Tesla PPF vs Ceramic Coating: An In-Depth Comparison Article

It is not uncommon for Tesla owners to have problems with the factory standard paint jobs on their cars since paint issues with Teslas have been reported worldwide.  

So if you are facing problems with your beloved Tesla or if you just want to practice caution, then it is strongly recommended that you install a protective layer of chemical that will protect the car’s paint. 

Well, there are two processes – you can go with a ceramic coating or a PPF (paint protection film). Our tesla PPF vs ceramic coating article will discuss the pros and cons of both in order to help you choose. 

Get to Know PPF Better 

In order to choose well, you must have a full understanding of each type of coating. Here are some reasons to consider the installation of a PPF coating on your Tesla.  

What is PPF

PPF is essentially a thin coat of tensile polyurethane-based material that is installed over the car’s body. This protective agent is completely transparent and has a special adhesive substance that bonds chemically with the car’s top layer of paint. This special adhesive agent has nanotechnology, which smooths over paint imperfections that may have gone undetected after the manufacturing process. 

Functions of PPF

In general, PPF coating serves a long-lasting protective function against small common physical damage such as miniature debris or small pebbles that may hit the car’s body on the move and cause irreparable damage to the clear factory layer of paint. 

PPF is an aftermarket product that enhances the paint job on a car by healing away any damage that has been caused to the body of the vehicle. PPF has great deflective power against damage caused by natural conditions. 

In addition to protection against physical damage, PPF coating will also protect the car’s color by working as a shield against the strong UV rays of the sun and any toxins that might interfere with the car’s paint. 

Get to Know Ceramic Coating Better

Now that you have an understanding of PPF coating consider the traits of a ceramic coating before you come to a decision.

What is Ceramic Coating 

Ceramics is a chemical polymer, which is a type of substance that is hydrophobic. This means your car will be protected against many naturally occurring substances that can damage it on the surface. 

A common example is rainwater, which is mixed with a lot of pollutants that dry up on the car’s surface after the water has evaporated away. With time, these pollutants start to eat away at the paint and cause it to lose its texture and shine. 

If, in this case, your Tesla has a ceramic coating on it, then the pollutants will not have their depleting effects. This is how a ceramic coating will help your Tesla stay fresh, sparkly, and looking new for many years. 

Functions of Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating will encase the paint of your car with a layer of strong protection, and preserve the factory paint. 

Ceramic coating will offer protection against UV rays, rainwater pollutants, bird droppings, and harsh chemicals used during car washing processes. 

Think of ceramic coating as a healthier alternative to car washing and waxing. These processes involve a lot of chemicals, and with time they start to affect the car’s appearance. 

If you do not want to drive a Tesla that looks less than its famed reputation, then get a layer of ceramic coating on it and preserve its exterior health. 

Another great thing about ceramic coating is that it has a versatile application. You can apply a ceramic coating on multiple parts of your Tesla, such as the windshield, windows, and wheels, to protect them from water damage. 

Tesla PPF vs Ceramic Coating 

PPF Protects Car Paint Against Physical Threats 

Ceramic coating is not hard enough to protect your car against physical threats, whereas PPF coating is stronger and can help against such problems on the road. A ceramic coating will simply protect your car’s paint against environmental factors that might cause the factory paint to dull out. 

Ceramic Coating Protects Paint Chemical Threats  

Ceramic coating is naturally hydrophobic, but PPF isn’t. This is where the advantage of a ceramic coating lies. A ceramic coating will help your car against rust. 

Ceramic Coating Makes Car Easy to Clean 

Ceramic coatings also make it easier to clean the car on a regular basis. This happens due to the smoothing effects of the ceramic on the car’s paint. 

PPF Can Heal Dents 

The tensile property of a poly-urethane thermoplastic element in PPF actually heals the small dents or bumps that appear on the car’s surface over time.

The PPF coating can retain its original shape after being slightly damaged. This is something that ceramic coating won’t be able to provide due to being brittle. 

Some versions of PPF coating come with an amalgamation of ceramic. So with a range of different types of PPF, there is great flexibility of choice. But whichever PPF coating you choose, make sure to get it installed by a professional detailer. 

Which Coating is Better? 

Which Coating is Better for tesla

Is ceramic coat better than PPF? Well, not really. An interesting fact about these two types of coating is that they are very complementary and work as an incredible duo. 

To summarise, PPF provides protection against physical damage, UV rays, toxins and smoothes out the factory paint on your Tesla. On the other hand, the ceramic coating provides protection against water contaminants, UV rays, and toxins and protects the paint on your Tesla to enhance its natural appearance. 


Combine the benefits of both PPF and ceramic coating to give your Tesla some long-lasting surface protection. As the first layer of protection, use PPF and then coat it over with ceramic to prevent physical damage and chemical damage to your Tesla, all the while increasing the shine and longevity of your Tesla. 

However, ceramic coating is costlier than a PPF coating, so if you are choosing based on a budget, then PPF coating is the more economical choice. 


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