Tesla Software Update & Its Release Notes!

Each time a new Tesla software update pop on the screen, I wonder what new features that’ll give or improve. If you are like me and wondering about it, this guide would be informative.

Well, the most popular updates for Tesla firmware software are 2023.20, 2023.12, 2023.7, 2023.6, 2023.2, and 2022.45. Each update adds good features and changes to improve the work or fix minor errors too. Plus, Tesla does great to make improvements.

In this guide, I’ll share what’s new in the latest software updates you’ll get and other improvements. Let’s Learn!

Tesla Software Update & Its Release Notes

Details of the Latest Tesla Software Update!

Tesla offers new firmware updates to fix bugs, add new traits, or improve existing features. Let’s learn about the recent Tesla software changelog in 2023:

2023.20 Updates

This update contains 3 versions that include 2023.20.4.1, 2023.20.4, and 2023.20. Each version is launched between May 25 – June 9.  Here’s what you’ll get if installing to the latest version:

  • Tire Service: Let you see how many miles the car’s used since the last tire service in new Model S and X cars.
  • Tire Service Mileage: In Model 3 and Y, you can see the mileage of the car since the last tire service.
  • Text Size: Allow you to adjust the text size (Controls > Display > Text Size) in Model 3 and Y.
  • Pinyin Keyboard: Improved typing keyboard that has a better dictionary and writing benefits.

2023.12 Updates

This update is Tesla’s latest software update! It has 15 versions including 2023.12.300.1, 2023.12.300, 2023.12.200, 2023.12.100, 2023.12.11, 2023.12.10, 2023.12.9.1, 2023.12.9, 2023.12.8, 2023.12.5.4, 2023.12.5.3, 2023.12.5, 2023.12.1.1, 2023.12.1, and 2023.12.

As the 2023.12.300.1 is the latest one (among all), I’ll focus on this version and break down what changes have been made below so you can understand better:

  • Data Sharing Settings: You can turn on or off data sharing settings. Plus, this lets you know how Tesla uses data to improve safety and other traits.
  • Track Mode: When installing the Track Pack, you can reach 200 MPH of top speed. Plus, it let you track the vehicle’s health, visual changes, performance, and so on in the new MS.
  • Phone Call Controls: Let you answer or reject a phone call and mute/unmute the call using the left scroll button.
  • Text Size: Allow you to change the text size (Controls > Display > Text Size) in M3 and MY.
  • Scroll Wheel Customization: This trait lets you adjust settings (Brightness, Acceleration Mode, Camera App, Glovebox, and Dashcam footage) in M3 and MY.
  • Controls Search: Reach to controls and setting using the new search option (Controls > Search and then type the term).
  • Gear Chimes: The chime will make a sound when you change gears (Controls > Safety > Gear Chimes) in MY and M3.
  • Passenger Seat Controls: In new MX and MS, you can adjust the passenger seat (hit on the seat icon on the rear touchscreen and adjust it).
  • Voice Recognition: Now, the car can understand British English.
  • Points Of Interest or Supercharger Spot: The location of interest or Supercharger will show pictures with reviews.
  • Handwriting: In Model Legacy S and X, you can write text on a handwriting pad that shows above.
  • Change Car Name in Tesla App: You can rename the vehicle’s name in the app.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking: Improves the functionality of Automatic Emergency Braking.
  • Parked Visualization: You can rotate the car (shown on the screen) to see from different angles in M3 and MY. Plus, it lets you see Lock/Unlock icon along with Trunk/Frunk icon.
  • Speedometer Font: The font of the speedometer is bolder.
  • Navigation: Let you see the distance in miles/km when searching for destinations in the nav.
  • Select Favorite Music: Hit on the plus icon (+) to add the songs to the favorite list.
  • Adjust Wiper Speed: Allow you to control windshield wiper speed using the steering wheel’s scroll buttons.
  • Air Suspension: Let you enable or disable vehicles’ height or speed at a spot to control the air suspension in MX and MS.
  • Theater Icon: The icon shape of Theater is square and app-like.
  • App Drawer: You can see all the available options in the app drawer.
  • New Badge: All the new features or options will show ‘New’ mark at the top.
  • Charging Screen: Improves the size of the charging slider under the Charging menu.

2023.7 Updates

This update has 3 versions including 2023.7.15, 2023.7.10, and 2023.7.5. From May 10 – June 8, all these versions just fix bugs and improve the driving experience as the version stays the same as Beta 11.4.2

This update adds new features such as Park Assist, Steering Wheel Heat, New Language (Icelandic), Sentry Mode Lighting, and so on. In short, you’ll get the same features as 2023.6 updates only some bugs will be fixed.

2023.6 Updates

This update contains 9 versions that include 2023.6.100.1, 2023.6.100, 2023.6.15, 2023.6.11.2, 2023.6.11.1, 2023.6.11, 2023.6.1, 2023.6.8, and2023.6.9.

To put it simply, the versions are released on March 3 – 23 and then April 5 – 30 this year. Here’s what’s new in the Tesla after the update:

Added New Features

  • Park Assist: Gives audio and visual alerts when your car is surrounded by objects.
  • Steering Wheel Heat: Depending on the climate control set temperature, it manually heats the steering wheel.
  • Auto Steering Wheel Heat: Let you set the temperature automatically based on the climate control set temperature. To set it, hit on temperature setting in the climate control panel.
  • Full Self-Diving (Beta): Via this trait, the car will make lane changes on the highway and pick forks to navigate the route, other cars, or objects. Plus, it improves detection, behavior, and other changes.
  • Driving Visualization: In Drive mode, while FSD is activated, you can drag the light gray bar to the right side.
  • FSD (Beta) Suspension: Improves usage, detection, and other things to add safety and accountability.
  • New Language Support: The car adds the Icelandic language to use. So, you can change the language settings to this language.
  • Dog Mode: You can see via the interior camera from the mobile app when using Dog Mode or Sentry Mode.
  • Sentry Mode Live Camera: This trait lets you see your surroundings using the Tesla app after you parked to know the safety of the environment.
  • Sentry Mode Lighting: Softly pulses the headlight to let you know that the car is recording video when a threat is sensed.
  • Regenerative Braking: Let you pick the amount (Low or Standard) of regenerative braking when you release the accelerator pedal.
  • Power Meter: It’s a straight line above the car status area in the screen that gets thicker when you press the accelerator pedal longer.
  • Trip Planner: Provides stops at SCs (Supercharger) if the car needs charging.
  • Zoom Meetings: Allows you to make video calls using Zoom with the interior cabin camera.
  • Apple Music: Includes the Apple Music app to use in Tesla cars. The app will also show upcoming songs in the Up Next section. Plus, it improves the playback and speed in Apple Music.

Make Changes and Fix Bugs to Improve the Performance

In all series of Tesla, the screen will always show the reverse camera when the car is in reverse. Well, this has been a big issue as the app shows a gray screen or doesn’t display the reverse view option.

Along with that, the screen will show a “warming up” sign in the red shade above the cabin temperature. Plus, it improves surfing by fixing bugs in the browser.

Also, the screen shows the updated image on the tire pressure swappable card only on Model 3 and Y. In fact, it’ll now show the vehicle from a 3/4 view from the rear.

Then again, the screen will display a visualization of the car on the center screen on the Model S and X. Thanks to this, you can easily open the frunk, trunk, lock, and so on.

This update will cause your Tesla App to show the same route which is shown in the car’s navigation system. And, this map will only show the car’s current location and destination. Apart from this, here are a few things that this update will make changes to the settings:

  • Manual App: A new app on the Tesla’s screen called Manual so you can know your car.
  • Welcome Screen: The Model X and S will show new visualization in the center screen.
  • Service Mode: Adds a new option in Service Mode and lets you see charging system information.
  • Prices on Supercharger: Let you see the cost of nearby Supercharger stations per kWh.
  • Seat Heater Icon: Adds heat waves in the seat heater icon.
  • Suspension Menu: In Model X and S, you’ll see a Suspension section under Controls > Suspension on the touchscreen.

2023.2 Updates

This update fixes bugs and adds great traits after giving 7 versions of updates such as 2023.2.0.5, 2023.2.10, 2023.2.11, 2023.2.12, 2023.2.13, 2023.2.300, and 2023.2.301. And, these are released from January 24 – March 27. 

After learning about the versions, I’ll share what’s new it offers and the fixes of bugs below:

Adds New Features

  • Auto Steering Wheel Heat: It can heat the steering wheel depending on the climate control set temperature.
  • Sentry Mode Lighting: If a threat is detected, the Sentry Mode pulse softly to inform you that the car is recording the video. Plus, the pulsing light runs for 60 seconds or when the car is unlocked.
  • Speed Assist: The car can figure out the speed limit signs.
  • Mahjong: You’ll able to play tile match games known as Mahjong.
  • Thai Voice Navigation:  The car provides a Thai language option for voice navigation.
  • Handwriting Keyboard: You can write text using your finger by clicking on the handwriting icon.
  • WeChat Mini Programs: The car offers options to pick one program from the WeChat mini-programs option.
  • Mango TV: You can access and watch videos in the Mango TV app.

Fix Bugs to Improve the Performance

The recent update V2023.2.301 improves a few bugs in the Service Mode on all series. For example, you’ll see a new Charging menu under the “High Voltage” option. 

Along with that, the screen will show a cable connected when you open the latch or press the button on the charger.

Moreover, you’ll after this update can see the (SC) Supercharger prices, kWh, distance, and other details when searching for SCs nearby.

Also, Tesla offers an option for you to see the vehicle’s cabin camera in a live view state using the cabin camera while within the car. Through this, you’ll also find 3 gray heat ‘waves” icons if you set the seat heaters in the car’s launcher.

However, the “Suspension” option for the car is the display is redesigned only on Model S and X. After that, the ride height will show at the top of the menu close to the car’s image.

2022.45 Updates

This update improves the FSD Beta system and adds new features so that you can enjoy driving better. In short, it has around 7 versions which are:

  • 2022.45.15 (FSD Beta 11.3.6)
  • 2022.45.14 (FSD Beta 11.3.5)
  • 2022.45.13 (FSD Beta 11.3.4)
  • 2022.45.12 (FSD Beta 11.3.3)
  • 2022.45.11 (FSD Beta 11.3.2)
  • 2022.45.10 (FSD Beta 11.3.1)
  • 2022.45.5 (FSD Beta 11.3)

Among these versions, the recent software update is 2022.45.15 which improves visualization, behavior, and other stuff.

To understand it better, be sure to check the Tesla FSD Beta update where I’ve explained this in detail. It also improves the OTA recall, driving visualization, FSD Beta Suspension, and Park Assist.

Along with that, the new update fixes the new visualizations, voice drive notes, FSD Beta messages, minimal lane changes, reorganized Autopilot option, view cabin camera, and other bugs.

Ending Note

To ensure a better driving experience, Tesla software update is vital for all owners. With each update, the car does better as Tesla engineers improve its traits and do minor fixes.

As you can update the latest firmware by installing it, make this a habit. For that, use the touchscreen (Controls > Software > Update available) and the Tesla app (Software Update > Install).

Hope you find this guide helpful and always update the software to get all the better features in your car. Keep Up The Good Work!

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