Go Anywhere With Tesla Supercharger map Trip Planner

Tesla Supercharger Trip Planner! [Ultimate Guide]

Can you imagine that now you can make a road trip plan with your friends or family without any worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere? It’s possible with Tesla superchargers.

Long road trips aren’t actually made for any sort of vehicle except electric ones. But not all electric vehicles have a charging station within their travel range. Tesla has supercharger stations on almost every highway in the United States.

Tesla supercharger map trip planner is a built-in feature in Tesla, which can point out each Supercharger in your traveling route. It will give you the estimation of time and distance and also all details about each Supercharger station.

Go Anywhere With Tesla Supercharger map Trip Planner

How do you plan a trip with a Tesla charger?

There are about 16,103 Superchargers scattered throughout the world. The number of stations is 1,826 worldwide. Tesla has 908 stations in the United States, 16 in Mexico, and 98 in Canada. That’s for North America.

For Europe, it’s 520 stations throughout the entire continent. 398 in the Asia/Pacific continent. As you can see, it’s difficult to plan a long road trip in Europe and Asia/Pacific continent. But for North America, it’s quite easier.

There’s a total of 1,022 stations in North America. 908 stations alone in the United States. So, it would be better to make a plan for a road trip with a Tesla charger in the United States.

You just need to point out which way you want to go. Let’s assume that you want to go to Salt Lake City from Boston. It’s a very long drive. Just point out your way with Tesla’s Go Anywhere feature, and you get the estimation of your road and possible ETA to Salt Lake City.

You can also use an app to plan your road trip. There are a lot of apps where you can plan your road trip for electric vehicles.

Step-by-step guide on How do I schedule a Tesla trip?

The procedure is super easy. Let’s break it down in a step-by-step guide so that it would be easier for you to get the hang of how you can schedule your long drive with Tesla superchargers.

Setting up the Final Destination

The first and foremost important task to do here is to set up the destination you want to go to. In the ‘Tesla Road Trip Planner’ feature, you can set your starting point and finishing point in order to get an estimation of how long it’s going to take for you to get to your final destination.

Also, with Tesla Live Traffic Visualization, which can be purchased through Tesla Premium Connectivity, you can navigate to your location without any difficulties.

Pointing out the Superchargers throughout your traveling route

This is the most crucial part of planning a trip with Tesla Superchargers. Most of the work and calculations would be done by the Tesla Navigation system, so you don’t have to hassle any further.

The system will point out all of the Superchargers coming along with the traveling route. It will also tell you how much you’ve to wait for at each Supercharger station. The average time of charging till reaching the next Supercharger is 15 to 45 minutes.

It will also notify you about how much charge you need to get to the next Supercharger station. You can drive about 90 to 150 minutes on the road till you are in need of a charge again.

Make sure to have a Tesla charger station in your Final Destination

Now, it’s possible that the destination you desire to arrive at is a rural area. It’s fairly possible that place doesn’t have a Supercharger station. So, what would do then?

Try looking for Destination Chargers. There are almost 35,000 Destination Chargers scattered around the world. Most of them are in renowned resorts, hotels, and restaurants. Whereas Superchargers are mostly in highway areas.

Even if it’s a rural area, still you could find at least one Destination Charger in your final destination. It’s important to charge your Tesla before starting to move to your home or any other location.

If you don’t find any chargers there, try to carry a Mobile Connector with you. It would help you in these troubled times.

FAQs about Road Planning With Tesla Supercharger

1. Can you take a Tesla on a long road trip?

Not only that you can take a Tesla on a long road trip, but Tesla cars are specifically one of the best vehicles to take on a long road trip. 

What problems do we usually face on long road trips? Not having enough fuel? Don’t know whether there are any gas or petrol stations nearby. Don’t have a proper plan of the route because we can run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere? Possibly everyone above.

All of those problems will get vanished from Tesla vehicles because you will have a proper plan according to the estimation of charge and the destination of your next charger station.

2. Can you use a better route planner in Tesla?

There are other alternatives to route plans in Tesla. We cannot tell whether they are better than this one or not because it’s up to the person who will be using it. Apps like PlugShare EV Trip Planner are one the contenders people often think is better than Tesla route planner. In our honest opinions, it’s up to you whether you decide it’s the best or not.

2. How do people travel long distances with a Tesla?

People travel long distances with a Tesla by taking Superchargers’ route into account while planning the trip.

If your desired destination is very far away that it’s almost impossible to drive there with a car, but also has a lot of Supercharger stations on every highway along with the route, then it’s not impossible anymore. 

Going from one Supercharger outlet to another might take only 90 to 150 minutes, then you refill your batteries and again start for the next Supercharger. With this, you can travel through the entire United States.


Before electric vehicles, such as Tesla came into the market, people had to take planes or buses, or trains to move around long distances. Even getting tons of stocked patrol behind your car is overkill.

But with Tesla and its Superchargers, you can travel through the whole United States, or even the whole of North America. We agree that traveling like this in Europe and Asia isn’t possible till now. But soon, Elon Musk might put thousands of more Superchargers in those two continents and you can do that there also.

And don’t forget, traveling with Tesla like this isn’t as costly as with any other vehicle.

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