Tesla Premium Connectivity 101

Tesla Premium Connectivity 101: Meaning, Traits, and Cost!

To use online apps like Spotify, Netflix, and so on, instead of using Wi-Fi, Tesla offers Premium and Standard plans.

Due to its popularity, a few folks ask what is Tesla Premium Connectivity and its traits as well as price range. Well, it is a paid pack that offers useful traits. In fact, this offers sentry mode, live traffic viewing option, satellite view on maps, and so on, unlike the Standard plan. 

In this guide, I’ll break down all about Premium Connectivity with related topics so that you know what it really is. Let’s Go!

Tesla Premium
Connectivity 101

What Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Plan?

If you’re wondering what is Tesla Premium Connectivity, it’s a special bundle that’s better than the regular plan. To have this package, you’ll need to pay monthly or yearly fees and then get all the features without needing Wi-Fi. 

In fact, it gives you access to 4G cellular data wherever you go, and allows you to use cool features like –

  • Navigation helps you find new areas using basic maps and spot Superchargers, Destination Charging, and other places.
  • Live Traffic Visualization lets you use the Tesla Supercharger map trip planner and view traffic areas.
  • Sentry Mode (View Live) option offers all the benefits to show videos of the interior and helps protect your car.
  • Satellite View Maps lets you see a satellite view of the usual maps, which includes clear routes and road views.
  • You can use apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and others to stream videos without limits.
  • Caraoke shows the lyrics of songs with background sound so you can sing along.
  • You can use apps like Radio, Spotify, Apple Music, Streaming, and TuneIn to stream songs.
  • You can use apps like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others to surf the web.

These options are only available on the Premium plan, and you won’t be able to access them for free on the Standard plan. However, using a hotspot, you can still enjoy streaming songs or videos, browsing the web, or doing karaoke with the basic map view.

Note: Sometimes it can show some malfunction that is fixable. If that ever occurs, here’s how to fix Premium Connectivity issues.

What Is Tesla Premium Connectivity Plan

Comparing Tesla Hotspot, Standard, and Premium Connectivity!

In this section, let me break down the key differences between Tesla’s hotspot, Standard, and Premium connectivity plans below:

Standard Plan

With this plan, you can use Navigation with basic maps and see your phone notifications. In fact, you can use the Tesla app, but you won’t have access to premium features.

Expired Period: 8 years after the car delivery.


This package offers Navigation, Caraoke, and browsing option via the Internet. You can also stream videos and music from any platform like Netflix and Apple Music. However, some features like Tesla Live Traffic Visualization aren’t free.

Expired Period: Never.

Premium Plan

You can use all the features available in the Tesla via this connectivity plan. This also lets you enjoy all the basic traits of the hotspot and standard plans.

Plus, it offers Live Traffic Visualization, Satellite-View Maps, and Tesla Sentry Mode (Live Access) in this pack.

Expired Period: Per month or year based on your plan.

How Much Is Premium Connectivity Tesla?

The Tesla Premium Connectivity cost is diverse based on the monthly or yearly plan. For that, you’ll need to count the applicable tax too. 

In short, Tesla takes $10 per month or $100 per year for this connectivity plan. With that, you’ll need to add the tax and then the actual amount would be more than $12 per month or $110 per year. However, the cost may raise than the written amount based on the zone.

For example, in Denmark, Tesla cost $15 for Premium Connectivity per month and doesn’t offer a yearly plan. So, it’ll be around $180 per year, which is huge!

Likewise, it takes $14 for this plan per month, and the yearly plan cost around $200 with a discount in Canada.

How Do I Subscribe To Premium Connectivity?

To switch to the Tesla Premium Connectivity, you can use the Tesla app or touchscreen. Let me show you how to purchase the plan.

  • Use Tesla App: Hit on Upgrades > Subscribe and then select Premium Connectivity. Lastly, pay your fees to purchase the plan.
  • Use Touchscreen: Click on Controls > Upgrades and pick Premium Connectivity. After that, buy the plan and then update the latest software.

How Do I Get Free Premium Connectivity On Tesla?

There is no way you can get all the features of Premium Connectivity on Tesla without paying a dollar. However, some of the traits like Caraoke, video, and music streaming might be available if you use the hotspot of your phone. Here’s how you can do it yourself:

  • Firstly, turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • After that, hit on the Controls option. You now need to click on the top-right corner to find the LTE connectivity option.
  • Wait for a few seconds so that Tesla can find your phone’s device in the search list.
  • Then, click on your phone’s device and enter the password. Once you are done, this will let you enjoy some of the traits like watching videos, songs, and so on!

Do I Get Free Premium Connectivity After Purchase?

Yes, you can get the Premium connectivity but for a certain period after the delivery. However, this free trial isn’t available for Model Y. To know which series has the Premium connectivity starting from the delivery date, check this out:

Tesla SeriesFree Trail PeriodOrder TypeOrder Date
Model S and X1 yearNew On or after July 1, 2018
Model S and X1 yearInventory On or after July 28, 2018
Model 330 daysNew and InventoryOn or after October 15, 2021
Model S, X, and E30 daysUsed VehicleOn or after January 16, 2020

For Your Information: Tesla cars that are purchased before June 30, 2018, or on that day get a free Premium Connectivity plan for a lifetime.

Ending Note

It gets vital to know what is Tesla Premium Connectivity and its features along with costs if you are planning to buy this plan.

In my opinion, the premium version is good if you have a habit of surfing or using sentry mode, and so on. But, if you don’t use the premium features daily, then no need to spend $10 monthly or $100 annual subscription fees.

Based on your preference and budget, pick, or skip it. I’ll catch you later with a new topic soon. Till then, goodbye!

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