How To Turn On and Off Passenger Air Vent Tesla

How To Turn On and Off Passenger Air Vent Tesla? [Easy Way]

As the manual doesn’t give the needed details on the air vent control, some folks find it hard to activate and deactivate the passenger face vent. 

So, how to turn on and off the passenger air vent Tesla? You can do these by using the car’s screen and voice commands. However, turning this off is only possible if the car thinks no one sitting in the passenger seat.

Without wasting time, let me tell you the right way of activating and deactivating the front air vent on the passenger side.

How To Turn On and Off Passenger Air Vent Tesla

Turning Off and On Passenger Air Vent Tesla!

In Model X, Y, S, and 3 cars, you’ll find the horizontal face vent on the passenger side which flows cool or hot air. In order to get or stop the air from this part, here’s what you need to do:

How to Turn Off Passenger Vent Tesla?

By default, the passenger air vent is turned off when the passenger seat is empty. To disable this option, it’s only possible when there’s no one sitting on the passenger seat. So, if you are driving alone, then do the following methods to turn this option off:

Method #1: Use Voice Command

If the Tesla climate stays on, just turn it off and then hit on the voice command and say Turn off the passenger air vent. In order to do that, hit the voice button on the top-right section of the steering wheel or yoke for Model X and S cars.

Turn on off Tesla air vent with Voice Command

However, to do the same thing on MY and M3 cars just hit the microphone button on the screen or press the right scroll button on the steering wheel. After giving the command the car will turn off the passenger air vent immediately.

In the climate control settings, you can split the passenger vent into two parts by holding the air (shown on the car’s screen) so that air flows on the sides which is not strong.

Method #2: Use the Touchscreen

On your car’s screen, click on the passenger’s side thermostat for around 2 seconds. Then, the air vents will turn off completely on the passenger side.

Turn on off Tesla air vent with the Touchscreen

Now, you’ll see the passenger-side thermostat changing to a volume icon, while the driver-side thermostat is showing a number.

Turn on off Tesla air vent with Touchscreen

After that, hit on the driver’s side thermostat to turn the air on. This will only turn on the driver’s vent while keeping the passenger vent off.

For your information, you can also turn this option off by activating the rear vents and then turning them off.

If there’s a person on the side seat, just tell them to lift their butt from the seat to trick the system and then turn off the vent. Or, raise the temperature on the passenger thermostat in split air form.

How to Turn On Passenger Vent Tesla?

To turn on the front air vent on the passenger seat, you can do it by using the touchscreen or voice command. Here’s how you can do it:

Method #1: Via Voice Command

Based on your car series, just hit the voice command button on the right side for a few seconds to activate it. Then, say either activate or turn on the passenger air vent.

Method #2: Via the Car’s Screen

In this way, you’ll need to hit on climate control system (the fan icon) on the car’s screen. After that, turn on the air conditioner (A/C bar).

Via the Car's Screen

After that, press the front air vent on the passenger side of the car’s screen. Then, it’ll activate the airflow.

Due to dirt inside the outer grill, system glitches, or a bad vent, the Tesla Model 3 air vent control may not work (or other series). To fix it, clean the grill, reset/power off the car, or change the vent from the service center which costs $300 – $400.

Wrap Up

Turning on and off the passenger air vent on Tesla cars will take no more than a minute to do it yourself. But, keep in mind that it won’t turn off if a person is sitting in the passenger seat as the car can detect that.

And, as the exterior air comes into the car via the grill in the front windshield, it can cause the Tesla AC not cold issues. In that case, ensure to clean the grill by removing the obstacles like leaves, snow, and so on.

Hope this informative guide helps you to easily turn on and off the face air vent on the passenger seat. Good Luck on Trial!

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