Tesla Side Camera Not Working

Tesla Side Camera Not Working: Possible Causes & Solutions!

Thanks to the new update of Tesla software (2020.24.6 version), all drivers can enjoy the side cameras benefits. But sometimes it shows nothing just goes black or causes issues.

The reason why the Tesla side camera not working is either the surface tear down or debris inside. It might not act properly if the interior PCB has issues. You just go to take care of these to fix the issues via repair, clean, and replace them. Lastly, the reboot will fix internal bugs.

And to do that, keep on reading as I’ll break these down in a detailed manner!

Tesla Side Camera Not Working: Possible Causes & Solutions!

The Causes of Tesla Side Camera Not Working!

Tesla usually contains Autopilot side cameras on the left and right sides. Basically, these cameras face some obstacles that cause them to not work properly. Here are the reasons:

Reason #1: Broken Side Cameras

A lot of times impact or maybe unusual force input on them causes side cameras to break apart internally.

Meaning they might look good in shape from the outside but contain broken tabs or cases on the inside. You might need to open the side cameras (on the fender) in order to confirm the issue.

Reason #2: Dust Inside The Side Cameras Compartment

Debris in the side camera compartment (left + right) can cause the issue of blocking or blinding the camera. 

It happens as the camera grows grim in the main lens and eventually causes them to go blind. That’s why you can’t see the side camera views on the screen.

Reason #3: Faulty PCB (Printed Circuit Boards)

Another reason why the Tesla side cameras seem off to operate is due to the faulty PCB. It causes the electronic issue that can’t enable the Autopilot system so that you as a driver see the side views.

For Your Information: All series (including Model 3, X, Y, & S) cars have a total of 2 cameras.

Troubleshooting Tesla Side Camera By Doing This

Once you see an error code popping in the screen or instrumental caster, it’s something essential to troubleshoot. And, to do that, here’s the possible solution that you should try:

Fix #1: Repair The Side Cameras.

  • Locate the side cameras on the front fender area. Be sure your Tesla is turned off.
  • Take a pry tool and start to detach the side cameras. Do not detach the 2 plugs from the side cameras.
  • Inspect the wires and surface carefully to locate the broken pieces. 
  • If you find one, use either a side insert tape, so the side cameras stay attached to the Tesla or simply replace them (steps given below).

Fix #2: Clean The Side Cameras

  • Detach the side cameras and unplug the 2 plugs on both sides.
  • Take a brush and rag to wipe the area carefully without harming anything.
  • Do the same thing on another side. 
  • Put it back in its place.

Fix #3: Replace The Side Cameras

  • Take out the side cameras on both sides.
  • Just pull out the 2 plugs on each side.
  • Attach the 2 plugs to new side cameras on both sides.
  • Place it back on the Tesla surface using slight force.
  • Go inside your car and turn it on.
  • Click on the Controls> Service> Camera Calibration > Clear Calibration option.
  • Wait for a few minutes so that the calibration is cleared.
  • If it doesn’t solve the error, then try calibrating again.

Fix #4: Reboot The Tesla

  • Hold the scroll buttons (left and right side) at the same time located on the steering wheel.
  • Keep on pressing them until they cross 10 seconds.
  • Then, the screen will turn completely black.
  • Wait for it to complete the rebooting procedure.
  • Then, immediately put your one foot on the brake pedal while hitting the scroll buttons for 9 – 12 seconds.
  • Do not leave the foot from the brake pedal and wait for the screen to turn off.
  • Let it sit there for a minute to complete the full reboot.

Activate The Tesla Side Camera Like This!

Under this sector, I’ll just explain the detailed procedure of how you can activate the side camera in your Tesla Model S, 3, X, or Y model:

  • Turn on the signal to make it lane properly.
  • Click on the Tesla Icon (at the corner below) to go to the Controls menu.
  • Then, hit the Autopilot and look a little below.
  • You’ll find the option ‘Automatic Blind Spot Camera’ which explains ‘Show side repeater camera when turn signal is engaged‘. Click on it to make it blue (turn on) and hit to make it gray (turn off).
  • Again, press the same bar to officially activate the Tesla side cameras.
  • If the turn signal is engaged, the side cameras will start to show you the left and right side-view.

Do Tesla Side Cameras Record All The Time– Yay Or Nay?

It’s a scary thing since no one would love to make videos of them when they are randomly driving and being clueless about the situation. The Tesla side cameras can record a few minutes of shots, but the good news is not all the time.

You see, Tesla set up their models using a lot of cameras including the Blind Spot (aka side cameras) one. 

Due to the ‘Dashcam’ and ‘Sentry’ features, the car’s camera can take a short video of 180 seconds or more in 360-degree shot if you hit the horn and the touchscreen button.

Another way all the cameras including the sides one will record if your car is in parked mode while the burglar alarm stay turned on.

Luckily, the Al software will start to watch you through the cameras (no human) in order to adaptive cruise control, adjust the auto-steering, prevent crashes, and for the self-driving features.

Overall Thoughts

This is how to fix the ‘Tesla side camera not working’ error in an easy and cost-efficient way. I know the whole thing might seem simple enough to solve the trouble but sometimes the above methods can’t fix the bug.

In those cases, I would recommend you to quickly call the Tesla care service to professionally handle the issue. 

Hope you find this content informative, helpful, and easy to give a try. Happy Tesla Driving!

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