > Software bar.
  • There you’ll see an update available with a signal for turning on the Wi-Fi. Turn the Wi-Fi on and connect to the familiar network.
  • Go back to the available update option and click on it to manually start downloading. It’ll show the download speed of Wi-Fi and the installation properly.
  • Now, connect the Tesla to your Phone’s Tesla app.
  • In your phone app, check the upper option ‘Software Update.’
  • Click on it and you’ll find Install Now bar.
  • Hit the INSTALL bar.
  • Wait for some while to download the software update. During this period, do not touch any part.

Solution #2: Lubricate Rusty Hinge

  • Open the charge port by using the Tesla app, Key fob, or touchscreen option.
  • Then, get strong lubrication like the WD-40 Specialist Penetrant.
  • Spray it directly on the hinge or opening spring area that holds the charge port door.
  • Use a rag to spread the lube everywhere except for the port area.
  • Let it sit there for around 5 – 10 minutes to moisten the rusty part.
  • Then, close the charge port door.
  • Try again to open the door manually using the charger button or other methods to confirm the success.

Solution #3: Defrost The Tesla Charge Port 

  • Turn on Wi-Fi in your phone and Tesla.
  • Open the Tesla app on your phone. Connect them like you usually do.
  • Click on the Controls > Defrost Car bar.
  • Wait for the ice to melt down from the Tesla charge port for up to 30 – 45 minutes.
  • Then, try to open it manually.

Solution #4: Replace The Charging Port Lid

  • Get inside the car and press on the charge port area to lock it.
  • Click the OPEN option on the touchscreen to open the rear truck.
  • Go near the rear truck area and pull it out.
  • Locate the charge port’s release cable that should be hidden above near the gap.
  • Put the loop cable downward.
  • Take your time and then hold the charging adapter near the port.
  • Press the button on the charging adapter to open the port.

Solution #5: Replace The Charging Port Lid

  • Go to touchscreen and hit Controls > Safety & Security > Power Off. And then, hit Power Off to confirm.
  • Get out of the Tesla.
  • Open the back trunk. And remove the trim parts and other stuff that block the frame of the back trunk.
  • Slide down the car carpet in the back trunk to reach the inner parts that are connected to the charging port.
  • Test out the voltage using a voltmeter. After ensuring everything is okay, go to the next step.
  • Remove the tape that hides the bolt holding the charge port door.
  • Take a screwdriver and remove the 4 screws that holding the charge port door inside the back truck’s left side.
  • Use a locknut wrench to detach the 14mm nut.
  • Loosen out the charge port inner part from the back trunk’s left side.
  • Remove the red plastic plug from the inner mechanism.
  • Detach the tail light 3 nuts (10 mm) using the decent tool.
  • Come out of the back trunk. Bring out the headlight and charge port part.
  • Unplug the light and place it in a clean rag.
  • Use a Torx T20 tool to take out 3 bolts that hold the charge port lid.
  • Insert the new charge port lid and tighten out the 3 nuts using the Torx T20 tool.
  • Place the headlight inside and plug in the light. Then, align and set the headlight.
  • Get inside the back trunk.
  • Insert the tail light 3 nuts and tighten them out.
  • Attach the red plastic plug on the inner charge port gear.
  • Do the opposite of the removal to put back everything rightly. Done!

If Nothing Works:

  • Press the charge port door using your index finger to open the door.
  • Hit the button on your charger or Supercharger.
  • Go to your touchscreen then hit the corner-above lightning icon to find the battery charge. Then, click on Open Charge Port.
  • Bring the Key Fob to hit and hold the trunk button close to the charge port.
  • Use voice command in your Tesla by saying ‘Open Charge Port’ and it’ll do the job.
  • Open the Tesla app to hit the ‘OPEN CHARGE PORT’ bar.
  • In an emergency case, get one finger of yours under the charge port gap and pry open it using force. Be sure to put a small amount of pressure so that the door doesn’t break.

Tesla Model S Charge Port Replacement Cost!

Sometimes, this becomes unavoidable. To specify the exact replacement cost for Tesla Model S chart port, it’s quite hard since this depends on the service type (DIY or via an expert). Let me explain the range briefly below:

Auto Shop Replacement Cost of Charge Port

The total cost to replace the Tesla charge port can differ if the mechanic takes less or more time (based on the difficulty level). Here’s the total cost of the auto shop:

Part (Charge Port + Trim Cover)$150 – $300
Labor$110 – $150
Tax$9.87 – $17
Total Amount$269.87 – $467

DIY Replacement Cost Of Charge Port

The do-it-yourself job will need less money but take a lot of time to complete the task than the expert way. It only includes a part cost (charge port and trim cover) only. Meaning the total cost is around $150 – $300!

Wrapping Up

That’s how to fix the malfunction of the Tesla Model S charge port won’t open! It mostly takes around 10 – 30 minutes to repair or replace based on the condition.

I would recommend you first try the DIY techniques to fix the bugs that won’t cost much. And if nothing works, then get the desired consult from an expert or contact the Tesla Care Service to find the needed solution.

Hope you like this guide and find the above methods handy to resolve the error. Good Luck on Your Fixing Project!

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