Tesla Off Peak Charging 101: All You Need To Know!

Once in a blue moon, I find the “off-peak hours” setting, which used to make me feel clueless about what to do next. And if you can relate, you’ll know it can get a little confusing. Finally I have the information to share.

Well, the Tesla off-peak charging is a trait that let drivers save bucks and energy when charging at Supercharger or at home. It starts manually and finishes before the departure time that you set.

If you are still confused about this topic and need full insight, then I’ll share everything in this informative guide. Let’s dive in!

Tesla Off Peak Charging 101

The Basic Of The Tesla Off Peak Charging At Home!

Off-peak charging is a special feature given for Tesla that helps delay recharge that starts and finishes automatically. Not only does it help you to get the car charged, but also reduces energy costs by excessing grid capacity.

To know about this chunk of the Tesla off-peak hours during charging, meet the 3 options that you’ll get in both touchscreen and Tesla app. These includes:

  • Start time.
  • Stop time
  • Off.

Apart from these options, you’ll also find the Weeks vs Weekends option to match with the situation and charge the car by taking more time.

Previously, people don’t have the setting to change the time when using the off-peak hours. Luckily, this is improved in recent times as you can change the time for the start and stop time.

However, the off-peak hour time is fixed! Still, it’s ideal to follow Tesla’s suggested time since they offer cheaper rates in off-peak times.

How To Set My Tesla To Only Charge Off Peak Hours?

Setting the Tesla to charge only off-peak hours is possible if you use the phone via the Tesla app. Let me describe the procedure:

How To Set My Tesla To Only Charge Off Peak Hours

Step #1: Go To Departure Setting

  • Open your phone and turn on the Tesla app.
  • Click on the Schedule option. You’ll now find Departure and Charge options. 
  • Select the Departure option.

Step #2: Schedule The Time And Off-peak Hours

  • Turn on the Off-peak charge option.
  • After that, you’ll find the All Week and Weekdays options. Based on your situation, select one.
  • Then, change the Off-Peak End Time to a good time when you want the car to get charged.
  • Change the time on Departure to set the right time when the car will start charging. That’s how I schedule my Tesla to charge during off peak hours!

Step #3: Charge The Car Based On Timing

  • Plug the wall connector into the Tesla charge port. Wait for the LED light to blink in green light to know that it’s charging.
  • Lastly, set the Tesla recommended charge limit.

What Time Is The Cheapest To Charge Tesla At Supercharger?

All users want to know the right time that takes fewer bucks to charge the car at Supercharger (SC). If you are asking in the forums “when should I charge my Tesla” or the cheapest time to charge at the Supercharger, know that it’s at the off-peak time.

Rates are different depending on the station, but they can often charge around $0.48 per kWh during peak hours versus $0.24 during off-peak hours.

According to Electrek.co,

That indicates the rate at Supercharger is less when charging at off-peak hours (night time). In most cases, the right time is evening or midnight period.

Whether do you have to pay for Tesla charging or not, the off-peak hours would be ideal for lowest price.

What Are Off-Peak Hours For Supercharging?

It depends on the charging habit of your car as Tesla tracks and then gives a decent timeframe. You can change the time but it’s best to stick with the given time.

To understand the point, here’s the right TOU (Time Of Use) of off-peak hours for the Supercharger:

Off-peak on weekdays12:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Off-peak on weekends or holidays12:00 AM – 2:00 AM

In some areas, the super off-peak starts at 9 – 11 PM and ends at 4 – 7 AM. While on other locations, it can last from 12 AM to 2 – 8 AM.

Note: If your Tesla only charging to 90 percent, then be sure to learn about the troubleshooting techniques.


On the weekends or holidays, it’s best to try the Tesla off peak charging based on what the system tells you.

I’ll suggest setting an alarm earlier and then going to sleep so that you can easily wake up to charge the Tesla based on the off-peak hour.

If you are still thinking about its necessity, here are a few reasons to use the off-peak hour charging instead of on-peak:

  • Off-peak charging as late as possible helps to maximize SoC (State of Charge).
  • A slower and lengthier process of off-peak charging is healthier for the battery.
  • In SC, off-peak charging helps lessen the cost.

I’ll catch you in the next guide. TC!

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