Tesla Windshield Replacement Cost | All You Need to Know

Tesla windshield replacement can cost depends on a lot of factors like what kind of insurance you have, where are you getting replaced, and how did the damage happen? But to give you a short answer, the cost will be more than $1000. But let’s break it down to see why.

Tesla Windshield Replacement Cost | All You Need to Know

How Much is a Tesla Front Windshield?

Replacing a Tesla windshield can be costly. You would have to calculate the cost depending on the model or version of Tesla car. Tesla repairs can be costlier if you go to a Tesla-authorized repair shop and not a third-party repair shop. 

Not to mention Tesla has a different method of calculating the labor costs and skills provided by Tesla professionals.

Since Tesla is considered a semi-luxury to the luxury iteration of what an all-electric vehicle is, the cost of replacing any of the car parts is going to be expensive. 

Nevertheless, The cost of just the front windshield itself for the Tesla Model S is between $575 and $950. For the Tesla Model X, it’s between $1450 and $2300. For the Tesla Model 3, it is between $1600 and $1750. For the Tesla Model Y, it is between $1565 and $1685.

On top of the the windshield the price, you have to add labor cost and tax as well.

Does Tesla Cover Cracked Windshields?

Whether Tesla will cover anything depends on the insurance policy and the type of claim you make. 

To process any claim, Tesla first has to identify the type of claim. This could be comprehensive coverage or collision coverage etc. 

As per comprehensive coverage, Tesla will cover and provide repairs for the glass on the front windshield, on the sides, and on the back and replace any damaged parts. 

This, however, only covers certain defects that come straight from the factory or the damages that are caused when delivering the car and handing it over to me for ownership. Tesla’s warranty will not fix a cracked windshield if it is caused after the purchase.

Are Tesla Windshields Different?

In terms of composition and material make, there is virtually no difference between a Tesla windshield and other regular or non-electric sedan cars. 

Unlike in some cars, for example, the BMW i8, the glass windows, and windshields require a special fitment due to the resin carbon fiber it sits on. And fixing or repairing it without unique skills or equipment may damage the remaining structure of the car. 

By those standards, the Tesla windshield is completely normal and has no special feature other than its dimensions and its physical structure being larger than usual, which does not require me to only take it to only a Tesla repair shop per se.

How Much Is a Tesla Glass?

The short answer is that it’s expensive. Replacing or repairing any form of glass in a regular sedan in the United States takes anywhere from $200 to $400. 

Compare that to a Tesla, depending on what model you drive, and if you consider the sales tax and labor costs, the base bill sums up to about $1400. 


As you can see, you’ll have to spend a good amount of money if you have to replace the windshield of your tesla. It would help a lot if you got an insurance that covers the cost of windshield. 

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