What Operating System Do Teslas Use?

Tesla doesn’t have to only use one straightforward device or system to work on. There are multiple technological interfaces like the main screen computer, the Autopilot or Full Self-Driving system, the dash camera display, and other controllers.

For each interface, Tesla motors use different Tesla operating systems. And if we want to know about what those are and how those work, we have to start with what each interface does. 

For example, the Autopilot or Full Self-Driving mode has been running on a handwritten program in C language by Tesla engineers and software developers. It’s their very own operating system. Now, to see what other OS those interfaces use, stay with us.

Tesla Operating System: What Operating System Do Teslas Use

Tesla Operating System:

Before we jump into what OS is being used on different interfaces on a Tesla, let’s know about the operating systems first.

There are lots of questions regarding what OS are compatible with Tesla, so we are going to answer them all.

Does Tesla use Windows?

Well, we know that most of the powerful computers nowadays use Windows Operating System. But that’s not the case for Tesla cars. They don’t use the Windows OS on a single feature for their system. So what do they use?

Does Tesla use Linux?

Now, that’s where we got a proper answer for you. Yes, Tesla cars do use Linux Operating System in their cars. Most of the interfaces are Linux-oriented.

To be more specific, Tesla uses an altered version of Linux Ubuntu. That modified version is contingent on two NVIDIA Tegra processors, which are located in the MCU (Media Control Unit) and IC (Instrument Cluster) of the Tesla cars.

Does Tesla run Android?

It’s only logical to use Android in a system when it’s connected to a mobile device or is a mobile device. Now, Tesla has Tesla Mobile App, which is very important to remotely monitor and use your Tesla cars.

To do that, we need a mobile OS, which is none other than the Android system. The internet web browser is now suited with Android Auto on Tesla Motors cars. You can experience the Beta version now if you want. 

Guess what, you can even stream your favorite shows on YouTube, Netflix, and even on Disney+.

Does Tesla run iOS?

Well, of course, it does run on iOS. The Tesla Mobile App is available for both the Android and the iOS platforms. But it’s not only for the mobile app.

Tesla cars now have the availability of Apple CarPlay Workaround that they can download from the App Store. But only the users who have their hands on a connected Raspberry Pi can only use this workaround.

Does Tesla have their own software?

We actually told you earlier that the Autopilot or Full Self-Driving mode is being run on software that was conceived by Tesla teams by themselves.

So, does Tesla really have their own specialized software? If they do, what’s the name of it?

A computer-aided manufacturing software, CAM, CAD, or CAE is the type of software Tesla uses in their cars. Although currently, they have been using CATIA software to create and design the engineering procedure that will be leading to the manufacture of Tesla’s cars.

What Operating System do Tesla interfaces use?

As you already know the main screen, the Full Self-Driving mode, and other systems of Tesla need an operator and they use various sorts of OS on them. We need to know about all of them in order to gain full knowledge about Tesla’s Operating System.

Main Screen OS

All Tesla car models use the same Operating System, which is the modified version of Linux Ubuntu. The main screen also uses the same system.

However, it’s not exactly clear whether the system is based on Debian or Linux Ubuntu. So, it could be either of them. But on the brighter side, the OS is highly customizable and far ahead of the standard version.

And the smaller screens other than the Main Screen might be using the same Linux Ubuntu system or it could be Debian.


To be honest with you, chips don’t use any of the OS, rather they have this sort of software installed on them beforehand. And the software is programmed by the Tesla team.

Actually, all the software that runs on Hardware 3.0 is developed and programmed by Tesla engineers and programmers. All of the codes are written in the  C programming language.

The Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Mode

The Autopilot mode also runs on Hardware 3.0. So, the only logical explanation of the OS of FSD or the Autopilot mode is the program that Tesla creates on their own. We already told you about this, still a brief introduction to remind you again.


First of all, we’d like to thank you for bearing with us till the very end. Tesla cars have a highly functional technology and system. Right now, they’ve only put 3 to 4 Operating Systems on their cars. God knows how much they are going to develop it further.

Regardless of the future, till now you can only see these OS mentioned above. If you have any queries, you can either contact us and preview our other content on Tesla or you can just get the help of Tesla Customer Services.

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