Can You Upgrade to Full Self-Driving on a Tesla? Here’s What We Know

Purchasing the Tesla while thinking of adding the FSD later is something I’ve been thinking about (since it costs a lot with this feature). And, I finally have the answer!

So, can you add Full Self-Driving later? Yep, you can add FSD on Tesla later. However, at that time of purchase, you’ll need to spend extra on the computer and subscribe to it. And keep in mind that the cost of Full Self-Driving raises 2X times a month or year.

To understand the whole thing related to the FSD upgrade, I’ll explain it to you in detail and answer. Scroll Down for More!

Can You Add Full Self Driving Later

You Can Add Full Self Driving Later but It’ll Cost More

Yes, any folk can add the FSD aka Full Self-Driving in any period through the Tesla app or vehicle’s touchscreen with an account (after buying the Autopilot plan).

As Tesla offers its Autopilot (Basic at $200 or enhanced at $100) and FSD capabilities any time, one can buy it soon or later. Just know that the cost will raise if you plan to add it after a few weeks, months, or years.

In short, you only need to decide whether to purchase when the price is affordable or buy later at a higher cost.

How Can You Upgrade to FSD Later?

Tesla let everyone upgrade the Full Self-Driving when buying a car or later. To do so, here’s what you need to do:

  • Schedule the appointment through the Tesla app to install the FSD computer.
  • After installing the computer, check if it is configured with Basic or Enhanced Autopilot 3. If so, then it is eligible to subscribe.
  • Subscribe to FSD through the Tesla app –
    • Click on the Tesla app.
    • Hit on the “Upgrades” bar.
    • Click on “Subscribe” which you’ll find at the top of the screen.
    • Press on the checkbox close to “Full Self-Driving Capability.
    • Tap on “Subscribe.”
  • Subscribe FSD through the Tesla vehicle’s touchscreen –
    • Go to the “Controls” menu on the touchscreen.
    • Click on the “Upgrades” bar.
    • Look for the option to purchase the FSD Subscription.
    • Swipe to purchase it.
    • After that, go to Controls > Software > Update Available > SOFTWARE UPDATE to update the software before FSD features gets available.

Can You Add Full Self-Driving to A Used Tesla?

No! To understand the matter, know that the Tesla models are divided into 4 groups. The 1st group includes all the oldest cars with no Autopilot option and the 2nd group has cars with Autopilot 1 option.

If you want to add a full self-driving feature, this won’t be possible for all the used cars from the 1st and 2nd groups. Then, there is the 3rd group which has Autopilot 2. The used 3rd group cars come with no upgrade option for FSD just like the previous 2 groups.

In the 4th group, Tesla cars come with Autopilot 2.5 option that receives an upgrade to get Autopilot 3. Still, FSD can’t be upgraded on the 4th group cars that have been used (as they contain a user with a Tesla account, FSD subscription, and so on).

Note: If you have enough budget and know the technique of adding FSD, it’s possible for the 4th group cars to add FSD.

Cost To Add Full Self-Driving Later!

From its, release date till this age, the latest FSD charge is increasing a lot more than the previous plan. Take a look at the table to understand the cost range:

TimeCost Of FSDDifference
April 2019$5,000$1,000
May 2019$6,000$1,000
August 2019$7,000$1,000
July 2019$8,000$1,000
October 2020$9,000$1,000
August 2021$10,000$1,000
January 2022$12,000$2,000
September 2022$15,000$5,000

Fun Fact: On 22nd December 2022, Tesla offered 30 days of free trial on FSD for a holiday special.

Should You Upgrade FSD Later, Soner, Or Never?

It depends on your preference and requirement! Other than this, you should know the good and bad sides of FSD to easily decide. Let me show it to you:


  • You’ll able to automatically drive from highway on-ramp to off-ramp with Navigation on Autopilot. This also lets you interchange or overtake slower cars during the drive.
  • Let you change the lane during the drive on the highway with the Auto Lane Change.
  • Offers both parallel and perpendicular spaces through Autopark.
  • Tesla will detect you anywhere in the parking lot with the Summon.
  • In the country or freeway, the FSD let comfortable driving by following the nav routing.


  • In heavy traffic, using the FSD will cause a poor driving experience.
  • During bad weather or lack of visibility, the FSD seems useless (as it turns off automatically).
  • Due to FSD, maximum torque applies on the wheels and causes them to wear down easily.

In Conclusion

Now that it’s clear whether can you add Full Self Driving later or not, act. I’ll suggest using the FSD feature on Tesla if money isn’t a problem, and you prefer staying in the lane on the highway during traffic. Otherwise, add it later after saving some bucks. Take Care!

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