How To View Sentry Mode Events On Tesla?

How To View Sentry Mode Events On Tesla?

Sentry Mode enables the external cameras installed in your Tesla to look out for any possible threats and when it detects something, it will notify you via Tesla Mobile App.

That pretty much sums up what is Sentry Mode Tesla. Also, a cool feature of Sentry Mode is that it can record the surroundings once it detects a potential threat. So, how to view Sentry Mode events on Tesla?

You can simply view the recordings of Sentry mode by navigating to Controls > Safety > Dashcam > Dashcam Clips. Try to check your Sentry Mode clips frequently even if it doesn’t show any potential threats.

So, let’s see what recordings of events we can get from our Tesla Sentry Mode.

How To View Sentry Mode Events On Tesla?

Where Do I View Sentry Mode Clips

Assuming we got a notification from our Sentry Mode in our Tesla through the mobile app. We got to our car and wanted to see what actually happened.

For that we need to find the recording clips, but where do we find them? It’s common to get lost in the Tesla car app as the technology they’ve used there is very advanced and innovative. But even if you get lost, don’t worry we’ll show you the path.

Before we try and find the clips, there are two things we need to store the recordings on. The first one is a Dashcam, which is already installed in every Tesla car model, we just need to check whether or not it’s enabled.

The second thing we need is a USD drive that is properly formatted. Naturally, the clips are stored in the USB flash drive. 

If you want to view the recordings, you have to navigate to the Dashcam clips. We will show you how to get there later. And if you want to delete the clips, navigate to Controls, then to the Safety bar, there you will find the Dashcam option. That’s it, there you can see Delete Dashcam Clips. Click on it and all the clips will be gone at once.

How do I watch the Sentry footage on my Tesla

The interesting part about the Sentry Mode is that you can view the clips from your phone through the Tesla Mobile App. Let’s view how to see the footage on different Tesla car models separately and see if they have something in common.

How to view Sentry Mode events Model X

For viewing the Sentry footage on your Tesla Model X, you need to navigate to Controls. Then go to the Safety. After that search for Sentry Mode in the Safety tab. Once you find it, click on it and you’ll find View Live Camera. That’s how you can watch the footage, you can even watch them from your phone.

The same method would go for the Tesla Model S. You don’t need a different one to view your Sentry Mode clips on Model S

How to view Sentry Mode events Model 3

For the Tesla Model 3, you don’t need to hassle so much. You can see a Dashcam icon popping on your Tesla touchscreen. Click on it and you’ll find all of the clips that the Tesla Sentry Mode has recorded. 

And if you want to watch the clips from your phone, do the same method you need to do with Tesla Model X and Model S. Just follow this through Controls > Safety & Security > Sentry Mode > View Live Camera. 

If you were also looking for how to view Sentry Mode events in Model Y, follow the same steps as the Model 3 and you’ll be able to view the clips.

Troubleshooting: Can’t view Sentry Mode events

There were a lot of complaints from the owners of Tesla. They have rather seemed unsatisfied with the performance of their Tesla regarding the Sentry Mode through the reviews.

It’s possible that you might not find your clips at the designated destination. Either they were not clipped due to some technical difficulties or they are not displaying for some issues.

You need to update the Tesla software, both in your car and mobile. Just navigate to Controls > Software, and see if any updates are pending. If it is, then update the software and if it doesn’t, reinstall the app.

If it still doesn’t work, try contacting the Tesla Customer Support group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I retrieve Sentry Mode footage?

First, you need to make sure that the Dashcam was on and that you have successfully inserted a USB flash drive into the USB port. Make sure your Sentry Mode was also on. Your footage is all stored on the USB flash drive. 

To retrieve them, connect the USB drive to a computer or laptop and copy the clips to them. It’s also used to free up spaces for your USB flash drive.

2. Does Sentry Mode work without USB?

You might be a little surprised to hear that, but yes, Sentry Mode works just fine without a USB flash drive. The only mandatory thing here is the Dashcam, which needs to be enabled. The only problem would be you can’t record any sort of clips without a USB drive.

The Sentry Mode will notify you of any possible threats via the Tesla Mobile App. And you can also get a live view from your camera. But you cannot clip them unless you record your phone’s screen.

3. Will the Sentry Mode drain battery?

It’s rather a common question: Does Tesla Sentry Mode drain battery? Technically it does. But don’t you worry, it won’t drain so much battery that your Tesla goes dead. Also, it will automatically turn off if the battery charge is below 20%.

Before We Leave

If we had difficulties with finding the Sentry Mode clips, we hope that now you know where to and how to find them. If you ever get notified by the mode of any suspicious activity, be sure to check the clips.

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