How Much Does Wawa Tesla Charging Station Cost? Is It Affordable?

How Much Does Wawa Tesla Charging Station Cost? Is It Affordable?

Wawa has recently decided to install Tesla stations to offer all Tesla owners a convenient and eco-friendly charging solution.

But does Wawa charge for Tesla, and if so, how much does the Wawa Tesla charging station cost?

It will cost you $0.30 per minute for Tesla at the Wawa charging station. In addition to that, you will need to pay a $0.99 to $1.99 session fee. And if you have an EVgo plan, it will be $0.24 $0.27 per minute, and there are no session fees.

But what exactly is this session fee? And how much does the EVgo plan cost?

Well, to know more about the matter, you should continue reading.

How Much Does Wawa Tesla Charging Station Cost? Is It Affordable?

Cost to Charge a Tesla at a Wawa: Complete Breakdown!

So, the total cost will depend on how long you charge your Tesla. And you also have to consider whether you have an EVgo plan or not.

On the note EVgo, there are two plans available. For each, the price of charging your EV will vary a little.

To illustrate, if you have a $4.99 monthly EVgo plan, the cost to charge your Tesla at Wawa station is $0.27 per minute.

On the other hand, the price will decrease if you have a $6.99 monthly EVgo plan. In that case, it will cost you $0.24 each minute.

Besides getting a discounted price, there is another benefit that you will enjoy of having an EVgo plan. That is, you will not need to pay any session fees.

Nonetheless, if you do not have any EVgo plan, you will need to shell out $0.30 for each minute of charging your Tesla.

And let’s not forget to mention that Wawa will even charge you a $0.99 to $1.99 session fee. For that reason, to improve the Tesla miles per charge cost at the Wawa station, it will definitely be a good idea to get an EVgo plan.

How Long to Charge a Tesla at Wawa Charging Station?

The charger specifications might vary slightly from one Wawa charging station to another. However, for the EVgo stations, there are chargers that have anywhere between 100 to 200 KW charging capacity.

Now, depending on whether you are using a Tesla destination charger vs. a Supercharger, you can expect to get the EV fully charged within an hour.

To be exact, the Superchargers at the Wawa stations are designed to add 150 miles in 15 minutes.

On that note, Wawa is now planning to move to other parts of the United States. And it also aims to bring more supercharging stations, which will allow you to charge your Tesla faster everywhere.

How to Locate a Wawa Tesla Charging Station?

You can use the official Wawa website for searching loads of different things. That includes locating a Tesla charging station and finding out all about the power that the stations can offer.

Furthermore, you can use the Tesla app. There is a “Find Us” section that will let you search all the Tesla Superchargers and other charging locations.

Simply open the app, navigate to “Find Us,” and select “Superchargers” to see the map.

Don’t want to use the Wawa website or the Tesla app?

You can use the Tesla website. The website also has a “Supercharger” page that will enable you to look for charging stations.

Remember, it is always a good idea to check the availability of the charging stations before making the trip.

It will help you avoid any inconveniences you might have to face after making your way to the stations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Wawa charge you for charging an electric car?

Wawa itself will not charge you to charge your EV. Instead, you will be paying the company that partners with Wawa. On each of the charging stations, you will see labels. They will either be from Electrify America or EVgo. Those are the brands you will pay money to when you use the charging stations at Wawa.

2. Do all Wawa stations have electric vehicle chargers?

You will not find EV chargers in all the Wawa convenience stores. However, Wawa does plan to expand to more locations in the US. And it is always a good idea to check whether your nearby station has a charger before making the trip.

3. How much is it to charge a Tesla?

The average price for charging a Tesla is $13.96. This number is based on the national average cost of electricity. In comparison, the charging costs of Teslas are slightly less. It is about $0.05 to charge for a mile.

4. Is Tesla charging free for life?

Tesla charging is not free for life. However, if you purchased your Tesla from December 15 to December 31, 2022, you can enjoy 10,000 miles of free Supercharging.

5. Is Tesla charging cheaper at night?

You can charge for less at some select Superchargers. The time period for this cheap charging is after 9 PM and before 11 AM. However, all the charging stations might not offer a discounted rate at night.

Wawa Tesla Supercharger Station Review

Final Words

So, the Wawa Tesla charging station cost basically depends on whether you have a membership plan.

If you do, you can expect to pay anywhere from $0.24-$0.27 per minute. And you don’t even need to pay any session fees.

On the other hand, without any membership plans, it will be $0.30 per minute with a session fee of $0.99 to $1.99 per session.

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