Tesla Model X Door Troubleshooting

Tesla Model X Door Troubleshooting! (Causes + Fixes)

It’s a huge bug when the door refuses to open or close. I’ve been suffering from that for a long time until I discover the solutions.

For the Tesla Model X door troubleshooting, you have to replace the actuator or adjust the latch properly which helps the door to close. Sometimes the door panel is placed incorrectly causes not opening or closing error which can be fixed if you adjust the panel.

In some cases, a simple reset of the door can fix the bug. In this guide, I’ll cover this topic and explain everything that’ll help!

Tesla Model X Door Troubleshooting! (Causes + Fixes)

The Tesla Model X Door Troubleshooting Process

Under this segment, I’ll show the errors with possible causes and then present the solutions so that you know why this has to be done to fix the bug. Enjoy!

Trouble #1: Tesla Model X Passenger Door Won’t Open or Close

In case your car’s passenger side door refuses to open or close, this might indicate the door panel is loose or not set properly for some reason.

How To Fix?

  • Open the passenger side door.
  • Check the door panel if it seems misaligned or has extra edges on the sides. If so, you have to adjust it.
  • Take a pry bar and simply detach the wood trim from the door.
  • Then, you’ll locate the double-part tape on the right-side upper corner and unfold it.
  • Grab a 10 mm socket wrench to remove all the bolts. Secure them in a safe place.
  • Use a pry bar or your hand to simply detach the door panel.
  • Remove the door panel.
  • Align the door panel into the place by seeing the sides. Use slight pressure to ensure it is fitted correctly.
  • Insert the bolts into the place and secure them using the socket wrench.
  • Fold the double-part tape properly.
  • Insert the wood trim using slight force.
  • Close the door and see if it opens smoothly or not.

Trouble #2: Driver’s Door Won’t Open or Close

If the Tesla Model X door won’t close or open on the driver’s side even if you press the Door Open/Close button on the screen or hit the brake one time, then the culprit is a bad actuator. The door will show more resistance that needs more pressure to close/open the door.

How To Fix?

  • Open the driver’s side door.
  • Take a pry bar to remove the wood trim of the driver’s side door.
  • On the corner left side, you’ll find hidden bolts under the double-part tape. Unfold the tape.
  • Grab a 10 mm locknut wrench to remove all the bolts that hold the door panel.
  • Pull the door panel off using instant stress on one corner.
  • Unplug the one connector.
  • Use a screw gun to remove the screws that hold the actuator. Be sure to keep them in a secure spot.
  • Unplug all the sensor plugs that that attached to the door actuator panel.
  • Detach the tiny trim.
  • After that, you’ll spot the actuator hiding on the other side. Use a pry bar to remove it.
  • Then, insert a new one back into the spot. Use slight force to set it in place correctly.
  • Insert the tiny trim and adjust its position.
  • Plug all the sensors back into their spot.
  • Inset all the screws that hold the trim part and tighten them out.
  • Plug the one connector of the door panel and adjust it on the door rightly. Be sure to press the panel in the right way so that it sticks to the door.
  • Put on the 10 mm bolts in their respective places and tighten them out with the locknut wrench.
  • Align the wood trim and press it to correctly attach.
  • Reboot the Tesla and check if the problem solves or not.

Trouble #3: Tesla Model X Door Latch Stuck

This kind of error occurs when you are living in a cold area where the car buildup snow which gets to the door latch somehow. This causes the Model X door latch to get stuck or not open until you do something. 

How To Fix?

  • Open the Tesla door that has a door latch issue.
  • Take a pen or maybe a screwdriver to close the door latch by pressing the pop actuator. Make sure it isn’t damaging the paint or causing scratches. Due to this action, Tesla will think the door is closed.
  • As your Tesla is unlocked, click the exterior door handle, or pull the interior door handle (if possible). This will cause the latch and extended pop actuator to reset.
  • Wait for some while and then extract the tool from the actuator.
  • Close the door and then try to open it to see the magic.

Trouble #4: Falcon Wing Door Not Opening All the Way

Just like other Tesla Model X front door problems, the falcon wing doors can also stop working. This happens due to the setup that needs adjustment.

How To Fix?

  • Press the falcon wing door (left or right side).
  • If it doesn’t open all the way, then get inside the seat and in the pillar of Tesla locate 2 buttons.
  • Press and hold the upper button until you hear a beep.
  • Then, the falcon wing will start to open all the way. learn more here

How To Manually Open Tesla Model X Door from The Outside?

  • Hold the handle and press it inward with your thumb to open the door from the outside.
  • Use the Tesla app to open the car door. Just click the app on your phone and press Controls to find options to open doors that contain arrows based on the door.
  • Try using the key fob to open the doors by clicking in the middle point 2 times or double clicks window button.
  • Position your key card close to the card reader in the driver-side door’s pillar to simply open the door.

The Tesla Model X Door Reset for Starter!

In case nothing works for you to fix the bug of the door (front + falcon wing), then it’s best to reset the doors before going to an expert. Here’s the procedure:

Resetting The Front Door

  • Go inside your Tesla. Hold the 2 scroll wheel buttons of the steering wheel for 10 seconds. Wait for 30 seconds for it to reset.
  • Open the door from the inside using the manual handle that can release the door.
  • Push the door to the fully open position and then slowly push it back to close by attaching the latch. Be sure the whole process is taking around 5 – 10 seconds to complete the reset.

Resetting The Falcon Wing Door

  • Take out the access panel in the funk area without using tools.
  • Remove the Emergency Services Power Loop (under the orange sticker above the funk space).
  • Use a 13 mm socket to take out the ground strap that is black wire bolted to the chassis (below the Emergency Services Loop).
  • Let it be like that for 20 seconds and then connect it.
  • Plug the loop into the place.
  • Recalibrate the doors as the center screen will recommend.

Ending Note

The above Tesla Model X door troubleshooting methods might seem hard but takes less effort if you understand the direction rightly.

Not only will it save you extra bucks to repair or replace parts like the actuator or latch but also solves the trouble. 

And yes, you can choose a diverse path by consulting an expert if money isn’t a problem. Hope You Like This Guide!

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