Tesla Model X Steering Wheel Replacement Cost

Tesla Model X Steering Wheel Replacement Cost–A Rough Idea!

After learning that Tesla’s yoke can be replaced, a lot of people want to know how much will it cost to change the ordinary wheel on MX. And I know you are also one of them!

The Tesla Model X steering wheel replacement cost vary based on the platform. Well, it may cost more than $500 – $1,005 if done via TSC (Tesla Service Center). However, if you do it yourself, it will cost $150 – $700 or more for the part only.

In this guide, I’ll explain the approximate replacement cost of the Tesla MX steering wheel and share if you can change it yourself or not. Scroll Down!

Tesla Model X Steering Wheel Replacement Cost

The Replacement Cost of Tesla Model X Steering Wheel!

The Tesla Model X steering wheel replacement cost can differ if you do it via TSC or by yourself. Let me explain it in detail.

Via Tesla Service Center

If you plan to replace the steering wheel on your Tesla MX via TSC, it will cost around $500 – $1,005 or more depending on parts, labor per hour, and tax factors.

To break it down, the steering wheel part for Model X cost up to $200 – $700 in general. It can charge more than $1,000 if you are getting a high-quality one. Depending on your decision on the item, the replacement cost can go up or down.

Tesla Model X Steering Wheel
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Then, the labor rate per hour in TSC is different based on location which increases the total replacement cost.

For example, it is $200 – $239 per hour in most service centers in the USA while it’s $240 per hour in Australia. Again, the hourly rate of TSC in Canada is around $210.

Another thing that raises the total replacement cost is tax. In some service centers, you might need to pay for tax (9.49% of total parts) while others may not.

Based on these, here is a simple explanation of the total replacement cost for the steering wheel in Model X:

ServicesReplacement Cost
Total Part (Steering wheel for Model X)$200 – $700 or more
Total Labor (in the USA)$200 – $239
Subtotal$400 – $939 or more
(+) Tax (9.49% on the total part)$18.98 – $66.43
Total$418.98 – 1,005.43 or more

A simple tip is to take advantage of goodwill or warranty service that isn’t over. Through this, you can get free or low-cost replacement benefits.

For Your Information:

The retrofit steering wheel for MX cost only $700 with a free installation benefit via Tesla Service Center.

Via DIY Method

The replacement cost will be a lot less if you change the steering wheel on the Tesla Model X by yourself.

To do that, you only need some basic tools like a small flat screwdriver or pin puncher, a 10mm hex socket, and a T25 torx bit screwdriver.

Lastly, you’ll need to spend some bucks on the part which cost up to $200 – $700 or more (if you go for quality). And that’s it!

Can You Change Tesla X Steering Wheel?

Yep, you can replace the steering wheel on the MX car. All you need is some tools, basic skills (on using the tools), and the right method.

Start by, turning off your car (go to Controls > Safety > Power Off) and then get inside the car. Then, insert the pin puncher or small flat screwdriver on the left and right holes (behind the steering wheel) and pull the airbag module.

After that, disconnect all the plugs (yellow and maroon/purple connectors) and unscrew one bolt in the core or center of the steering wheel.

Next, detach the old steering wheel from the column and insert the new steering wheel. Finish the process by doing the reverse of the old steering wheel removal. Then, be sure to adjust the steering wheel so that it feels comfortable to use.

After you’ve replaced the part, if the steering wheel vibrates or shakes, then remove the part from the column and attach it properly.

Ending Note

The Tesla Model X steering wheel replacement cost may seem pricey if you do it on TSC. Instead, you can do it yourself by following the basic procedure of replacing the Tesla steering wheel here.

However, if money isn’t the issue, then I’ll suggest changing the part via an expert. Hope you understand the replacement cost of it and find it helpful in any way.

Thank you for reading this!

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