Which Tesla Has Falcon Doors & Are They Useful? [Explained]

Seeing the Tesla spreading their rear Falcon Doors is awesome. I’ve been thinking if all E-cars of Tesla offer this feature or not and finally get the answer.

So, which Tesla has Falcon Doors (Model 3, Y, X, or S)? You’ll find the FWDs (Falcon Wing Doors or butterfly doors) in the Model X. No other series of Tesla will provide this feature as Model X is the only larger SUV.

To know why Tesla only offers FWDs on MX and whether they are beneficial or not, keep on reading as I’ll break it down for you. Enjoy!

Which Tesla Has Falcon Doors

Tesla Model X Has Falcon Doors AKA Butterfly Doors!

If you are wondering what Teslas have butterfly doors or FWD (Falcon Wing Doors), then know that only Model X has this kind of feature.

As a larger SUV, Tesla manufactures Model X with special kinds of doors on the rear side that swings and opens down to upward motion. It swings open like a bird that flows its wings. Sometimes, a few problems can cause Model X flacon doors to not open that you can fix through a little research.

Unlike other series of Tesla (Model Y, S, and 3), MX tend to have the sole falcon wing doors since it’s a little larger in design and made to use in a tight spot.

Tesla Model X Butterfly Wing Doors

Is Tesla Model X Butterfly Wing Doors Worth It?

To solve the large doors taking more space due to big width, Tesla offers special butterfly doors on the rear side. Falcon Wing Doors of Tesla Model X are a mixture of good and bad. Let me show you their pros and cons:


  • Thanks to the large door opening, it let you easily fasten kids in car seats.
  • Provides a small roof (at the top of the Tesla MX) so that one can carry stuff above.
  • FWDs give more versatility for one can get more space.
  • No need to get stressed over kids slamming the doors into the neighboring car thanks to the FWDs.
  • The unique design of these doors adds beauty.


  • They can’t put an additional ski rack or roof on top, unlike other SUVs.
  • In harsh climates, you or your seat will probably get splashes of snow or water when opening these doors outside.
  • In most cases, these doors don’t help in tight spots, especially sideways behind other drivers.
  • A lot of folks find the FWDs complicated due to the design which makes them harder to take care of.
  • One thing that I find weird about them is the lack of privacy when both or single Falcon Wing Doors stay open. Like, all the attention goes to me which is awkward.
  • Sometimes they don’t fit properly. Meaning the doors after closing them won’t go in the right way and leave small gaps in between.
  • They take way too long to just open and close, unlike the regular doors which sometimes seem odd. And also, the FWDs wouldn’t be a good getaway SUV as raindrops or snow will go inside easily while you are waiting inside to open/close the door.
  • When you are outside and need to close the doors, they require a lot of safety cautions, unlike other doors. It’s because you can get hit by the doors if near the edges or get caught which will cause damage to body parts.
  • Another thing is they seem too short in height for tall people who have to get out of the door by lifting their head and body which cause hitting the head into the moonroof space.
  • Lastly, the cost to repair the FWDs might cost more, unlike regular doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all Model X have Falcon Doors?

Yay! Tesla made the Falcon Wing Doors in the rear side and added this only to Model X. And you’ll find the same FWD in the Model X Plaid as well as Model X (2 series).

3. How Much Does Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors Price?

In the usual auto shop, you’ll find the Falcon Wing Doors for Model X that cost $2,000 to $10,000 per door. Tesla doesn’t sell falcon wing doors separately, but they will replace them which costs $10,000 to $20,000 per door.

4. Can you get a Tesla Model X without Falcon doors?

No! To purchase Tesla Model X without FWD (Falcon Wing Doors), it’s quite impossible since there’s no option for adjusting doors.

In Conclusion

No matter which Tesla has Falcon Doors or other types, it’s best to know if they are good or bad. Before buying or deciding, be sure to focus on the FWDs behavior and your requirement.

Some find the FWDs good to enjoy a fresh rare look to use in tight spots. While maximum folks (count me too) find them not-so-good for regular life use.

Hope this guide helps you to know the main theme. See You in The Next Guide!

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