My Tesla Model Y Windshield Foggy During Rain

Why My Tesla Model Y Windshield Foggy During Rain! [Solved]

Under the rain, the car windshield catches mist and smog that ruin the visibility to see the road. A lot of folks face this and need help to solve the issue.

If your Tesla Model Y windshield gets foggy during rain, then here are the 4 fixes that work without harming:

  • Turn on Defog option.
  • Set The A/C in the on position.
  • Activate Seat & Steering Wheel Heater.
  • Adapt other Climate Control settings.

In this guide, I’ll show you the reasons why fog occurs in the car windshield when raining and give the solutions. Here I Go!

My Tesla Model Y Windshield Foggy During Rain

What Makes the Tesla Model Y Windshield Foggy During Rain

Tesla Model Y just like other cars can get foggy during the rain due for some reasons. These includes:

  1. The constant increase of humidity in the front side.
  2. The Interior area is cold while the exterior surface is hot.
  3. Sometimes the windshield fogs in rainy seasons when temperature changes.

Learn How to Defog Tesla Model Y During Rain

After learning the 3 basic reasons, it’s time to troubleshoot the problem of fogging in windshields using simple fixes. Let me show it to you:

Solution #1: Activate the Defog Setting

If you are driving while it’s raining and can’t use the touchscreen, then try the given method:

  • Click on the right side of the steering wheel button to set the voice command option.
  • Then, simply say in a loud and clear voice “Defog the front window.”
  • Let it be like this for a while.
  • After that, say “Set climate to automatic.”
  • Done!

However, if you can use the touchscreen while waiting in the sideway after raining, then do the following procedure:

  • Go to the touchscreen.
  • Click on Climate Control (fan) icon which is located below.
  • Touch on the Front option.
  • Set the Climate Control setting in the Auto option (next to the on/Off icon).
  • Turn on the A/C option.
  • Adjust the fan to the lowest setting.
  • Then, you’ll find a lot of options. Look at the top with the breeze icon which is known as the front defog/defrost option.
  • Hit on it 1 time and you’ll see the icon getting blue. This will be activated the defog and cause climate control air to handle it at the windshield.
  • Wait for a few whiles (around 1 – 2 minutes) to defog the windshield.

Solution #2: Turn On A/C

In the rainy season, a lot of times the fog issue occurs when temperature drops and humidity increases. If that’s happened to your Tesla MY, then switch the Climate Control setting to Auto mode and lower the fan speed.

It’s because the air circulation can cause the humidity level to raise in the cabin and result in the windshield fogging up.

This can also happen when you park your car in the garage or parking lot and warm air causes the windshield to simply fog up. After doing the above settings, then turn on the A/C and set it to the max so that humidity drops.

Then, disable the air recirculation (for that do not turn on the HEPA filter airflow button and Airflow button right next to Fan speed). Wait for a few minutes to clear out the windshield naturally.

Solution #3: Use Seat & Steering Wheel Heater

During the rain, your car will catch fog if the temperature raises on the front side. To fix the issue, do the given steps:

  • On the touchscreen of the vehicle, click on the Climate Control option below (fan icon).
  • Set the Climate Control to Auto.
  • Select the Front option to control the front cabin side (including the windshield).
  • Find the seat heaters option (located on the bottom left and right side with an icon for a seat).
  • Right next to the seat heaters on the left and right side, you’ll find the Auto option. Click on an Auto setting on both sides.
  • Locate the Steering Wheel Heater button which is on the bottom mid-point on the Climate Control option.
  • Click on the Steering Wheel Heater button to turn it on.
  • Wait for a few minutes to solve the fog issue and enjoy the drive when raining.

Solution #4: Adjust the Climate Control Settings

Depending on the temperature and humidity level, you should set the HVAC (fan, wipers, and other related parts) to a manual setting.

Change the temperature by lowering the fan speed to 4 – 6 (go to touchscreen > Climate Control and then move the slider to 4 to 6 speeds).

Touch the radiating airwaves from the corresponding vent on the touchscreen to the face-level vents on the front cabin. Let it sit like this for some while to ensure the windshield defog.

Note: After trying all the procedures, turn off the individual option to drive in the nicest experience.

Overall Thought

Knowing the Tesla Model Y windshield foggy during rain is essential since a lot of accidents occur due to unclear vision.

To avoid massive damage, it’s best to try the above techniques which won’t cost any bucks but time and energy. If possible, I’ll suggest adding tint on the windshield to maintain clear vision which will take $250 – $400.

Hope this guide helps you to solve the fog issue during the rainy season. Catch You in The Next Topic Soon!

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