Tesla Model Y Ground Clearance Vs Model 3

Tesla Model Y Ground Clearance Vs Model 3! [Showdown]

I have been wondering if there are any differences between Model Y and 3 ground clearance recently just like you.

In Tesla Model Y ground clearance vs Model 3, the MY has 6.2” to 6.8” ground clearance while the M3 contains 5.5” ground clearance.

Other than this, they differ in many /aspects that you can know if look deeply into the behavior in ride clearance. In this guide, I’ll break this matter into detail for you. Stay Tuned!

Tesla Model Y Ground Clearance Vs Model 3

Comparison Of Tesla Model Y Ground Clearance Vs Model 3

The gap between the car’s bottom to the ground is called ground clearance. Before you see the difference between them in clearance, take a look at this table that describes what is the ground clearance of a Tesla Model Y & 3:

Sabbir's Tesla

Model Y

Overall Length:

187” (475.1 cm)

Ground Clearance:

Performance: 6.2” (15.7 cm)

Non-performance: 6.8” (17.2 cm)

Tesla model 3

Model 3

Overall Length:

184.8” (469.4 cm)

Ground Clearance:

5.5” (14 cm) in performance & non-performance stage

1. Protection Against Low Obstacles & Scratches

One of the common issues of lower ground clearance is scratching or getting caught on low obstacles. In that case, Model Y grants better protection than Model 3.

As the bottom of the car stays higher than the ground, Model Y performs great on the road to pass over objects without touching them. On the contrary, the Model 3 sometimes does great but lacks to go over tall objects.

Winner: Model Y.

2. Handling & Rolling at Sharp Turns

Ground clearance plays a great role to support e-cars when handling or making turns at speed. In this field, Model Y will lose the ability to control or turns smoothly at speed unlike Model 3.

To explain it clearly, Model Y has a higher ground clearance that causes the center of mass to boast. Due to the sudden change, it gets hard to control or causes the car to face rolling when turning at a speed ride.

In comparison, Model 3 has a lower ground clearance that lessens the center of mass. Thanks to this, it seems easier to handle or causes no rolling issue during turns at angle and speed.

Winner: Model 3.

3. Performance in Different Grounds

Based on the ground type, the Model Y and 3 make a unique performance that poles them apart. To understand it better, here’s how they act in different lands:

  • Off-road – Model 3 does better on off-road track than Model Y (even if the car for off-roading needs ground clearance of 8.8 at least).
  • On-road – Model 3 will be an ideal option over Model Y for on-roading.
  • Rocky path – Model Y runs improperly on a rocky, muddy, and similar path. Even though it is not the best, still Model 3 can run on rough trails like these.
  • Grassy-field parking lots – Model Y does great running in grassy-field parking lots. Then again, Model 3 will swoop deep or make a sudden steep on this kind of trail.
  • Snowy road – Model 3 runs more smoothly on light, heavy, or medium snowy roads than Model Y.

Winner: Model 3.

4. Noise Level in Wet Road

Due to rain or other reasons, the road can get wet which causes Tesla Model Y and 3 to make noise at a high or low level.

With Model Y, you’ll find a humming, whispering, or ticking sound from the front side of the car. This will also cause you to hear a little noise when parking after a long journey.

Conversely, Model 3 makes a grinding sound level in wet conditions in the path. This will happen often during rainy days, unlike Model Y.

Winner: Model Y.

5. Aerodynamic Stance

Almost all Tesla cars need aerodynamic stances to make driving more comfortable. If talking about this and compare Model Y and 3, then you’ll notice the big difference.

Starting with the Model Y, this lets higher stance or ground clearance and results in more air passing below the car when driving. And it causes more drag and wind attack while spending more fuel as well as energy.

Then again, Model 3 has a low stance or ground clearance and causes less air to pass underneath the car when driving. This causes less drag and wind attack while saving fuel and energy at the same time.

Winner: Model 3.

Does Model Y Sit Higher Than Model 3?

Yeah, Model Y tends to sit higher than Model 3 thanks to the overall height of the car. Here’s the table of their overall heights to understand the reason: 

Model Y HeightModel 3 Height
5 feet 4 inches4 feet 8 inches

That means drivers with a height above 5 feet will be able to drive comfortably on Model Y. On the other hand, drivers below 4’8” in height will be able to run the Model 3 without feeling discomfort in driving.

Wrap Up

After the discussion, it’s quite clear who wins in the Tesla Model Y ground clearance vs Model 3 debate. Model Y has higher ground clearance, makes light noise on a wet road, passes through obstacles & doesn’t catch scratches.

Then, Model 3 has lower ground clearance, performance, handling & turning, and aerodynamic stage. That makes M3 the winner for overall activity.

Hope this guide helps you to shorten the research and let you decide on the right type based on your need. Good Luck!

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