Tesla Powerwall Cost: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

Tesla Powerwall Cost: A Comprehensive Guide!

Tesla introduced the Powerwall in 2015, and it quickly became a hot buying item for Tesla users. As of 2021, folks had installed it in around 200,000 homes. And, a lot of people want to get one but don’t know its price.

Well, the Tesla Powerwall costs around $6,500 – $9,500 for a single one. If you add tax, delivery fee, installation cost, and so on, it’ll cost more than $10,600 – 15,300 at max. And, the price will rise if you buy a couple of Powerwalls or buy it with solar panels.

Here, I’ll explain all about Powerwall from its meaning, price, worth, and most-asked queries. Keep on Reading!

Key Takeaways:

  • One Powerwall costs less than $10,000 if you don’t get it with a solar panel or roof.
  • Tesla has 2 kinds of backup battery systems: Powerwall 2 and Powerwall+.
  • Making use of rebates and federal tax incentives can lessen the total cost.

What Is a Tesla Powerwall?

The Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system that folks add to their homes to charge their car. It can store the power from the solar panels so that the system can use it as a backup.

Plus, the Tesla wall battery seems great to use when the power lines have issues with the electricity. And, you can add several Powerwalls in your system, up to 10 of them.

Tesla Powerwall Cost: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

Unlike noisy motors that need fuel and care, the Powerwall is silent and takes care of things like turning on lights, charging the devices, and so on automatically.

Its main task is to store power, detect outrages, and automatically charge devices as a home’s energy source when the grid goes down.

Plus, if you have solar panels, you can use them to recharge the Powerwall, which means your home can run on its own electricity for several days.

How Much Does a Tesla Powerwall Cost?

No matter if you plan to purchase the Powerwall+ or 2, the cost would be around $6,493 – $9,490 for one part. The Tesla home battery cost may differ based on the quantity, with/without solar panels, tax, and so on aspects. 

How Much Does a Tesla Powerwall Cost
Image: Tesla.com

To understand it better, here’s how much does the Tesla Powerwall cost:

1. Part Cost with/without Incentives

Usually, the Tesla Powerwall 2 or Powerwall+ would cost around $8,700 for the single one. In that, it includes the part, Gateway, and other accessories cost.

Purchased ItemCost

It doesn’t include the incentives of $2,783 (30% federal tax), or installation costs. This is a package that comes with Gateway and other accessories too.

However, if you want to purchase the same pack with 30% federal tax incentives, it will cost $5,917 ($8,700 – $2,783) for the single one.

2. Number of Powerwall

Now, it’s time to discuss the quantity of the Powerwall+ that can raise or lower the total cost. Here’s how much it costs based on the number of Powerwall (including tax and delivery fee):

QuantityPrice of PartsPrice with IncentivesPrice without Incentives

The above prices include tax (around 6.62%) and delivery fee (around $200).

3. Rebate Per Powerwall

Tesla is giving a bonus offer for its users also known as Rebate. Via this, the brand will send you a check of $500 for each Powerwall.

This is limited to those who register and install the Powerwall between June 15 to October 31 this year. To achieve this benefit, you’ll need to do the following things:

  • Add Powerwall 2 or Powerwall+ (or both) between the given time.
  • Order this from Tesla or its certified installers.
  • Connect the Powerwall to the internet and register it.
  • Send your rebate request in the Tesla app.

4. Tesla Powerwall Installation Cost

You will get two options for the Powerwall delivery either delivery with installation or delivery only. If you choose to install it via Tesla when purchasing the part, the Tesla Powerwall outdoor installation cost would be around $5,600 – $7,300.

It can cost more for installation if the location is far away or you are ordering multiple Powerwalls to add to your house.

However, if you select to add Powerwall via a locally certified Powerwall installer, it may cost between $15,000 – $18,000. Be sure to check this guide to compare it with the Tesla wall charger installation cost!

5. Part Cost with Solar System

Tesla Powerwall 2 price along with Powerwall+ would change if you purchase it with a solar system. You’ll find two kinds of solar systems from Tesla which are Solar Panel and Solar Roof.

To add solar panels or roof to your home, you’ll need a Powerwall as well. Based on your house’s average electric bill, Tesla will recommend getting a certain type of Solar roof. For instance:

Solar Panel System SizeRoof SizePrice with IncentivesPrice without Incentives 
4.05 kW375 sq ft$4,905 – $7,088$10,125
4.455 kW500 sq ft$5,395$11,138
4.86 kW550 sq ft$5,885$12,150
5.265 kW600 sq ft$6,376$13,163
5.67 kW650 sq ft$6,866$14,175

The above statement doesn’t contain the rumored Tesla Powerwall 3 cost which will be released in the future (probably this year). To know more about it, check out this guide!

Tesla Powerwall Vs Tesla Powerwall+!

There are some things that make the different Powerwall choices unique. Let me tell you about a few of them:

Powerwall 2Powerwall+
5.8 kW (continuous) and 7 – 10 kW (Peak)7.6 kW (continuous) and 10 – 22 kW (peak)
251.3 lbs (114 kg)343.9 lbs (156 kg)
Not includedIncludes solar inverter and controller
40 dBA noise level40 dBA – 50 dBA noise level
106A max LRA start118A max LRA start
45.3″Height x 29.6″Width x 5.75″Depth62.8″Height x 29.7″Width x 6.3″ Depth

Is It Worth Installing a Tesla Powerwall?

As a backup battery to charge your car without using a grid, the Powerwall does a great job. It is worth the price as this gives power when your home’s grid goes off. Let me share its pros and cons below so you decide if this is worth it or not:

Is It Worth Installing a Tesla Powerwall
Image: Tesla.com

The Good Sides:

  • Works in Need: A great lifesaver when the electricity seems to be unavailable due to a storm, wildfire, or other natural disasters. In this kind of situation, the Powerwall helps a lot to power your house.
  • Eco-friendly: As it uses the solar panel to recharge, the device seems to give clean power. Plus, it doesn’t cause carbon emissions and is good for the planet, unlike the generator.
  • Save and Store Power: The Powerwall can store excess power from solar panels or other renewable sources.
  • Lessen Electricity Bills: Your current bill might cost a lot when charging power-hungry devices. With Powerwalls, you can charge your car, turn on the AC, and so on during the day when rates are way higher.

The Bad Sides:

  • Part Cost: To get all the benefits of Powerwall, you’ll need to invest a lot of money. Plus, its installation cost seems to be double per year.
  • Low Lifespan: After spending thousands of dollars on this device, it only survives for 10 years.
  • Overheat: If the Powerwall uses electricity, it may cause both the device and the electrical line to get super hot. Due to this, it can cause fire incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 1 Tesla Powerwall Enough?

It depends!  If you use more power to run devices, you’ll need more than one Powerwall. Usually, one is enough for critical loads. But, try to add 2 more to get 3x power for the off-grid load!

2. Can I Buy a Tesla Powerwall and Install Myself?

Yep! You can buy the Powerwall with no installation benefit and then add it by yourself. But, for that, you need to have high skill, time, and knowledge to do the electrical work alone.

3. Can anyone install a Tesla Powerwall?

Nope! You must get a professional electrician to add the Powerwall at home. Or else, it could end up really bad!

Ending Notes

That’s how much does a Tesla Powerwall cost! It’s true that the price is pretty skyrocketing but it is worth the cost. Especially when the grid is lost or a disaster occurs nearby.

However, avoid buying this if you don’t require a backup power source. Hope you find this guide helpful to know its meaning, pricing, and other stuff to make a choice. Good Luck!

Now, if you plan to add this, check this guide to know why the Tesla Powerwall flashing green. You may find it helpful in the future!

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