Tesla Scheduled Charging Not Working: Causes and Solutions

Tesla Scheduled Charging Not Working: Causes and Solutions!

Folks often face the issue of Scheduled Charging that either doesn’t work at all or operates at the wrong time.

It usually happens due to software issues or third-party apps restricting it. This can also fail if you haven’t set it up right, there’s an issue with home location, or Off-peak Charging is turned on.

To fix this issue, just install the latest software or delete the third-party apps. If that doesn’t work, then set up Scheduled Charging correctly, reset the home location, or turn off Off-peak Charging.

Here, I’ll explain these possible causes and solutions in detail so you can fix the problem at home. Let’s Go!

Why Is Tesla Scheduled Charging Not Working?

There are a few reasons why your Scheduled Charging isn’t working anymore. Let me explain all the possible causes to you:

Why Is Tesla Scheduled Charging Not Working

Reason #1: Software Bugs

Because of the software glitch or upcoming update, the Tesla Scheduled Departure or Scheduled Charging may show issues to operate. In this case, you’ll need to reset the car and then update the latest software.

Reason #2: Using 3rd-party Apps

The Scheduled Charging option may stop working if you are using 3rd party apps that can schedule charging like Optiwatt. To fix the issue, simply delete or uninstall the apps and then retry using the option.

Reason #3: Mistake in Setting It Up

Sometimes when you set up the settings incorrectly, it can cause the Scheduled Charging to stop working or run only at the wrong time. To get rid of it, set this option in the right way using the mobile app or touchscreen.

Reason #4: Not Parked at Home Location

If the car’s system can’t detect the home location even when you are at home, the Scheduled Charging may not work. In this situation, you’ll need to set the Home Location in the Nav System.

Reason #5: Off-Peak Charging Is Turned On

For Tesla’s scheduled charging stop time, people often use the off-peak charging option. This is one of the reasons why the Scheduled Charging stopped working or greyed out. In that case, you’ll need to turn this feature off and then try rescheduling the Scheduled Charging.

If your Tesla only charging at 32 amps, then be sure to fix it by reading this guide!

How to Fix Tesla Scheduled Charging Not Working?

Now that you know the reasons, it’s time to explore the solutions. Here’s how you can resolve the issue of the Scheduled Charging:

Fix #1: Reset and Download the Software

To start with, you’ll need to hold the 2 scroll buttons on the steering wheel for around 10 seconds. Then, wait for the screen to turn on.

Next, check for the upcoming software on the car’s screen. For that, go to Controls > Software > Update Available. Then, hit on the Software Update bar with the clock sign and install it completely.

Be sure to open a stable Wi-Fi connection. After that, check if the Scheduled Charging option works or not again.

Fix #2: Uninstall 3rd-party Apps

You’ll need to go to the App Store or Play Store based on the device type (iOS or Android). And then, type the app’s name in the search box (one after another).

Uninstall 3rd-party Apps to Solve Tesla Scheduled Charging

Then, simply hit the Uninstall or Delete button (based on the device type). After it is deleted from your phone, try to schedule the charging time to see if it works or not.

Fix #3: Set Up Scheduled Charging Properly

In the owner’s manual, it says that the car will schedule a start time to charge the car immediately if you plug the charger up to 6 hours earlier. After doing so, it may not start until the next day’s scheduled time.

Set Up Tesla Scheduled Charging Properly

Based on that, if you want to start charging your car at 3 AM, it’s best to insert the charger into the car at 8 PM – 9 PM.

Fix #4: Set Home Location in the Navigation System

Start by clearing the Home Location that you’ve set in the Nav system. For that, click on Navigate > Home for a few seconds and then press Clear Home.

After that, you’ll need to click on Navigate > Set Home and then select or type your home address in the box. Next, press on the Save As Home bar. Then, set the Scheduled Charging and see if it works.

Fix #5: Turn Off Off-Peak Charging

To turn off the Off-Peak Charging option, you can do it via the car’s screen or mobile app. Let me share both methods:

  • Via Touchscreen: Hit on the Charge Screen (lightning bolt at the top). Then, press on Schedule (if you have turned on Scheduled Departure, then turn it off). Next, click on Settings > Off-Peak Charging and turn it off.
  • Via Tesla App: Open the app on your phone and go to the Schedule option (in between Location and Security). Then, select the Departure section and click on the slider of Off-Peak Charge to turn it off (make it grey).

Wrap Up

Fixing the Tesla Scheduled Charging not working issues is simple and takes 5 – 10 minutes. Be sure that your car is parked at the right location before using the Scheduled Charging.

Plus, ensure to keep the charging port and charger clean as this can cause the Tesla to not charge to 100% fully.

Hope you find this guide helpful in getting rid of the issue related to the charging when trying to start the schedule at a time. Now, Do It Yourself!

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