Why is My Tesla Navigation Not Working? [Fixed]

Recently, I’ve been driving my Tesla on a new route and suddenly noticed the GPS is stuck or not updating the new zone in maps. Finally, I have found the solutions to this error.

To fix the Tesla navigation not working bug, it’s best to try the following methods:

  • Soft & hard reset the navigation system.
  • Reboot the Tesla.
  • Power off the car.
  • Plug tightly or replace the GPS fuse.
  • Do software updates.
  • Change the Nav SD card in the MCU.

Without wasting time, keep on reading if you need an in-depth explanation for each fix in a separate segment…

HELP! Tesla Navigation Not Working [Fixed]

When Tesla Navigation Not Working, Try These 6 Methods!

After seeing the sneak peek of each fix, it’s time to get into the detailed procedure which I’ve given below:

Fix #1: Reset The Tesla Nav System

Start by resetting the Tesla navigation system which takes around 5 – 20 minutes to complete. That’s how do you reset a Tesla navigation system in the right way:

Soft Reset

  • Get inside your car.
  • Locate the Park button on the driver’s stalk and Brake pedal below.
  • Hit the Park button and Brake pedal for around 20 seconds to do the soft reset.
  • Wait for some while to finish the reset.

Hard Reset

  • Open all your car doors, windows, and front as well as back trunk.
  • Go to Controls > Safety & Security > Power Off. 
  • Click on it and again hit Power Off.
  • Get out of your car and remove the battery cover on the front trunk.
  • Locate the battery and remove the red cap. Find the positive as well as negative terminals.
  • Remove the negative (–) terminal first using a pair of pliers. Then, place a rag under the negative terminal so it doesn’t contact other parts.
  • Go inside your seat and identify the latch (driver-side seat) junction between the seat and the carpet. Push the latch toward the midline to unlatch it. Do the same thing on another side too.
  • Lift the seat and find the tire foam insulator. Pull it out to locate one connector.
  • Squeeze down the lock and wait for 1 minute. Then, swing the lock-up.
  • Place the tire foam insulator.
  • Lift and align the seat like it was before. Then, latch the seat on both sides.
  • Insert the negative terminator back into its place using the same tool. You’ll hear the sounds of the car resetting and restarting.
  • Put on the battery cap and cover.
  • Test it out.

Fix #2: Try Rebooting The System

In this step, you only need to hold the 2 scrolling buttons on the steering wheel while hitting the Parking Brake knob down for up to 5 seconds.

And then, boom you’ll see the A/C so as other parts power off. After a minute, the A/C and other parts will come out.

Fix #3: Power Off Tesla

  • Go to your touchscreen.
  • Set the Tesla in Park mode.
  • Click on Controls > Safety & Security > Power Off.
  • Hit the Power Off bar.
  • You’ll find 2 options: Cancel and Power Off. Click on the Power Off and wait for around 2 minutes. During this period, do not touch any part or open the door.
  • When the A/C, lights, and other parts turn on, it means complete.

Fix #4: Tighten Out Or Replace The MCU Fuse

Locate the MCU fuse (In Model S/X, the fuse is F51) in the fuse box and then pull it out. Inspect if it contains any damage or not. If it does, then replace the fuse. Or else, wait for 5 minutes and insert the fuse back into the spot.

Fix #5: Update The Navigation Software

The most common reason why Tesla can’t navigate is due to software updates. Thinking about how do I update my Tesla navigation system? Then, follow the given procedure:

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi in Tesla and go to Controls > Software. 
  • There you’ll see a software update that is available. 
  • Click on it and wait for some while until it finishes downloading. 
  • After that, check if the navigation work or not.

Fix #6: Replace The Nav SD Card In The MCU

To do this procedure, you’ll need tools like a screwdriver, a new 16 GB or 32 GB Nav SD card, a screw gun, and so on. Let me show you the direction now:

  • Use a pry tool like the GOOACC 5PCS kit to remove the shields (left and right sides) of the dashboard.
  • Remove the front side trim around the steering wheel using the same pry tool. Do the same thing on the left side trim part. If needed, use some pressure.
  • Take out 2 screws from the plastic piece on the top of the steering steel.
  • Insert the air wedges inside the plastic piece and pump it up to easily remove it.
  • Use a screw gun or screwdriver to remove 4 screws from the air vent on the right side to reach the SD card compartment.
  • Detach the air vent.
  • Remove the 6 screws using the screw gun that holding the touchscreen.
  • Pull out the touchscreen and locate the Nav SD card. Remove the card and insert a new one using a nose plier.
  • Put everything back in its place. Done!

For Your Information: Most Nav SD cards have 5 years of lifespan.

Why Is My Tesla Location Not Working? (AKA The Reasons)

I’ve spotted 4 major reasons why Tesla can’t spot new locations or sites when driving outside the home. These includes:

  • Navigation gets stuck when trying to initialize (calculating the route to provide the signal).
  • MCU power fuse not plugged properly.
  • Navigation needs a software update.
  • The Nav SD card in the MCU unit is expired.

So How Do You Activate Navigation On A Tesla?

  • When you click on the Tesla touchscreen, you’ll see the navigation option there showing the maps.
  • Input your present address on the Home bar and add a working area in the Work Address bar.
  • Click on Controls > Navigation to get into settings.
  • Adjust the sound of navigation by raising the bar or decreasing it.
  • Enable Automatic Navigation, Trip Planner, Online Routing, Avoid Ferries and Avoid Trolls bar.
  • Turn on the HOV lanes to access navigation to routes in Autopilot mode if you want to. Done!

Wrap Up

See, it’s that simple to solve the bugs. You only need to figure out the causes and then take action to get rid of the Nav malfunction. 

Keep in mind the Tesla navigation not working issue might take time to fix even if you try all the above techniques. 

In case the Nav bug still is not resolved, I recommend you immediately call Tesla Customer Care to get it fixed. I’ll Catch You in The Next Guide Soon!

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