What Size Flash Drive For Tesla Dash Cam

What Flash Drive and Size Do I Need for Tesla DashCam?

When we leave our Tesla cars, anything can happen. Such as someone break-ins into your car or being driven by a thief. 

Moreover, we can also experience enormous occurrences and accidents while driving our vehicles. So, the ultimate solution is a dashcam that records every unexpected event. 

A dashcam can record the scenario, but storing the data or video clips requires a storage system. You can use one of the USB and SSD, but the USB is the most convenient one. 

Consequently, today, we shall enlighten you about what is the best USB flash drive for Tesla dashcam

Stay tuned to know each USB drive profoundly.

What Size Flash Drive For Tesla Dash Cam

How big of a flash drive do you need for a Tesla dashcam?

A Tesla dashcam is a great way to capture footage while you’re driving. Not only is it a great way to record your road trips, but it can also provide footage if you get into an accident. However, you need to make sure that you have a big enough flash drive to store all of the footage.

A Tesla dashcam can capture up to 10 hours of footage on a single charge. If you’re using a 64GB flash drive, that means you can store up to 6,400 minutes of footage. That’s more than 104 hours of footage! So, if you’re planning on

What are the benefits of using a flash drive for a Tesla dashcam?

There are a few reasons why you might want to use a flash drive for a Tesla dashcam. First, a flash drive is much cheaper than a traditional dashcam. You can get a high-quality flash drive for under $50, while a traditional dashcam can cost hundreds of dollars.

Second, a flash drive is much smaller and more discreet than a traditional dashcam. This is important if you don’t want your dashcam to take up too much space or be too noticeable.

What Is The Best USB Flash Drive For Tesla Dashcam

Here are several USB drives that will offer you the best and most reliable. The lifespans of these USBs are longer compared to the average USB drive. 

Tesla USB Drive – 128 GB

The company Tesla released a storage system, and it is the best USB drive for Tesla dashcam in present days. 

It already has the pre-installed format to capture all the videos or dashcam clips. 

Tesla has included this USB drive with all their vehicles as a package. But, few people are disappointed because of the limitations of storage. 

It has only 128 GB, whereas the 256 GB USB is pretty prevalent today. Yet, if you are looking for a USB drive under $50, the Tesla USB drive is the optimum option. The most vital fact it includes is the format USB for Tesla dashcam.

Samsung Fit Plus

It is best to know how to format the USB flash drive for your dashcam. Some other USB drives work fantastic with the Tesla dashcam. Samsung offers a plethora of variety with different storage sizes. 

The best part of Samsung’s Fit Plus is its size. You can compare its measurements with a one-dollar coin. But, the effectiveness is massive. 

The storage is available from 32 GB to 256 GB. Moreover, the transfer speed is up to 300 Mbps since it has USB 3.1. 

There is no reason to circumvent this USB drive if you are not a fan of compact-designed USB flash drives. The price of this USB drive starts from $15 to $35, depending on storage. 

SanDisk Cruzer

Another reliable brand is SanDisk which is at the top of users’ choice. It integrates USB 2.0, which allows excellent speed while transferring data. The storage variants of the USB drive are 16 GB to 256 GB. 

SanDisk has only one pitfall, and that is its size. Other than this, it is a great USB you can purchase. It can be a solid selection for your Tesla dashcam. Moreover, the price is also affordable. It will cost around $30 to buy a SanDisk Cruzer 256 GB and $8 for 32 GB.

Kingston DataTraveler

The brand Kingston has released numerous models of their USB storage system. And the model G4 is one of their best releases of all time. 

Moreover, it works amazingly with the Tesla dashcam and is easy to place since the size is pretty compact. 

Like the other USB flash drives, it also has different storage systems. It also includes a USB 3.0 facility, which allows high-speed data transfer. And the minimum you should purchase is 128 GB for optimum use with the Tesla dashcam.

If you are looking for an exquisite USB flash drive under $50, we highly recommend this one, especially the G4. And the price of 256 GB is only $48. You can blindly trust this brand for its reliability and durability. 


The most underrated USB flash drive brand is PNY, and their fantastic creation is the model Turbo. It is another best storage for Tesla dashcam that will allow easy operating and handling. The most amazing fact is, that it is the least expensive on this list. 

For transferring the data at high speed, the manufacturer integrated USB 3.0. You can avail of 256 GB from any physical or online store. 

If you want to purchase this brand’s 256 GB USB storage, you need only $25 as the price. 

Transcend Jetflash 512 GB

If you are not a person who frequently unplugs the USB drive from the Tesla dashcam port, the Transcend Jetflash 512 GB is optimum for you. It comes with USB 3.2 for fast data transmission. 

The size of this USB is compact and allows enormous data to store. Moreover, Transcend flash drives are also known for their durability and reliability. And it is highly compatible with the Tesla dashcam. 

Though the price is a bit bigger than any other USB flash drive, it is worth it. The cost of Transcend Jetflash 512 GB USB 3.2 is nearly $95. 

But, before you start using a USB drive other than the Tesla, you must know how to format Tesla dashcam USB. It will help to install the USB storage from different brands.


1. What size USB drive do I need for Tesla Dashcam?

Answer: The Tesla dashcam supports USB 32 GB as the minimum storage system. And, you can use 512 GB also if you require. But the standard size is 128 GB since Tesla includes it as their vehicle’s package.

2. What kind of USB does Tesla use?

Answer: You can use USB 2.0 to USB 3.2 in your Tesla. It will support all the versions. But, in terms of storage, the minimum requirement is 32 GB. 

3. Is 128GB enough for Sentry mode?

Answer: As an anti-theft, the sentry mode works on suspicious events when the car is in a parking space. There is no such relationship between the storage and sentry mode. Since Tesla includes a 128 GB USB drive, you can use the same amount of storage.

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Eventually, we can determine the answer of what is the best USB flash drive for Tesla dashcam? A few days earlier, Tesla included the USB drive with their models as a package. 

And undoubtedly, that is the best drive you can own. If you purchase it recently, you will get 128 GB of Tesla USB storage with your Tesla car.

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