Tesla Powerwall 3 Release Date

Tesla Powerwall 3 Release Date – What to Expect!

As an electric car, it needs 2 batteries to run like a 4680 Tesla battery which needs regular replacement. To fulfill the need for virtual charging, Elon Musk offers Powerwall.

By far, you’ll find Powerwall 1, 2, and Powerwall+ to charge virtually. To get new features with the old goodness, folks are wondering about Powerwall 3.

The Tesla Powerwall 3 release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. It is rumored to make its debut at the end of 2023 near spring (not officially announced but rumored).

To know what it can offer as a better version, continue to learn more about Tesla Powerwall 3 through this guide!

Tesla Powerwall 3 Release Date

Tesla Powerwall 3 Release Date Is Still Unknown!

If you are asking others is Powerwall 3 out yet or not, I’ll suggest you check the official website or the social media account to know clearly.

As far as this matter is concerned, you’ll only find 3 virtual power plants which are Powerwall 1, 2, and Powerwall+. Apart from these, there isn’t a Tesla Powerwall 3 in the market now.

However, there was a rumor spreading from folk who has contacted the Tesla executor personally and told them that the Powerwall 3 would be launched in early or late 2022.

Due to the rumor, a lot of folks expecting it from that date to the present day. Based on the rumor, most folks suspect the Tesla Powerwall 3 release date will be in late 2023 (during spring) due to Elon Mask’s statement.

Tesla Powerwall 3

For now, supply is too low, but ordering a Powerwall by itself should be possible end of year.

– Elon Mask

Any Guess on How Much Will Powerwall 3 Cost?

Now that you know if will there be a new Tesla Powerwall, it’s time to know the expected cost of it. If you look at the previous and recent versions of the virtual power plant, it’ll be easier to detect the close price of Powerwall 3:

Tesla Powerwall 3 pricing
YearPowerwall 1 (Discontinued)Powerwall 2Powerwall+
2016 – 2020$5,500
2022 – 2023$7,500$8,500

Powerwall 3 Expected Price on 2023 – Future Years $9,000 – $9,200

Note: You have to count the tax, $6,200 installation, and other fees to find the real cost (won’t be more than $16,600 to $17,300).

What Specifications Can You Get in Tesla Powerwall 3?

To know what to exactly from the new Tesla Powerwall 3, you have to look into the available one’s specs. Take a look at the given specs of Powerwall 1, 2, and Powerwall+ to know what will you get in Powerwall 3:

SpecsPowerwall 1 (Discontinued)Powerwall 2Powerwall+Powerwall 3 (Not Confirmed)
DimensionLength: 51.3” Width: 34” Depth: 7.2”Length: 45.3” Width: 29.6” Depth: 5.75”Length: 62.8”  Width: 29.7” Depth: 6.3”Length: 40” Width: 26” Depth: 4.3”
Weight97 kg (214 lbs.)114 kg (251.3 lbs.)140 kg (310 lbs.)120 kg (265 lbs.)
Energy6.4 kWh14 kWh13.5 kWh15 – 16 kWh
Road Trip Efficiency92.5%90%90%90%
Power7 kWh5 kWh continuous power & 7 kWh peak power5.8 – 7 kWh continuous power & 10 kWh peak power5 – 6 kWh continuous power & 7 – 8 kWh peak power
LaunchedApril 2015October 2016 (release time) & November 2020 (updated time)April 2021End of 2023

Should I Wait for Powerwall 3 Or Move On?

Waiting for something that has no confirmation from the brand or maker to launch is not wise. Instead, you can try other options like Powerwall 2 or Powerwall+ (Powerwall 1 is not available).

It’s because the item hasn’t arrived in the market and still unknown if the Powerwall 3 will come or not.

So, it’s best to move on and pick from the available option if you have to make a choice now. Otherwise, you can wait for the release of Powerwall 3 and use then get it.

Ending Notes

Knowing the Tesla Powerwall 3 release date is essential as a lot of folks need an upgraded version instead of the old ones.

It’s true that the Powerwall 1, 2, and Powerwall+ contain some lacking which causes the usual driver to feel in need of new stuff that performs better.

Hope this guide helps you to know the future version (based on my analysis which can be wrong) called Powerwall 3. Have A Wonderful Day Ahead!

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