Tesla Tire Pressure Monitoring System Fault

Tesla Tire Pressure Monitoring System Fault [Solved]

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) helps you stay safe by checking your tire pressure and letting you know if there’s a risky driving state. But sometimes, it can be annoying and show an error message.

If you see an error message on your Tesla’s screen about the tire pressure system, it means errors in the system, software, TPMS system, or bad sensors. To get rid of it, you’ll need to reboot/power off the car, install the new software, reset the TPMS, or change the sensors.

In this guide, I’ll explain why this issue happens and give you some easy fixes so you know it all. Let’s Get into It!

The Causes and Fixes of Tesla Tire Pressure Monitoring System Fault Warning!

There are a couple of reasons why the TPMS fault warning shows on the car’s screen. Here are all the possible reasons for this and their fixes:

Causes and Fixes of Tesla Tire Pressure Monitoring System Fault Warning

Cause #1: System Error

Due to the system fault in the car, the display can show this warning and cause the TPMS system to not work decently. In that case, you’ll need to reset the car and power it off for 2 minutes before waking it up.

How to Solve:

You’ll need to hold the left and right scroll buttons of the steering wheel for around 10 seconds to do the reset. Next, wait for the car’s screen to come back before you check for the warning.

After doing this, ensure to power off the car (Controls > Safety > Power Off) and then let it sit there for around 2 minutes. Then, hit the brake pedal using your one foot. During this period, do not touch the car’s parts.

If your Tesla tire pressure not showing, be sure to power on the car and drive for some time. Then, check again after a few minutes to resolve the issue.

Cause #2: Software Glitch

Because of the not updated firmware in your car or Tesla App, the TPMS system can struggle to detect the tire’s pressure or other task. To resolve this, simply download the firmware to the latest version in your mobile app and car.

How to Solve:

To begin with, use your car’s screen and touch Controls > Software. Then, scroll down to find the Update Available or Software section and then check for the latest update.

After that, click on the Software Update option with an orange clock icon and wait for it to download completely.

Then, open the Tesla App on your phone or device and touch Software Update > Install or Yes. After that, get out of the car and let it download completely.

Cause #3: TPMS System Error

A lot of times when you change a new set of wheels and forget to do the Tesla TPMS reset, the car starts to show the warning message. It’s because the TPMS can’t detect the wheel sensors and fail to warn. Just do the Tesla tire pressure Model 3, Y, S, and X reset on sensors to fix it.

How to Solve:

In the old cars, there is an option to reset the TPMS which is removed after a software update. So, if you have the old software version in your Tesla car, just go to Controls > Settings > Service & Reset or Service > Tire Pressure Monitor > Reset Sensors.

Tesla TPMS System Error

Then, select the Wheel Size (19″ or 21″) and hit on the Reset option. Once you tap on the Reset button, you need to drive the car for 10 – 20 minutes over 25 MPH. And, that’s how to reset Tesla tire pressure monitoring system sensors.

In the new cars, you’ll need to power on the car and swipe left from the parked position of the mains screen to find tire pressure in the display.

Then, check if the screen shows the values or not. If not, drive your car at a low speed to put it into motion so that you can see the pressure value.

Next, go to Controls > Service > Reset TPMS Sensors > Factory Reset using the car’s screen. And then, it’ll automatically reset the TPMS sensors within a few minutes.

After that, if the problem exists, you can do the Tesla 2 button reset trick and then check the actual TPMS pressure values.

As Tesla doesn't have run flat tires which is self-supporting, they can deflate. If this happens, ensure to inflate the tires before doing the reset procedure.

Cause #4: Bad TPMS Sensor

Sometimes one or more Tesla TPMS sensors on each tire can fail to detect or work properly so the screen shows a TPMS fault warning message. If this occurs, you’ll need to change the sensors via the Tesla Service Center or do it yourself.

How to Solve:

Once you get the Tesla tire pressure Model 3 warning (or other series) on the screen, turn on the Jack Mode (Controls > Service > Jack Mode) in your car.

Then, insert the jack pads and stands on those tires in which the pressure value seems incorrect on the car’s screen and lift them up.

After that, use the lock nut wrench to remove the lock nuts on the wheel and remove the tire. Then, take out the tire thread so that you can see the tile of the wheel and its inner surface. Be careful when you are detaching the thread as it’s the most challenging part.

Now, you can see the TPMS sensor on the opposite of the tire valve. Then, unscrew the valve stem and then carefully take out the old sensor by twisting it in the anticlockwise direction. 

Next, put on the new valve steam, sensor, screw, cap, and other parts (if contained) and tighten them out using the proper tool.

Then, reinstall all the removed parts back to the car. Ensure to use glue on the tire thread when reattaching it via a high-end machine. And do the same process on the other sides to remove and install the new TPMS sensors.

If the TPMS sensors are programmable, you'll need to program them using a scanner tool. So, ensure to do so to relearn the sensors and see the right pressure values.

Ending Notes

Fixing the Tesla tire pressure monitoring system fault warning message does take time especially when you need to replace parts.

It’s true that the cost of changing the TPMS sensors is high ($700 – $1,000) at the service center but they do it professionally. In case the above procedure seems hard or you don’t have high-end gears to try at home, ensure to see help from an expert. Hope this helps!

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