Tesla Reverse Sound Not Working: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Tesla Reverse Sound Not Working: Troubleshooting and Fixes

Sometimes your car’s reverse sound can’t be heard which indicates an issue. In that state, walkers may not know that an oncoming car is coming in that direction. That can cause collision or crash.

Due to a system fault, firmware bug, disconnected cable of the Pedestrian Warning System (PWS), or broken rear speaker, the reverse sound may not work. To fix it, reboot the car, update the software, connect the cable, or change the rear speaker.

In this guide, I’ll outline the reasons for this problem and then give the solutions in detail. Keep on Reading!­

Tesla Reverse Sound Not Working: Troubleshooting and Fixes

The Causes and Fixes of Tesla Reverse Sound Not Working!

Before you do anything, find the root cause of the reverse sound not operating. Depending on the most-common scenarios, I’ve collected some causes along with their fixes. Here’s the detail:

Reason #1: System or Firmware Issue

Mostly, Tesla’s physical parts not working occurs due to either system malfunction or firmware mismatched. To troubleshoot the issue, you’ll simply need to reboot the system and push the update to your car to download the latest firmware.

How to Resolve?

Just use the car’s 2 scroll buttons on the steering wheel for around 10 seconds. Then, wait for the screen to reset completely.

Next, go to Controls > Safety > Power Off and then hit on the Power Off bar. After this, do not touch any parts for around 5 minutes, and then press the brake pedal using your one foot.

Now hit on Controls > Software > Update Available section. Then, check if there any latest firmware needs to be updated. If you can’t find one, then again do the 2-scroll button reset technique mentioned above.

After that, you’ll see Software Update with an alarm icon and click on it to start the update procedure. Be sure to download it completely.

Once it’s done, open Tesla App on your phone and press Software Update > Install / Yes. Then, leave the car and do not touch any part during the update session.

Reason #2: Pedestrian Warning Setting Is on Pause

A lot of times Tesla Pedestrian Warning sound can stop working when in the Pause position can cause the reverse sound to stop working for a while. In that case, you can just turn it on by shifting the gear to D (Drive).

How to Resolve?

For cars made after late 2020 – 2021, Tesla offers a way to pause the Pedestrian Warning System by going to Controls > Safety > Pedestrian Warning > Pause. Just un-pause it to get the reverse sound system to work again. In some cars, this option isn’t available.

In that case, shift the gear to D (Drive) to turn it on:

  • In Model S and X Cars: Press the brake pedal and simply click on D (Drive) in the center console area or swipe up on the touchscreen. Then, drive the car within 10 seconds.
  • In Model Y and 3 Cars: Hit the brake pedal and drop the drive stalk all the way to D (Drive). After that, run the car.

Reason #3: Loosen Up Cable

The loosely connected cable on the rear speaker can cause the reverse sound to not work. As it is disconnected, the reverse speaker isn’t able to deliver the sound. You can easily fix the issue with one tool (a screwdriver) by connecting the cable tightly.

How to Resolve?

Get out of the car and go right next to the front passenger side of the car. If you are confused about where the speaker exactly is, then simply tell your friend to make the reverse sound and find the location from where the sound coming.

Now, turn the wheel on the other side by moving it using the steering wheel so that the fender part is exposed where the 3 pop-out bolts are attached. Then, use the screwdriver on 3 pop-out bolts and take them out one after another.

Next, remove the plastic curtain that hides the interior components, and then you’ll see the cable connected to the speaker. After that, detach the plug and reconnect it.

Ending Notes

It’s vital to use the reverse sound for walkers or pedestrians to know that the car is running in reverse. If the above methods don’t solve the issue, contact Tesla Service Center, and get it fix quickly.

Be sure to turn off the Tesla Dashcam continuous recording (Controls > Safety > Dashcam > Off). That way you can prove your innocence if any mishap occurs.

Hope you find this content helpful to resolve the reverse sound issue and I’ll see you with a new and interesting topic. Bye!

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