Tesla Open Charging Network To Other Non-Tesla Users!

Tesla Open Charging Network To Other Non-Tesla Users!

For all EV owners, it is vital to have access to charging stations to charge on the road. Especially when the destination is far. If you’re not a Tesla user, it can be hard to find a fast charging station like Supercharger.

But fear not. Elon and his team make the Tesla Open Charging Network (TOCN) about 2 years ago for all EV users. It let all users charge the EVs in the Supercharger pilot in the fastest way.

Ready to learn all about non-Tesla Supercharger pilot and charging up with Tesla’s open network? Let’s go!

Tesla Open Charging Network To Other Non-Tesla Users!

The Basics About The Tesla Open Charging Network!

In November 2021, Tesla opened a charging network for other EVs for the first time. It’s no secret that most folks know this facility as non Tesla Supercharger pilot.

This option is easy to use that requires drivers to download the Tesla app and simply find the spot and pay the cost to charge a Tesla Supercharger pilot.

As non-Tesla owners can’t charge their cars in TCS (Tesla Charging Stations), they require a specific spot in an urgent situation to charge.

In that case, these Supercharger pilot spots help to recharge the EVs at a faster speed. To understand it better, learn whether are Tesla charging stations universal or not!

Is Tesla Opening Their Charging Network Worldwide?

Yes, based on the capability! This’s exciting news for those who have non-Tesla cars. Tesla has stated that it will slowly open its charging network to other areas.

So far, they have been able to expand to 17 regions, and plan to keep it increasing their availability all around the world.

Plus, they are already offering non-Tesla Supercharger pilots free for all EVs in these states like– 

  • US
  • Australia
  • The Netherlands
  • France
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Iceland
  • Italy

This is a great move for all folks with EVs to charge their car and simply get the fastest charging benefit, regardless of the brand or model.

How Can Anyone Use The Tesla Charging Network?

If you are wondering if can you use a Tesla charger for other cars, know that it’s only possible in a pilot spot. All EV users can use the Tesla charging network by doing the following given steps:

How Do Tesla Charging Stations Work

Step #1: Download The Tesla App

Just go to the Play Store or Google Play and find the Tesla app. Then, click on the download button and simply install the app. Be sure to download the app which is version 4.18.0 or higher to get all the facilities.

Step #2: Make An Account In Tesla App

After downloading the app, open the app. You’ll find 2 options with ‘Sign In’ and ‘Create Account’. Click on ‘Create Account’ and then pick the right market (for example, the United States or Canada, etc.) of your car in the ‘Select Market’ option. Hit the ‘Next’ option.

Now, you’ll find Create Account prompt which contains Select Market, Select Language, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Password. 

Enter all the details and fill in the tic mark to agree with the conditions. Then, enter the characters given in the picture and click on ‘Create Account’. 

After that, you’ll get another prompt about the Tesla app wanting to give notifications with the ‘Allow’ and ‘Don’t Allow’ options. Click on ‘Allow’ or ‘Don’t Allow’ based on your preference.

Step #3: Find The Supercharger Pilot

Next, click on the ‘Charge Your Non-Tesla’ option at the top of the Tesla app. Then, you’ll find the non Tesla Supercharger map. Drive to the location and simply park it in the right parking lot.

Step #4: Pay And Charge The Car

Select one spot based on your liking and check the ‘Charging Fees’. Then again, click on the ‘Charge Here’. After that, unlock the charger from the Supercharger pilot and be sure to wait for 2 minutes after selecting the post.

For that, pick the right Supercharger post based on the post number. If you get confused over 2 cables, then be sure to find the CCS connector to charge the EV.

And then, insert it in your car charge port. Following this process, you’ll need to select ‘Start Charging’ and let your EV get recharged fully.

Pro Tip: Find the right post if looking at the label with a special identifier at the bottom.

Step #5: Select Stop Charging

After you charge your Tesla, hit the Stop Charging option in the Tesla app and finish the procedure to complete your charging session.

Note: Apart from the Supercharger pilot, be sure to check how Tesla charging stations work for a clear idea!

Ending Note

So, there you have it, folks! The Tesla Open Charging Network is the perfect solution for all EV drivers who want to charge up quickly and hit the road. After all, who wants to be stuck on an empty road with a low battery, right?

Luckily, the non-Tesla Supercharger pilot is incredibly easy to use. So, whether you’re a seasoned EV driver or just starting out, the Tesla Open Charging Network and the non-Tesla Supercharger pilot will help in making things easier and more convenient. Go ahead and download the app to start charging today!

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