Tesla Theater Not Working: Try These 4 Easy Fixes!

Not seeing an app in the Theater mode can give a mini heart attack in the Tesla. The Tesla Theater not working error pops in due to bugs. 

To fix this kind of issue, you might need to do the following steps:

  • Change Vehicle Name.
  • Off The Headlights.
  • Change The Language.
  • Reset The Tesla.

If you are able to do these at once, it’ll fix the bugs immediately. In case you don’t know the procedure, don’t feel tense as I’ll break that down step-by-step so you can follow it easily.



Tesla Theater Not Working Malfunction Fix

The glitch in the screen to open Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and so on happens due to internal or external bugs. Whenever the Theater not working Tesla Model 3, X, Y, and S, try the following methods.

Method #1: Rename Your Vehicle Name

  • Go to the Controls bar by clicking on Tesla Icon.
  • Find the Quick Controls bar and look below to find the Software option.
  • Click on the Software bar.
  • Tap on your vehicle name (written in blue color) and change it. You can name it ‘Patsy’ or whatever words you like.
  • Press SAVE to set the vehicle name.
  • Move to Theater mode to check if the problem is solved or not. If it solves the issue, you can later rename the vehicle name.

Method #2: Turn Off the Headlights In Park Mode

The Tesla Theater not working while parked is occurring due to headlights that stay on. If you are able to turn that off, it’ll solve the issue easily. Here’s how to do it:

Turn Off Headlights Tesla Model S, Y, & X

  • Go into the Controls option to locate the Lights bar.
  • Spot the Exterior Headlights and move the bar to OFF mode.
  • Right below this section you’ll find Dome Interior Lights. Move the bar to the OFF position.
  • Scroll down to find the 3 extra options. There you’ll find ‘Daytime Running Lights’, ‘Auto High Beam’, and ‘Headlights after Exit’. If you prefer, you can turn these off by clicking.

Turn Off Headlights Tesla Model 3

  • Click on the Tesla Icon on the corner edge.
  • Once the screen goes into the Quick Controls bar in the top section, you’ll find Exterior Lights. In this section, you’ll see AUTO, NO, PARKED, & OFF options.
  • Press the bar and slide it into the OFF option.

Method #3: Switch the Language

This technique helps to fix most kinds of issues including Tesla Spotify not working. All you need to do is to change the current language in your Tesla screen and it’ll simply restart to show the other language then change the language to your current type. 

Let me show you the direction:

  • Press the Tesla Icon then Display.
  • Locate the Language bar and click on it to locate languages (English, French, Russian, and so on).
  • Choose any language to switch it.
  • The screen will show the Change Language bar with CANCEL and OK options. Click on OK to access another language.
  • Wait for some while as Tesla will restart itself and turn on.
  • Again, click on Controls and Language to change it to English or your mother tongue.
  • Hit the OK and wait for the screen to turn on just like before.
  • Check whether the Theatre Icon comes back or not.

Method #4: Reset A Tesla Theater

  • Click on the scroll buttons on the steering wheel for 10 seconds.
  • The screen will go black and then do not touch anything until it turns on.
  • Check if it fixes the theater mode issue or not. If it doesn’t solve, then continue doing the following steps.
  • Tap the Controls> Service> Wheel Configuration.
  • Change the wheel configuration and press CONFIRM.
  • It will take around 2 minutes for the screen to reset properly.
  • Then, again go to Controls> Service> Wheel Configuration and change the setting back to the previous wheel configuration option. 
  • Click CONFIRM bar. Let it complete the reset for 2 minutes.
  • Wait for it to turn the screen on to ensure the theater mode access.

Tesla Netflix Is Not Working! (Error Codes, Causes, & Fixes)

A lot of times I suffer to even open Netflix as the touchscreen suddenly shows “Pardon the interruption” with the error code. Here are some fault codes that pop in most series of Tesla: 

Error CodeCauseHow To Fix
T7121-3078Old version not accessing.Update The Tesla: Turn on the Wi-Fi network in your Tesla. Go to Controls> Software and click on it. Check if any software needs update or not. If it contains one, hit the Update available (Software Update 2022.28.2). Press the Install Now bar. Wait for it to update properly. Open the Up (Arrow) button to click on Entertainment. Go to Netflix to check if it works or not.
T7399-1260-00000025Cookies & catches in useWait for an update or fix the error via the Tesla Customer Service Center.

Note: Do not drive or change settings during the update.

By Doing This You Can Get into Theater Mode on Tesla!

In the recent update, you’ll find a few new options in the Theater mode in all series of Tesla like minimizing the apps and using other functions (like checking battery life or millage). 

Let me show you how do you get into Theater mode on Tesla:

  • Click on the arrow or up button in the bottom section (touchscreen).
  • You’ll find two slides aka Arcade and Theater bars.
  • Tap on the Theater bar.
  • Now, you’ll find Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and so on based on your Tesla series.
  • Click on one app and simply enjoy by searching for whatever you like.

Tip: Adjust the audio beforehand and click on the Balance option to set where you want the max sound to pop based on seating.

Can You Use Tesla Theater Mode While Driving?

No, it’s forbidden to use Theater mode apps like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, or other stuff when you are driving on the road. Why? Well, it’s due to safety reasons!

While motion pictures can easily cause accidents when you are driving, that’s why it’s not allowed for drivers to see. Plus, you mightn’t be able to access it during driving since this mode won’t work until you go to park mode.

However, the Tesla Model S (Refreshed) series offers a screen for rear seat passengers so that they can access the Theater mode during driving. Other than this exception, no series of Tesla give facility like this.

Wrapping Up

That’s how to fix the situation when Tesla Theater not working! It’s super easy and won’t take long if you know the basics. 

Hope the above techniques help to solve the errors and you are able to play motion movies or videos non stop.

Thank You For Reading!

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