What Is Sentry Mode Tesla

What Is Sentry Mode Tesla? [Everything You Need to Know]

Sentry Mode was first introduced to the world in August 2017. The first Tesla vehicle to ever get installed with the Sentry Mode was the Tesla Model 3 Model. Then Elon Musk thought the Tesla Model S and Model X also need the feature.

Oh, yes, you didn’t know what is Sentry Mode Tesla. Sentry mode is the guard that is protecting your car from getting stolen.

According to federal reports, there was about one attempted car theft every 40.8 seconds in the United States in 2017. Sentry Mode was invented to reduce the number, even if it’s only for Tesla.

The vehicle theft criminals know very well how much Tesla cars and their accessories cost. To protect your Tesla from them, we need to learn about the Sentry Mode and how we can use it.

What Is Sentry Mode Tesla

How does Tesla Sentry Mode Work

Sentry Mode was installed on Tesla cars to monitor the cars’ surroundings. When you activate the Sentry Mode, it will enable all of the external cameras installed in your Tesla.

When you park your Tesla while leaving the Sentry Mode turned on, it monitors all the activities going around the car. If it catches something suspicious, it will start recording. Also, it will activate the Alert Mode. You will receive an alert message from your Sentry system to your Tesla Mobile App.

It will let you know what has been occurring there. If someone breaks the windows or does some aggressive damage to your car, it will set out an alarm and notify you of the events.

Usually, the Sentry Mode stays at Standby Mode. If the Sentry system catches something on the cameras, it will send a message to the touchscreen’s dashboard saying “Cameras are recording”. The message is for the suspects to let them know they might get into trouble if they harm the car any further.

Here is an interesting fact about Tesla Sentry Mode. The cameras that monitor your car’s surroundings can be accessed through your mobile using the Tesla Mobile App ( both Android version and iOS versions). You just need to get Premium Connectivity to unlock the features. That’s why you should learn how to view Sentry Mode events.

The important fact about the Sentry Mode is that you cannot access the mode through the Tesla Mobile App if you are using a Tesla Model S or Model X. These car models don’t come up with this feature.

Different ways to turn on Sentry Mode Tesla

Let’s be honest, Tesla cars are far more complicated to use than other cars excluding MotorGP cars. It’s because of the innovative and advanced technologies Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has installed here.

Now, let’s see how we can turn on the Sentry Mode on Tesla. The process is the same with all four Tesla car models. No need to differentiate the methods.

Using Tesla touchscreen settings

There are two ways of turning on the Sentry Mode in Tesla. The first one is using the touchscreen installed into your Tesla car.

First, find Controls, then navigate to Safety & Security. After that, navigate to Sentry Mode. It’s that simple, just turn on the Sentry Mode from there.

Using Voice Command through Tesla Mobile App

This could be the easiest way to activate the Sentry Mode. You just need to command in a specific order to enable the feature.

Not only that, but you can also flash, honk and even talk through the speakers of your Tesla via Tesla Mobile App. The only technicality here would be purchasing the Premium Connectivity of Tesla.

The way how to turn off Sentry Mode Tesla

The procedure to turn off the Sentry Mode in Tesla is also pretty simple. Also, there are two ways to do that. Let’s demonstrate those two methods to you.

Through the touchscreen

Yes, the same as turning on the Sentry Mode Tesla method. Go to the Controls, then navigate to the Safety & Security and finally the Sentry Mode option. The option is most likely to be enabled as you are trying to turn it off. Just disable it and you’re good to go.

Through the Tesla Mobile App

Well, this one is not the same as the turning on the mode method. Instead of a Voice Command, here you have to navigate to the Controls in your Tesla Mobile App, then to the Safety bar, and finally to the Sentry Mode option. If it’s enabled, you need to disable it to turn the Sentry Mode off.

Questions People Often Ask About The Sentry Mode Tesla

1. Does Tesla record while parked?

Yes, sure it does. You need to activate the Sentry Mode in your Tesla only when you are away from your car and it’s parked. And the mode enables the external cameras on the Tesla to record the surroundings. This means it will definitely record while being parked.

2. What is needed for Sentry Mode Tesla?

You just need two significant things for Sentry Mode in your Tesla. The most important one is that your Dashcam needs to be installed and it should be equipped with a USB drive. Remember, it’s a must-do thing to enable your Sentry Mode.

The other one is that your Dog Mode needs to be disabled. Unfortunately, you can’t enable both of them at the same time. So, you need either of them disabled to enable the other.

3. Is Tesla Sentry Mode always on?

Not always. It needs to be on when your car is parked or unattended. It’s to ensure your car’s safety and to prevent car theft. Even if you enable it all the time, it will turn off automatically when the battery charge drops down 20% and it will notify you through the Tesla Mobile App. Now, you’re possibly thinking, does Tesla Sentry Mode drain battery?

Yes, it does, it will consume about 2.6 kWh of power every hour. If you leave your Tesla on Sentry mode for 11 days straight, your Tesla would be dead by then.

Final Words

Tesla Motors didn’t want an ordinary security system for their futuristic cars. And the Sentry Mode ain’t any ordinary system. 

This innovative system is estimated to be four times more secure than any other security system for cars. Soon enough, other automobile companies like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ford, Chevrolet, etc. might come forward and use something similar to the Sentry Mode.

But keep in mind, this entire system might cost some extra bucks as there would be some extra cameras, dash cams, sensors, and others.

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