The Tesla Model X Falcon Door Won't Open!

The Tesla Model X Falcon Door Won’t Open! [Resolved]

My Tesla once acted like a bad boy and refused to open the falcon door (left + right side) which literally gave me a serious headache for a long time.

Usually, this kind of error occurs due to internal error, GPS lock on latitude and longitude data needed, or wrong reading of sensors.

If your Tesla Model X falcon door won’t open or gets stuck 3” to halfway, then, this is what you might need to try –

  • Use the FWD/MCU screen key.
  • Reset Tesla or clean the b-pillar.
  • Calibrate the Tesla. 

To know the procedure in detail, I’ll help you with that and show the right way how you can try these 3 methods without mistakes. 

The Tesla Model X Falcon Door Won't Open!

Try These Solutions to Open Falcon Door (Tesla Model X)

Based on the bug of the falcon door in the Tesla Model X, it’s wise to act and repair the problematic part. Take a look at the problems, causes, and fixes.

Issue 1: Tesla Model X Doors Not Opening All the Way

The falcon door might not open all the way if your Tesla needs a fresh GPS lock on geographic coordinate system (latitude + longitude) data. That can be only possible if you simply find the FWD touchable button and click on it.

How To Fix?

  • Press the falcon door handle on the wide side (since it contains a sensor to open the door).
  • Wait for the falcon door to release halfway.
  • If you’re standing on the passenger side of the Tesla, look for the FWD physical button on the right-side b-pillar or MCU screen button. Then again, locate the same button on the driver’s side of Tesla on the left-side b-pillar or MCU screen button.
  • Click on the located button for 5 – 8 seconds until you see the door uplifting to open fully.
  • In the MCU screen, you’ll find a pop-up prompt that says ‘Fully Open at This Location’ bar. Hit on it to open the falcon door on the left or right side.

Warning: The falcon doors might not open if it senses obstacles on the front side. So, keep a safe distance when trying the above method.

Issue 2: Falcon Door Not Opening or Stuck

Due to overload or internal bugs, it’s possible the falcon door opens up 3 inches and then stuck in a weird posture which blocks the path for people. You can fix the bug by doing a basic system reset or cleaning leftover snow and water.

How To Fix?

  • Change your car into park mode.
  • Hold and press the 2 scroll keys of the steering wheel for up to 10 – 15 seconds. During the procedure, you can kick the brake pedal.
  • Leave the keys and pedal after the screen goes blank.
  • Wait for 20 – 30 seconds to complete the reset procedure.
  • Next, take a dry rag and brush to wipe out the snow that you can reach to remove these.
  • Instead of using a door handle or key fob, open the falcon doors using the touchscreen as it will help the leftover snow or water to get out.

Warning: Do not open the front door (approximately 20°) or place obstacles or your finger as it can open/close by causing bodily damage.

Issue 3: Tesla Model X Falcon Door Not Opening at All

The Tesla can refuse to perform if it locates obstacles and gets confused by sensing you as an object. In that case, you have to recalibrate the falcon doors using touchscreen settings.

How To Fix?

  • Before you start the Tesla Model X falcon door reset procedure, place your car in a safe zone with no obstacles.
  • Close the 4 doors by clicking on the Lock button on the touchscreen that shows Tesla’s position.
  • Click on the Tesla icon to go to the Quick Controls option.
  • Then, press the Service > Calibrate Doors option.
  • A prompt will pop open on the screen. Hold and click on the Calibrate Doors bar until the calibration is accomplished.
  • Test the falcon doors if they work or not.

Wrap Up

By doing the above 3 techniques, you should be able to fix the Tesla Model X falcon door won’t open issue. All you need to do is have patience and don’t panic if these ways don’t work. 

Instead of it, try replacing the problematic parts after asking the Tesla Care Service. And That’s It!

Hope you like this guide to get the info that helps you in need and fixes your trouble. I’ll Catch You in The Next Guide. Bye!

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