Tesla Spotify Not Working: What to Do? [Solutions Explained]

Spotify is a must-have app that we all use when driving the Tesla or other cars. When it acts weird and won’t work properly, my patience take the downhill really quick.

However, I know some solutions which help when Tesla Spotify not working and these are:

  • Restart the Tesla.
  • Reset the Tesla Spotify passcode.
  • Software update.
  • Tesla reset.
  • Upgrade to MCU 2.

These fixes are needed when the TCU and AT&T literally stop working or new update pop on the screen. Sometimes the MCU unit causes the issue of Spotify as it needs to level up.

Keep on reading to know the troubleshooting!

Tesla Spotify Not Working: What to Do? [Solutions Explained]

Tesla Spotify Is Not Working Due To 3 Reasons!

If your Spotify in Tesla loads nonstop or refuses to play a song no matter how hard you try, it’s an issue that needs a quick fix. Before I show you the troubleshooting, learn the reasons why does Tesla not work on Spotify:

1. Issue On TCU & AT&T

The reason why Spotify in the car seems not to react to your commands is due to TCU and AT&T network chip service trouble.

If you ever face an issue with Spotify whenever pulling the car out of the underground garage, then it’s the real cause.

FYI, the TCU (Telematics Control Unit) handles and adjusts telematics services in the Tesla. Then again, the AT&T service allows access to internet browsing ability.

In the garage, when you get into the car and if it doesn’t connect the telematics services, then the TCU tries for another 30 – 60 seconds. After that, it goes into Sleep mode, and then it awakes again and tries to connect for 10 – 30 minutes.

During the timespan, the infotainment IP services (that run Spotify) go offline. Plus, it won’t turn on until the car locates the TCU connection. And so, you’ll probably won’t be able to play a song on Spotify.

2. Need The Latest Update

The neglection of recent updates can sometimes cause all the inner services to face some bugs. It’s best to update immediately when you find the clock or Alarm sign on top of the screen with a yellow dot. Otherwise, apps like Spotify will tend to operate badly.

3. Hitch Due To MCU

All cars including Tesla have MCU aka Media Control Unit. This system helps to maintain the proper tasks while handling the HVAC, Maps, Media, and entertainment tools like Netflix.

Out of all causes, the MCU 1 upgrade can result in issues with Spotify on a regular basis. It causes the system to not play certain songs properly.

Nearly all kinds of hitches including the Tesla Model 3 Spotify loading error occurs due to the MCU 1 system.

Troubleshooting Tesla Spotify (Model X, Y, 3, & S)

The best way to solve the Spotify issue is to reset which fixes 75% of issues at once. But the other 15% will solve if you update, check the internet connection, restart, or reinstall the app, or restart your car. To do so, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Preparation

  • Check the internet connection (Wi-Fi) on your Tesla.
  • Log out from your Spotify account and then log in.
  • Power Off your Tesla and then hit the brake pedal after 5 – 6 minutes.

Step 2: Restart The Tesla

  • Go inside your Tesla.
  • Click on the Tesla Icon> Display> Language and click on it to change the language to another.
  • Then, you’ll find the ‘Change Language’ pop-up bar with 2 options (CANCEL & OK).
  • Hit on the OK and wait for 5 seconds for the Tesla to restart.
  • When the screen turns on, then again press the Tesla Icon> Display> Language.
  • After that, change the language to English (based on your preferred language).
  • Again, hit the OK and the issue will solve when the screen turns on.

Step 3: Password For Tesla Spotify Reset

  • Click on the more (3 dots) option below the Tesla screen.
  • Press the Spotify Icon just do not enter your password and email address.
  • Use your phone to go to Spotify on your most-used website.
  • Hit the customize and more option bar on the corner.
  • Press the ‘Login’ bar.
  • Scroll down to locate Forget Your Password and you’ll find the Password Reset option.
  • Enter your email address and hit the authentication ReCAPTCHA.
  • Press the ‘Send’ to successfully reset the password.
  • Then, enter the email address and password (new one) on the Tesla screen> Spotify. Check if the song plays smoothly or not.

Tip: If this doesn’t help, then create a new account on Spotify and try using that account instead.

Step 4: Start Software Update

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your Tesla screen and phone.
  • On your phone, open the Tesla app and check the Software Update option at the top.
  • Click on it and hit the Install bar. 
  • Wait for the Tesla app to become up to date.
  • Go inside your Tesla car and click on Controls> Software> Software Available.
  • If you find any software that needs updating, just click on it to make it up to date.

Step 5: Reset The Tesla

  • Press the 2 scroll buttons on the steering wheel and hold them for 10 seconds to reboot the system.
  • Hold the brake pedal using your foot. During this process, press the scroll buttons (left and right side) at once.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and don’t touch anything except for the brake pedal and scroll buttons.
  • When the screen turns off, remove your foot from the brake pedal.
  • Wait for the screen to turn on.
  • Then, check if Spotify works or not.

Step 6: Upgrade The MCU1 To MCU2

If nothing works and you are still facing the same error when trying to log into the Spotify account, then it’s time to upgrade the MCU unit quickly. 

To do that, schedule a fixed time with your nearby Tesla Service Center to upgrade the Tesla MCU 1 to MCU 2. It might take around $1,500 to $2500 to complete the task. And they might upgrade the MCU 1 in 2 – 3 hours.

But How Do I Get Spotify to Work In My Tesla? Activation Can Help

As a matter of fact, Spotify is defaulted in the Tesla car but only in European countries including America, Europe, Mexico, UAE, Hong Kong, and so on states.

It’s easy to play a song on Spotify even if you don’t have Premium Connectivity without paying $99 per year. For that, you only need an internet connection in your Tesla. Here’s how to do it:

  • Enable your Phone Hotspot and connect to your Tesla. Or, connect the Wi-Fi if you can.
  • Locate the Media Player to reach Spotify. Click on it.
  • You’ll find 2 options Use Tesla Account (grey color tab) and Sign In (blue color tab).
  • Click on the Use Tesla Account to randomly play the music.
  • Now, you can access Spotify to randomly play any Artists song just by clicking on it. Done!

Do You Need Premium Connectivity Tesla For Spotify?

It’s true that you basically won’t need Premium Connectivity to open and run a song from Spotify in your Tesla.

But there are some rare features that it offers that you will miss if not using it. Take a look at the traits it includes in Premium Connectivity for Spotify:

  • You can make a personalized playlist of your own.
  • Able to follow Artists in your own account.
  • Make a list of songs in Your Library.
  • Able to share playlists from your phone or laptop to the Tesla through Spotify.
  • Play Podcasts at home that you left in your Tesla Spotify as it connects.

It actually depends on you whether you need the above-mentioned benefits or not to decide. In short, use it if you desperately need the rare traits or leave it like that.

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Wrap Up

That’s the solution that I find useful when the Tesla Spotify not working. I really hope the above steps help you solve the trouble as well. 

Be sure to check the internet connection as people sometimes forget that in a hurry. 

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