Why My Tesla Won’t Charge To 100 Percent! [Solved]

No matter how long I wait for the ‘Charging Complete’ message on the screen, the car refuse to reach above 93% let alone 100%.

This can happen due to 4 specific reasons which are a cold battery, internal error, a problematic wall charger, and grime growing inside the charging port.

To fix the Tesla won’t charge to 100 percent issue, you have to try the following methods –

  • Heat up the battery.
  • Recalibrate or reset the BMS.
  • Reboot or change the wall charger.
  • Clean the charging port.

In this content, you’ll learn the 4 techniques in detail to shoot the trouble. Let Me Lift the Veil for You!

My Tesla Won't Charge To 100 Percent

Ways To Fix Tesla Won’t Charge To 100 Percent Error!

If your Tesla is showing a similar kind of error by not charging to 100%, then calm down and try the given methods which are well-described.

Method 1: Warm Up Your Tesla Before Charging

  • Turn on your phone and click on the Tesla app.
  • Hit the Climate > Defrost icon to make the car warm during the cold season.
  • Check the blue snowflake icon on your Tesla touchscreen which needs to be gone to ensure the battery is warm.
  • Go to the touchscreen to click on Quick Controls > Pedals & Steering > Acceleration.
  • Choose the Chill mode to drive at moderate speed for around 10 – 20 minutes in order to keep the Tesla battery warm and ready for 100% charging.

Method 2: Try BMS (Battery Management System) Reset

  • Keep your Tesla in sleep mode overnight or daytime so that the car can stay inactive for some while. Just be sure it isn’t on Sentry Mode so turn it off.
  • Do not charge the car for the night. Just be sure the charging status is reading when the charge changes. It’s best if the SoC is below 50%.
  • Turn off the 3rd party apps or external stuff that keep the car awake. In fact, do not use the Tesla app during this time.
  • After 4 – 6 hours of Tesla’s deep sleep, check if the charge status is changing to low percentages. If it changes the charging status, then the recalibration or reset system of BMS is completed during the changes.

Method 3: Reset or Replace Charger

  • Find out the circuit breaker which is connected to the charger.
  • Turn it in an off position and leave it like this for 10 – 12 seconds. This will help the charger to let residual current drain.
  • Turn the circuit breaker in on position.
  • Wait for the charger to function and test it out.
  • If that doesn’t solve the bug, then it’s best to replace the charger.

Method 4: Clean the Charging Port

  • Locate the charging port back of the Tesla.
  • Turn the port cover to open by clicking on it or using the charger button from Supercharger. You can also use the key fob and the Tesla app to open it.
  • Take a brush or clean rag to wipe out the interior surface. Make sure you use the small cotton buds to reach the unreachable spot and clean the dirt.

Exactly Why Does My Tesla Not Charge To 100 Percent?

Why Does My Tesla Not Charge To 100 Percent

There are a few things that affect Tesla negatively which cause it to not charge 100 percent. Let me show you the reasons below:

  • The battery gets cold in wintery weather which results in charging stuck on a daily basic level of 90% – 95%.
  • Internal bugs can cause the battery level to show below 100% by inputting incorrect status.
  • Power outrage is another reason why the car can’t charge at full level. If that happens, the Tesla charge port red light will be shown.
  • Something stuck inside the charging port caused an obstacle to charge fully.

Can You Charge Your Tesla To 100? (Safe Or Unsafe)

Sure, you can verily charge the Tesla to 100% (max level). This is fine to attempt on a special occasion like going on a long drive or traveling to a camp afar.

However, if it gets into your daily life habit, this can degrade the battery. On the usual occasion, I would suggest you charge for up to 90% as it will help you in winter or the hot season to get the mileage that is enough.

If Tesla is fully recharged, it can cause the battery to use more power that drains 2.5x to 7x times faster than 90% charging state. Learn more about Tesla charging limit here

Wrapping Up

It’s true that the above tricks won’t require a lot of bucks, but you have to identify the real causes first use these through proper inspection.

You have to observe the car’s behavior and check the problematic part to locate visible evidence that shows why Tesla won’t charge to 100 percent.

I would suggest you do the regular maintenance and care stuff to keep the Tesla performing better without showing bugs.

Be sure to try the above techniques before it’s too late. And yes, get help if needed from the service center of Tesla which might need around $13k to $20k. 

Happy Charging!

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