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Tesla Trims Their Range Estimates After Numerous Customer Complaints

There are reports that Electric Vehicle (EV) automaker Tesla has taken liberties with their car’s driving range numbers. While the automaker has not responded to any of the reports alleging this, they did just tweak the range estimate numbers for several of their EVs on their website.

By The Numbers.

According to a report from Motor Trend, driving range estimates for Tesla’s Model Y, Model S, and Model X vehicles now reflect lower mileage numbers than before. Tesla’s website previously listed the Model Y Performance’s driving range as 303 miles, it’s now listed at 285 miles of driving range. While the Model Y Long Range is cut from 330 miles of driving range, down to 310. Tesla’s Model X Plaid saw the smallest dip, with its range estimate going from 333 miles to 326 on Tesla’s website. Meanwhile, the Model S Plaid’s estimated driving range went from 396 miles to 359, which was the biggest drop in driving range estimates of any Tesla vehicle.

However, Tesla’s website did not make any adjustments for the range estimates of either the Model 3 sedan or the Cybertruck.

Since Tesla does not have a public relations department, it’s difficult to determine if these changes were made because customers were unhappy with the company’s range estimates not holding up in the real world, or if there is another reason behind it. It’s worth noting that Tesla did not reduce the prices of any of these vehicles after reducing their driving range estimates. That’s not too surprising though.

Tesla’s still boast a strong driving range and the best charging network of any automaker, and in fact their network and charging standards are so good that they have been named the North American Standard by SAE International, and almost every major automaker in North America is signing deals with them to join their charging network in the next few years.

So, it’s safe to say that Tesla has a firm grip on EV superiority (for now at least.)

More Accurate Ways To Predict EV Range Are Being Developed.

A separate report from Motor Trend states that HERE Technologies, a “location data and technology provider” that supplies original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with “native navigation systems” and “mapping data” will soon be able to create more accurate predictions by using “EV Range Factors.”

EV Range Factors include detailed mapping of the road topography for over 60 countries. HERE has mapped the curves, slopes, and roughness of these roads to help improve estimates for how these conditions could cause an EV to use more power while driving. They have also collected weather data for road and air temperatures, as well as wind speed and direction to determine the effect they could have on EV battery life.

While Lotus is currently the only automaker using HERE’s new navigation tech to more accurately determine EV driving range, it’s likely that other automakers will follow suit soon, or at least develop their own more accurate range predictor systems. HERE’s navigation tech is cloud based and can issue software updates over-the-air

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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